[Latest version as of May 2024] A summary of the latest information and useful tips for your first trip to France in Paris, Part 2

【2024年5月最新版】はじめてのフランス旅行、パリ現地でのお役立ち最新情報まとめ 第二弾

There are less than three months until the international festival in Paris! Those who are going to France to watch the festival are probably starting to make preparations little by little now. In this article, we will introduce some things to be aware of when you go to Paris and some information to help you enjoy your trip to Paris.


Please see the following blog for the first installment.

[Updated March 2024] First-time travelers to France: A compilation of the latest information and useful tips for Paris


[ Important things to know when enjoying Paris ]  

1. Always say " Bonjour !" and " Merci "

French people place great importance on greetings. It goes without saying that it is normal to greet others, but in Japan, customers rarely greet each other when they go shopping. In Paris, when you enter a store (any type of store), you should say a cheerful " Bonjour !" The way the store clerk responds will change depending on whether you greet them or not. When entering a boutique, a restaurant or cafe, or when getting in a taxi, always say " Bonjour ." And when you leave a store or get out of a taxi, don't forget to say " Merci . " The store clerk will surely smile and say " Bonne journée " (have a nice day ) in return.

Of course, you should always greet the cashier at the supermarket first, otherwise they might just throw your purchases at you as you go through the register, so be careful.

2. Bring an eco-bag

Basically, all stores charge for shopping bags (plastic bags, etc.). You'll want to enjoy shopping for cute things or souvenirs you find while walking around the city. Of course, you may also buy sweets, snacks, and drinks at a supermarket during your stay. Some supermarket shopping bags are original and cute (especially the eco-bags from Monoprix (supermarket) have cute designs and are popular as souvenirs), so it may be a good idea to get some locally.



3. Restaurant reservations

A convenient restaurant reservation app for booking restaurants in Paris is " TheFork ". You can find restaurant ratings, menus, and budgets, and you can also search by area. It's very convenient because it can be used in the same way as Japanese restaurant reservation apps. You can also search for discount campaigns and Michelin-starred restaurants, so you won't have any trouble booking restaurants during your stay in Paris. The app can be downloaded in Japan, so it's a good idea to make reservations in advance.

However, they only speak French. Don't worry if you don't speak French at all or don't have a reservation in advance. Most restaurants in central Paris have English menus and staff who can speak English. It might be a good idea to find a restaurant or cafe in the area and go in.


4. Use of eSIM

Communication methods are also important when traveling abroad. To stay safe and comfortable during your stay in Paris, you need to have an internet connection on your smartphone. Unlike conventional physical SIM cards, eSIM allows you to use data communication immediately after arriving at the destination by applying in advance, which is very convenient for checking maps, contacting in an emergency, and searching for tourist information. In addition, since eSIM is built into the smartphone, there is no need to carry a WiFi router in your bag, which further reduces the risk of pickpocketing. In this way, with eSIM, you can always connect to the internet while traveling while avoiding the risk of pickpocketing. The eSIM recommended for traveling to France is "VOYAGEE SIM for Europe". It is operated by a major Japanese company and support is available in Japanese. In addition, data communication is possible not only in France but also in 42 European countries and regions.

■VOYAGEESIM FOR Europe review

"This is my first time using this comfortable internet environment. I used the 5GB, 10-day plan on an 8-day tour of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. I downloaded the plan to my iPhone in Japan in advance as instructed, and when I arrived at Munich Airport, I switched to the eSIM and was able to use it immediately. I was able to connect to 5G and 4G lines almost without any problems in every country, and had a comfortable internet environment. The signal was weak near Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and I was unable to connect, including to other service users, but otherwise there were no problems. Compared to renting Wi-Fi, it is very convenient that you don't need to charge your device or carry the Wi-Fi itself, and you can easily check the remaining charge at any time. It is also good value for money, and I would like to use it when traveling abroad in the future." - March 19, 2024 -


" I used it again this time because I was able to use it comfortably before. This time I used it in Paris. If you set it up when you depart, you can use it immediately by simply turning it on when you arrive at the local airport. I used it every day, just like in Japan, and the data volume was sufficient even during my six-day stay. (I used Wi-Fi at the hotel.) The communication speed was also fine, so I would like to use it again next time." - January 8, 2024 -


" I was able to use it without any problems as soon as I arrived at the destination. I set it up as soon as I landed at the local airport and it was activated. I'm very satisfied that I was able to communicate without any problems during my trip. " - February 16, 2024 -

Source: VOYAGE eSIM FOR EUROPE [Europe 42] eSIM 10 days/5GB

VOYAGE eSIM FOR EUROPE [Europe 42] eSIM 30 days/20GB



5. When riding the subway

Paris is a city with a lot of pickpockets. Tourist areas and especially the subway are easy targets. On lines with many tourists, there are even announcements on the train saying "Beware of pickpockets." When riding the subway, hold your bag close to your body and avoid the entrances as much as possible. Your bag is likely to be stolen just before the doors close. The most dangerous moment is when you are daydreaming on the subway or are so engrossed in chatting with friends or family that you lose consciousness of your bag. To enjoy Paris, be careful not to become a victim of pickpockets. Be careful not only of your wallet, but also of your smartphone (especially your iPhone ).

6. Purchase Navigo easy

Wherever you walk in Paris, you'll see beautiful scenery. It would be great if you could enjoy the city of Paris while you're there. Paris is a compact city, so you can walk to the tourist sites in the center. (It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the Louvre to the Bastille.) There are cobblestone roads in the city, so we recommend bringing sneakers that you're comfortable in. There is a subway and bus service, but it's also fun to take a leisurely stroll around the city and discover your own Paris.


7. Clothes that you normally wear or that are a little worn out

You will probably have many opportunities to ride the subway and buses during your stay in Paris. It's a hassle to buy a ticket every time you board, and you may be pickpocketed the moment you take out your wallet. Navigo easy is a card similar to Japan's Suica and Pasmo, and you can board the bus or subway just by charging the ticket and tapping it. You can purchase it at the subway counter. You can also charge it at the charging machine at the subway entrance, or you can easily charge and check your balance anytime, anywhere with the RATP app that I introduced last time. You can also purchase Roissybus tickets from in front of the Opera to Charles de Gaulle Airport with the RATP app and charge it to Navigo easy . During international festivals, the fare, which is usually 2.15 €, will increase to 4 €. With Navigo easy , you can purchase 10 tickets ( 10 tickets for 32 € during the Olympics), and with the yen's recent depreciation, you'll want to save money wisely.

Be well prepared, enjoy Paris to the fullest, and make lots of fun memories.
Bon Voyage!