A thorough guide to the best SIM cards for a comfortable communication environment during your trip to Vietnam


A smooth communication environment is essential when traveling to and sightseeing in Vietnam. When touring attractive spots such as Hanoi's Old Town, Ho Chi Minh's lively markets, and Da Nang's Marble Mountains, you'll want to be able to use your smartphone hassle-free right from the moment you arrive in the country! In this article, we'll explain in detail how to purchase a SIM card in Vietnam and how to use an eSIM. We'll give you some tips on how to make your stay in Vietnam more comfortable and smarter by preparing your means of communication before your trip.

How to choose the best SIM card for a comfortable trip to Vietnam

1. Communication speed and fee plans

Capacity and communication speed

There are two main options for choosing a SIM card in Vietnam: prepaid and contract. It is important to choose the best plan depending on your length of stay and communication needs. Prepaid SIMs are especially recommended for short-term visitors. The fee is clear and disposable, so there is less worry about going over budget. 4G communication is widespread in urban areas of Vietnam, and 3G communication is becoming available in an increasing number of rural areas. However, communication speeds are unstable in some areas. It is important to choose the best plan depending on the purpose of your trip, the length of your stay, and your communication needs.

Comparison of pricing plans

There are a wide variety of SIM card plans available in Vietnam. It is important to choose one that suits your needs, such as data volume, validity period, and calling options. We recommend collecting information from the official websites of major telecommunications companies in Vietnam and travel information sites.

What is roaming service?

Some Japanese telecommunications companies offer roaming services in Vietnam. You can use the smartphone you use in Japan in Vietnam, so you don't have to worry about changing your SIM card. However, the charges are often expensive, so if you are staying for a long time or using a lot of data, you should consider purchasing a local SIM card.

2. Check the type and size of your SIM card

■SIM card variations

In Vietnam, there are various types of SIM cards available: standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM, and eSIM. Before traveling, check which size your device supports and purchase the appropriate SIM card. We also recommend that you check in advance where you can purchase the SIM card.

3. Check the purchase / receive / activation method

■ Where to get a SIM card in Vietnam

You can purchase SIM cards at major airports in Vietnam, shopping malls in urban areas, and telecommunications company stores. Advance online purchases are also on the rise, with the advantage that you can start using your data as soon as you arrive. With an eSIM, you can complete the setup online before you travel, eliminating the hassle of having to do it after you arrive.

Recommended SIM cards for Vietnam

■Viettel SIM

It is the largest telecommunications company in Vietnam, with a domestic market share of about 50%, and high-speed communication is possible anywhere in the country. There are many plans for tourists available, and the prices are reasonable. The 7-day plan with 0.6GB/day and the unlimited 30-day plan are particularly popular. You can purchase plans at official shops at airports and towns, online, travel agencies, etc.

■Vinaphone SIM

It is the second largest telecommunications company after Viettel, which has a domestic market share of about 25%. Communication is stable not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. Data communication speed is high, and there are many plans for tourists. There are plans ranging from 1 day plans to unlimited 5 and 30 day plans. You can purchase it at the airport, official shops, online, electronics stores, etc.

■Mobifone SIM

This is a telecommunications company with a domestic market share of approximately 20%, and offers very stable communications, especially in urban areas. It is especially recommended for use in large cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It also offers high data communication speeds, and has a number of plans for tourists. A typical product is a 30-day plan with 10GB of data. It can be purchased at airports, carrier shops, online, etc.

Things to note when using a SIM card in Vietnam 

1. Advance research is essential: How to get a SIM card

Rather than searching for a SIM card after you arrive in Vietnam, it's a good idea to research where to buy one and what documents you need (e.g. passport) before you leave. Airport stores are convenient, but they can be expensive. It's also worth considering ordering in advance from stores in Vietnamese cities or online stores.

2. Check Data usage fee above

Using the internet in Vietnam can consume a lot of data, especially when posting photos on social media or streaming videos. To avoid exceeding the data limit of your chosen plan, check your usage regularly and consider purchasing additional data.

3. The size of the device and SIM card must match

Smartphones from different countries may support different sizes of SIM cards. Before purchasing in Vietnam, please check which size of SIM card is suitable for your device: Standard SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM.

4. Anticipate activation delays

Some SIM card services in Vietnam can take some time to activate. If you need to use the service immediately after arriving, it is a good idea to check the activation procedure and time in advance.

5. Check the SIM lock status and take appropriate action

Many smartphones are set to only accept SIM cards from a specific carrier when you buy them. This is called a "SIM lock." If you use a local SIM card in Vietnam, the new SIM card may not work properly if the SIM lock is on. Make sure your smartphone is unlocked before traveling. Some carriers offer SIM unlocking for free, but the process can take time, so it's best to do it as soon as possible.

eSIM is the best communication option when traveling to Vietnam!

Benefits of choosing eSIM

Vietnam is home to many attractive tourist destinations, such as Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City, and the beautiful beaches of Da Nang. In order to get around the many tourist spots efficiently, you want to move around lightly rather than carrying around a heavy WIFI router. By using an eSIM, you can set up a communication environment immediately from the moment you arrive in Vietnam, allowing you to enjoy sightseeing and exploring delicious cuisine smoothly. eSIM will be an item that will make your trip in Vietnam more comfortable.

The eSIM recommended for traveling to Vietnam is " VOYAGEESIM "


VOYAGEESIM for Vietnam

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You can choose from the following plans: 3GB for 3 days, 5GB for 5 days, or 7GB for 7 days.

There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan; simply install and set up the eSIM to use your smartphone in Vietnam for data communications. In addition, VOYAGE eSIM for Vietnam utilizes the highly reliable networks of Viettel and Mobifone, so you can enjoy stable speeds throughout Vietnam.

■VOYAGEESIM For Vietnam Review

" It was comfortable to use
I was able to communicate without any problems. At first, my companion was unable to communicate with the automatically selected carrier, even though it had a signal. Even after rebooting, the situation did not change, so he switched to manual and changed to the same carrier as me, and was able to communicate without any problems. LINE, Google Maps, and GRAB were able to be used comfortably, and we were able to move around smoothly. " -May 3, 2024-

" It was used in Vietnam.
I went to a deserted island by boat, and for some reason I was able to connect on the boat and on the deserted island. I was quite surprised. " - April 25, 2024 -

" I was grateful for the support in Japanese. <br data-mce-fragment="1">This was my first time using an e-SIM. I use an iPhone, but I was worried because the model shown as the sample was different, but I was able to install it without any problems. The problem was that I didn't receive the short message that should have arrived when I started using it locally. I was very worried about whether it was working properly, so I inquired via chat, received a reply in Japanese, and was able to check it myself, which was very reassuring. I think I'll buy this e-SIM again next time." - December 28, 2023 -

Source: VOYAGE eSIM FOR VIETNAM [Vietnam] eSIM 5 days/5GB


Vietnam is rich in tourist destinations and is loved by many Japanese people. How do you secure a means of communication while you're there? In particular, if you arrange your means of communication before you travel, you can set up a communication environment as soon as you arrive in Vietnam. In that respect, we highly recommend an " eSIM " that can be easily set up. In this article, we have explained in detail how to choose a SIM card to ensure a comfortable communication environment in Vietnam. Please use this as a reference to enjoy safe and comfortable communications during your trip to Vietnam.