Recommended SIM cards for travelling to Thailand | How to buy and use them in advance in Japan


Thailand is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. When touring fun spots such as shopping and night markets in Thailand's capital, Bangkok, you'll want to have a reliable means of communication. You want to be able to use your smartphone comfortably as soon as you enter the country, without any complicated settings! Here we will introduce how to communicate locally, how to purchase SIM cards that can be used in Thailand, and how to use eSIM. We suggest preparing a SIM before your trip for a safe and comfortable trip.

How to choose the best SIM card for a comfortable trip to Thailand

1. Communication speed and fee plans

Communication speed and capacity

There are two types of SIM cards: prepaid and contract. The communication speed and data capacity in Thailand varies greatly depending on the SIM card plan you purchase. Imagine the communication speed and data capacity you will need during your trip and choose a plan. Since the number of days of your trip is probably fixed, you can use it at a low cost by purchasing a prepaid SIM card that matches that number of days.

Comparison of pricing plans

SIM card rate plans vary by company. There are plans based on the number of days or amount of data used, as well as flat-rate plans. Compare the plans from each company and choose the one that best suits your travel itinerary.

What is roaming service?

Some Japanese telecommunications companies offer roaming services. You can use the smartphone you use in Japan in Thailand, so you don't have to open the SIM card tray and change the card. However, there may be additional charges for using roaming services, so it's important to check your rate plan.

2. Check the type and size of your SIM card

There are several types of SIM cards

Currently, there are several types of SIM cards in circulation, including standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM, and eSIM. Check the size and type of SIM card your smartphone or tablet uses. It's also a good idea to check in advance where you can purchase that SIM card.

3. Check the purchase / receive / activation method

Where can I buy a SIM card?

There are many ways to purchase a SIM card in Thailand, including online shops, airports, convenience stores, and local telecommunications company stores. It would be a good idea to research in advance where you can purchase it, the payment method, and the necessary documents to make the process go smoothly. Locally, it seems that you can purchase it at major airports such as Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you use an eSIM, you can purchase it prepaid and set it up before you travel.

Recommended local SIM cards


SIM cards are provided by major telecommunications companies in Thailand. If you want something with wider coverage, you can use 5G or 4G for high-speed communication in almost all of Thailand. SIM cards come in 3-in-1 (standard, micro, nano) sizes. You can purchase them at airports, online, or even at convenience stores.

■TrueMove H SIM

TrueMove H is the second largest telecommunications company in Thailand. They offer a variety of plans, from 1-day plans to 7-day and 30-day plans. They have relatively good coverage in urban areas as well as rural areas. You can purchase plans at airports, online, shopping malls, etc.

Things to note when using a SIM card in Thailand 

1. Advance research is important: How to obtain a SIM card

Rather than waiting until you arrive in Thailand to find out where you can buy a SIM card, and whether you need a passport or other documents. Purchasing at the airport is convenient, but can be expensive. You can also buy a SIM card online or in stores in cities.

2. Pay attention to your data usage

Overseas data communications may incur expensive roaming charges. You may quickly exceed your data usage limit, especially if you watch videos or upload a large number of photos. Check your usage according to your plan and consider purchasing additional data if necessary.

3. Check the size of your device and SIM card

Depending on the smartphone, the size of SIM card that is supported may vary. If you are purchasing a SIM card locally, be sure to check which size your device supports, such as standard SIM, micro SIM, or nano SIM, before purchasing.

4. Activation may take a long time

Some SIM cards may take time to activate. We recommend that you complete the activation procedure in advance, especially if you need important communications immediately after arriving.

5. Checking the SIM lock is essential

Smartphones purchased in Japan are often SIM-locked. This means that you may not be able to use an overseas SIM card. If you need to unlock the SIM, be sure to do so in advance.

Is " eSIM " recommended for traveling to Thailand ?

Reasons why you should travel to Thailand

Thailand is dotted with a variety of tourist destinations, such as Wat Pho (temple) in Bangkok, the beautiful beaches of Phuket, and the night markets of Chiang Mai. For this reason, you'll want to minimize your baggage and move around freely, rather than carrying a WIFI router. With an eSIM, you can easily set up the local communication environment from the moment you arrive in Thailand, allowing you to enjoy sightseeing, dining, and shopping smoothly. An eSIM is a must-have item for smart travel in Thailand.

For more information about travelling to Thailand, please see the blog below.

The eSIM recommended for traveling to Thailand is " VOYAGEESIM "

VOYAGEESIM for Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia

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You can choose from the following plans: 3GB for 3 days, 5GB for 5 days, or 7GB for 7 days.

There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan. By simply installing and setting up the eSIM, you can use your smartphone for data communications throughout Thailand.

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To get the most out of your trip to Thailand, securing a means of communication is essential. In particular, if you can arrange it before you travel, you can set up a communication environment as soon as you enter the country. In that respect, we highly recommend an "eSIM" that can be easily set up. This article provides detailed information on recommended SIM cards for use in Thailand, how to use them, communication plans, and points to note. Please use this article as a reference to enjoy safe and comfortable communications in Thailand.