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Service Description


VOYAGEESIM is a sustainable prepaid eSIM that you can purchase online and use with your own smartphone to enjoy smooth communication at your destination, rather than using aconventional physical SIM card. Just like in the Age of Discovery in the 15th century, it will be a useful tool for seeing and learning about the world and for any "voyage." VOYAGEESIM is provided by T-Gaia Corporation, a listed company as the largest primary distributor in Japan for telecommunications carriers, sells mobile phones, tablets and various smart device-related products, services, etc.

Overseas Travel SIM VOYAGEE

What is an eSIM?

eSIM is an abbreviation for embedded SIM, which means a built-in SIM card. Devices that support eSIM can use communication services without using a physical SIM card, and can be easily set up by simply scanning a QR code with the camera app. It is a new communication service that allows users to freely choose the communication method according to their needs, such as using it as a secondary line on their smartphone.

Conventional SIM cards are physical such as inserted and removed from smartphone slots. eSIM is a virtual SIM card built into a smartphone. Therefore, by reading a QR code, it is recognized internally in the same way as a physical SIM card. This means that smartphones that support eSIM can use plans from various carriers without the need to insert and remove the SIM card. All iPhone models sold in Japan from iphone XS are equipped with eSIM functionality. Therefore, by simply reading the QR code, you can get the same experience just like using a SIM card.

In particular, when traveling abroad, previously you would have to remove the SIM card you used in your country and insert an overseas SIM card, however now you can use an overseas SIM card plan without any troublesome process.


VOYAGEESIM is far more convenient than rental Wi-Fi or a regular SIM cards!

They take time to receive after purchase, and rental Wi-Fi also requires returning.
With VOYAGEESIM, you can use it on the spot by simply scanning the QR code issued immediately after purchase and setup. There is no need to change SIM cards and to worry about losing your main SIM card. In addition, there is no risk of your Wi-Fi router running out of charge, getting lost, or breaking down while traveling.

VOYAGEESIM provides convenient and affordable eSIMs for use overseas.

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