[2024 Update] A must-see for travelers to Portugal! Introducing recommended SIM cards and how to choose them!


Olá for those of you thinking about traveling to Portugal! Are you well prepared for your trip? Portugal is a beautiful, historic country located in the west of the European continent, adjacent to the west of Spain and facing the Atlantic Ocean. There are many attractive tourist destinations, such as the beautiful streets and trams of Lisbon, the wine cellars and Ribeira district of Porto, and the spectacular beaches of Algarve. A comfortable internet environment is essential for gathering information during your trip and communicating locally. So, this time we will introduce the recommended SIM cards for traveling to Portugal and some tips on how to choose them. Please make use of the information below to make your trip to Portugal more comfortable.


1. Communication quality, area coverage rate, and fees

Checking communication area

Portugal's SIM cards offer reliable communication services in urban and rural areas. In tourist destinations and major cities, high-speed 5G is starting to become available, and 4G is also widely available, but some areas may only offer 3G. It is important to check the coverage before traveling. Popular tourist destinations such as Lisbon, Porto, and Faro are also covered.


Data capacity and communication speed

4G is widely available in Portugal, and you can expect fast speeds in cities and tourist destinations. If you do a lot of video streaming or photo uploading, a high-capacity data plan will come in handy if you want to share photos quickly while sightseeing.


Rate plan

Choose the best plan based on your data usage and the length of your stay. A daily plan is suitable for short stays, while a monthly plan is economical for long stays. By choosing a plan that suits your itinerary, you can save money while maintaining a comfortable communication environment. Choose the right plan to fully enjoy your trip without data restrictions, such as sharing photos of scenery and food during your trip, navigating, and making restaurant reservations.


2. Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

There are several types of SIM cards

It is important to choose the right SIM card for your smartphone. In addition to traditional physical SIM cards (standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM), the latest "eSIM" is now available. Make sure you check which SIM card your smartphone is compatible with before you travel.


3. How to obtain a SIM card

Where to buy a SIM card

In Portugal, you can purchase SIM cards at Lisbon Airport (Humberto Delgado Airport), Porto Airport (Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport), local mobile phone shops, etc. You will be asked to show your ID (passport) when purchasing. When purchasing locally, you will need to go through the registration process to activate the SIM card, which may take some time. If you are not confident in your Portuguese, it is safer to purchase a SIM card in Japan in advance.


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Recommended for travelers to Portugal! SIM cards you can buy locally


NOS is one of the major telecommunications operators in Portugal, offering excellent coverage and high-quality communication services. You can expect reliable communication not only in tourist destinations and urban areas, but also in suburban and rural areas. NOS SIM cards are widely used as a convenient means of communication for travelers.



MEO is another well-known telecommunications company in Portugal, offering high-speed data communication services. It provides a comfortable communication environment not only in tourist areas and major cities, but also in places far from popular tourist spots. MEO SIM cards are a reliable communication partner for travelers.


Vodafone SIM

As a telecommunications operator with wide coverage and high reliability in Europe, Vodafone provides stable communications not only in tourist destinations and urban areas but throughout Portugal, making Vodafone SIM cards a safe choice for travelers.


Things to keep in mind when buying a SIM card in Portugal

Find out where to get a SIM card and how to pay in advance

In Portugal, SIM cards can be purchased mainly at the airports of Lisbon and Porto, as well as at mobile phone shops. You may have to wait in line when purchasing, and it may take some time to activate the SIM card, so plan ahead. In Portugal, debit cards are the mainstream method of payment, but credit cards such as Visa and Master are also popular. However, some stores may not accept credit cards, so it is important to check beforehand before using. Having multiple payment methods, including cash, will allow you to proceed with the purchase process with peace of mind. However, if you carry too much cash, you may be at risk of being pickpocketed, especially if you are Japanese, so be careful.


Choose the rate plan that's right for you

If you use your Japanese domestic plan when communicating in Portugal, you may be charged high international roaming fees. Be sure to check the option restrictions and contract details carefully and choose a plan based on your own usage.


Check your mobile phone's SIM card in advance

Before you travel, be sure to check which SIM card the smartphone you will be using at your destination is compatible with. If you need to replace your SIM card, it's a good idea to also decide where to put the SIM card you are currently using in Japan and the pin to open the SIM card tray.


Is the SIM locked?

Before traveling, be sure to check whether the smartphone you plan to use has been " SIM -locked" by your carrier, and if so, whether it can be unlocked. If the SIM is locked, you may not be able to use the SIM card you purchased. Be sure to check in advance.


If you're traveling to Portugal, we definitely recommend an eSIM !

■Benefits of using " eSIM " in Portugal

We highly recommend " eSIM " (embedded SIM ) for your trip to Portugal! " eSIM " is a digital SIM that is built into your smartphone, unlike conventional physical SIM cards. This new technology eliminates the need to physically replace SIM cards, and allows you to communicate immediately in the local area with just a few online steps. There is no longer any need to rent, carry, or charge a Wi-Fi router, which was inconvenient, and there is no hassle of returning it. It is sure to make your trip to Portugal even more comfortable! Try the new " eSIM " and experience the next generation of convenient and comfortable travel.


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In this article, we introduced the best SIM cards for traveling to Portugal, especially the benefits of " eSIM ", as well as points to note when using them. For those of you planning a trip to Portugal, we recommend using an " eSIM " as it is simple, convenient and comfortable. To make your trip convenient and comfortable, use VOYAGE eSIM's " eSIM " for communications at your destination, eliminating the hassle of advance preparations and allowing you to fully enjoy Portugal 's beautiful scenery, historical culture and delicious food! We hope this article makes your trip to Portugal more comfortable. Tchau!