【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days
【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days
【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days
【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days
【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days
【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days

【Indonesia】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days


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  • Deliver an eSIM via email on the same day (for free)
  • 365-day relaibale support system
  • Reliable services provided by a Japanese listed company

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Advantages of VOYAGEE eSIM

Advantages of VOYAGEE eSIM


Activated in just 3 steps

You can activate it in just 3 steps

without any hassle!


Ready to use in 5 minutes

No need for delivery or pick-up

unlike a SIM card or rental Wi-Fi! 

Convenient to buy it right before

or during your travel!


eSIM won't be your extra luggage

The entire process is completed online.

No need to worry about bulky luggage or

losing a Wi-Fi router during your travel!


Reliable support in English!

If you have any questions,

our English chat support is available.

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The eSIM profile is downloaded from the internet, therefore you need to be connected the internet.

The eSIM has been set up, but it cannot be activated because you are not at your destination. Please check again after you arrive at your destination.

The eSIM cannot be reinstalled once it has been deleted. The same eSIM will no longer be usable. Please be aware that returns, exchanges, and refunds are not possible even if the eSIM is accidentally deleted. Also, you cannot transfer your profile when changing your device.

eSIMs are sent to you immediately after purchase. Returns, exchanges, and refunds cannot be accepted for any reason.

Due to filtering or automatic sorting functions, the email may have ended up in the "Promotions Folder" or "Junk Mail Folder." If you have not received the email after checking again, please contact us using the inquiry form .

Please check the page of compatible models/countries .

■ Product Details
  • This eSIM is recommended for those goes to Indonesia for travel or business.
  • It is possible to inquire about usage methods and other details in English via the chat button at the bottom right of the website.
  • After exceeding 1GB per day, the maximum data speed will be 128Kbps. The speed limit will be lifted after one day. The number of days is counted every 24 hours from the start of activation.
  • There is no need to replace the SIM card you use mainly. Simply install and set up the eSIM and you can use data in Indonesia with your smartphone.
  • This eSIM has an expiration date. Please purchase within one month of the start date of use. You can check the expiration date in your order history under My Account.
  • The communications services provided by this product are provided by CMI. Ltd.

■ Points to Note before Purchasing

  • Returns, exchanges, and refunds are not available after purchase.
  • This eSIM is for data use only. It does not support voice call.
  • The product names for the eSIM QR codes displayed after purchase are written in Japanese. For the product names in English, please refer to here.
  • Operation is not guaranteed on Android devices and others. Please note that we cannot guarantee or support any issues that may occur when installing on those.
  • eSIMs are not shipped. After purchase, a QR code for the eSIM profile will be displayed. Please print the QR code by yourself or display it on another device and scan it.
  • A separate internet connection is required to download and install the eSIM.
  • Once you delete an installed eSIM profile, you cannot reinstall it. In addition, you cannot transfer the profile when changing your model.
  • To use this service, you need an eSIM- compatible device or SIM - free device. Click here to check which devices can install the VOYAGEESIM.
  • We shall not be liable to any connection failure or damage that occurs due to improper order on the customer's part.
  • If we discover any unauthorized use, we may provide your information to the telecommunications provider.
  • Please refer to our privacy policy before you buy it and proceed to "Add to Cart.”

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