[2024 Latest Edition] A must-see for travelers to Belgium! Don't make any mistakes! Recommended SIM card guide!


Belgium is a beautiful country famous for its chocolate and beer. The three official languages ​​are Dutch, French, and German, and the language spoken varies depending on the region, so in the capital, Brussels, you may need to check whether you speak Dutch, French, or even English. Using translation functions, taking photos and videos, checking the latest local information and social media, a comfortable internet environment is now essential even when traveling abroad. In this article, we will introduce recommended SIM cards for traveling in Belgium and how to set them up. Please make use of the information introduced below to make your trip to Belgium even better .


1. Communication quality, area coverage rate, and fees

Check the area where you can communicate

Belgian SIM cards provide reliable service not only in urban areas such as Brussels and Antwerp, but also in rural areas, and you can also choose an international SIM card that can be used in other European countries.


Data capacity and communication speed

4G is widely available in Belgium, and 5G service has also started in some areas. Choose a data plan that suits your travel style. If you think about how you will use it, and if you plan to watch videos or upload a lot of data, we recommend a large capacity plan.


Rate plan

Choose the most economical plan based on the length of your stay in Belgium and the amount of data you will use. Daily plans are suitable for short-term visitors, while monthly plans are suitable for longer stays.


2. Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

There are different types of SIM cards


Choose a SIM card that fits your smartphone. In addition to real SIM cards (standard SIM , micro SIM , nano SIM ), the number of users of the latest " eSIM" that is built into smartphones is increasing. Before you leave, be sure to check which type of SIM card your smartphone supports.


3. How do I get a SIM card in Belgium?

Where and how to purchase a SIM card

In Belgium, you can easily purchase SIM cards at mobile phone shops in airports, near major stations, and in the city center. However, since you now need to register your personal information when purchasing a prepaid SIM card, you will be asked to show identification such as a passport or visa. Be sure to prepare this in advance. Also, you may be asked to speak the local language, so if you are unsure about the language, we recommend purchasing a SIM card in Japan beforehand.


If you are looking for an eSIM that you can purchase in advance in Japan , click below to purchase one now! 

Recommended for traveling to Belgium! Local SIM cards

■ Proximus SIM

As Belgium's largest telecommunications provider, we offer extensive coverage and high-quality communications both at home and abroad, and roaming within the EU is also available . We provide reliable communications services for travelers, making their stay in Belgium more comfortable.


■Orange SIM

Known for its flexible data plans and competitive rates, Orange is also a great choice for travelers, offering a wide range of short-term plans. Orange offers a mobile communications service that is perfect for travelers looking for ease of use and reliability.



It is a cost-effective telecommunications company that offers plans that are especially focused on data communication. It also has excellent support in stores. You can easily purchase additional capacity through the app.



Things to note when purchasing a SIM card in Belgium

Where to get a SIM card and how to pay

In Belgium, you can easily purchase a SIM card at the airport, near major stations, or at mobile phone shops in the city center . However, you may have to line up to purchase one, and it may take time to activate it, so plan ahead. In addition, in urban areas, cashless payment is becoming more common, with credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment apps being more prevalent, and some stores may not accept cash. If you are traveling to rural areas, you may only be able to use cash (Euros), so it is a good idea to prepare multiple payment methods.


Choose a data plan

If you use a Japanese plan when communicating in Belgium, you may be charged high roaming fees. Be sure to check the option restrictions and contract details carefully and choose a plan that suits your usage.


Check compatible SIM cards

Before you travel, be sure to check which SIM card your smartphone is compatible with. If you need to replace your SIM card, it's a good idea to also decide where to put the SIM card you're currently using in Japan, as well as the pin to open the tray.


Is the SIM locked?

Before you travel, check whether the smartphone you are bringing with you is SIM -locked by your carrier and whether it can be unlocked. If it is SIM -locked, you may not be able to use the SIM card you purchased in Belgium. Be sure to check in advance to ensure a smooth start to your communications in Belgium.


If you're going to Belgium! We definitely recommend " eSIM "

■Benefits of using " eSIM " in Belgium

We strongly recommend the latest " eSIM " (embedded SIM ) for your trip to Belgium. Unlike conventional real SIM cards, " eSIM " is a digital SIM that is built into your smartphone. This new technology eliminates the need to physically replace SIM cards, and allows you to communicate with just a few online steps. There is no longer any need to rent, carry, or charge a Wi-Fi router, which was previously inconvenient, and there is no need to return it. It is sure to make your stay in Belgium more comfortable. Take advantage of the new " eSIM " technology and experience the next generation of convenient and comfortable travel.


Recommended for traveling to Belgium! eSIM " VOYAGEESIM "


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European eSIM

esim easy setup in 3 steps

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You can choose from four plans: 5G for 10 days, 10GB for 15 days, 20GB for 30 days, and 50GB for 60 days.

With " VOYAGEE SIM ", you don't need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan! No need to wait for a purchase! Just buy it online and set it up in the Wi-Fi environment at the local airport! Your smartphone will instantly be able to use data in 42 countries and regions in Europe! It's simple, convenient, and smart!

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■VOYAGEESIM FOR Europe review

"London Comfort
Perfect in London! In Paris, there were times when the connection was not available, but it was mostly comfortable. I recommend it. Used with iPhone 15. "-April 13, 2024-


"It worked. I used it in Athens, Greece, and Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey. It connected smoothly everywhere and was easy to set up." - April 11, 2024 -


"This was my first time using this comfortable internet environment. I used the 5GB, 10-day plan on an 8-day tour of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. I downloaded the plan to my iPhone in advance in Japan as instructed, and when I arrived at Munich Airport, I switched to the eSIM and was able to use it immediately. I was able to connect to 5G and 4G lines almost without any problems in every country, and had a comfortable internet environment. The signal was weak near Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and I was unable to connect, including to other service users, but otherwise there were no problems. Compared to renting Wi-Fi, it is very convenient that you don't need to charge your device or carry the Wi-Fi itself, and you can easily check the remaining charge at any time. It is also good value for money, and I would like to use it when traveling abroad in the future." - March 19, 2024 -

Source: VOYAGE eSIM FOR EUROPE [Europe 42] eSIM 10 days/5GB



For those of you planning a trip to Belgium, we recommend using an " eSIM " as it is simple, convenient and comfortable. In this article, we have introduced the best SIM cards for traveling to Belgium, in particular the benefits of " eSIMs ", as well as points to note when using them. To make your trip even more convenient and comfortable, use an " eSIM " for internet communications, eliminating the hassle of advance preparations, while allowing you to fully enjoy Belgium's beautiful scenery and culture! We hope this article makes your trip to Belgium more comfortable.