[2024 Latest Edition] A must-see for travelers to Finland! Are you having trouble choosing a SIM card? We'll tell you what to look out for when choosing a SIM card.


If you are thinking of traveling to Finland, are you fully prepared for your communications there? Finland is a beautiful Nordic country with stunning nature, unique culture, and one of the world's best digital infrastructures. Nowadays, smartphones are used for a wide range of purposes while traveling, from checking maps to making restaurant reservations and posting on social media . You want to be able to communicate easily and comfortably as soon as you arrive. Here, we will introduce in detail the best SIM cards for traveling to Finland, as well as some points to note.

1. Communication quality, area coverage, and pricing plans

Check in advance for available areas

Another option is a local SIM card that can be used in Finland. Some SIM cards can be used throughout Europe, but a local SIM card is safe and reliable, as you can expect stable communication.

Data capacity and communication speed

Finland boasts one of the world's best internet infrastructures, with wide-area access to high-speed 4G and rapidly expanding 5G networks. You can expect relatively good communication quality not only in urban areas, but also in remote areas such as Lapland, which is close to the Arctic Circle. However, communication speeds and capacity vary depending on the plan you choose. Think about where, what, and how you will use your communication during your trip, and choose the best plan.

A pricing plan that suits you

Choose a plan that suits your duration of stay in Finland and your communications costs. There are various plans available, including short-term plans with daily rates and long-term flat-rate plans.

2. Don't forget to check the type and size of your SIM card

Do you know the types of SIM cards?

In Finland, you can use physical SIM cards such as standard SIM , micro SIM , nano SIM , and " eSIM " that is built into compatible smartphones. Check your smartphone in advance and choose the right SIM card for your smartphone.

3. Check the procedure from where to get it to how to use it

Where can I buy a SIM card ?

In Finland, SIM cards can be purchased at Helsinki International Airport (Vantaa Airport), some convenience stores ( R-kioski ), supermarkets, or online shops. When purchasing, it will be smoother if you check in advance the time it will take to purchase, how much data you can communicate, the data capacity, talk time, expiration date, and the documents required for purchase.


Recommended! Finnish SIM cards

Elisa SIM

Finland's largest telecommunications operator, offering an extensive 4G/LTE network and a growing 5G network. From data-only SIMs to voice + data plans, there are options to suit every need. Perfect for travelers looking for high-speed internet or those planning to travel extensively within Finland.


Known for its excellent coverage and competitive prices, it is one of the major telecommunications operators in Finland. Its prepaid SIM cards for short-term travelers are popular and can be easily topped up and reused. It is recommended for cost-effective travelers and short-term visitors.

Telia SIM

It has strong network coverage and is rated for its high connection quality, especially in urban areas. It offers flexible data plans and plans that include international roaming options. It is suitable for those who require a stable communication environment for business or long-term stays.

Things to note when using a SIM card in Finland

Research in advance where / how to obtain a SIM card

Find out in advance where you can buy a SIM card for Finland, whether you can use your existing smartphone, and what documents you need to purchase. Depending on the network environment and provider, it may take several minutes to several hours to activate (activate the SIM card). Also, when purchasing a SIM card locally, you may need some cash, so prepare Finnish currency (Euros ( EUR, € )) in advance at the airport, local banks, exchange offices, etc.

Choose your data plan carefully

Data charges in Finland may be high when roaming abroad. If you choose a plan with limited data capacity or speed, be sure to check the contract details carefully.

Check the SIM card size

Currently, many smartphones use nano SIMs , but be sure to check in advance which SIM card your smartphone is compatible with! Be sure to check that the SIM card you will be using in Finland is compatible with your smartphone. Don't forget to prepare the "pin" for removing the SIM card, which is necessary for replacing the SIM card, and how to store your Japanese SIM card.

Is your smartphone SIM -locked?

If your smartphone is SIM -locked to your carrier, you may not be able to use a Finnish SIM card. It may be too late once you arrive, so be sure to check in advance on your carrier's website whether your smartphone is unlocked or can be unlocked.


We highly recommend " eSIM " for traveling to Finland!

■If you're traveling to Finland, use " eSIM "!

If you're traveling to Finland, we highly recommend an eSIM . Unlike traditional SIM cards, an eSIM (Embedded SIM) does not require physical SIM replacement! Since the SIM is embedded in your smartphone, you can start communicating immediately with just online settings! The hassle of renting, carrying, charging, and returning a Wi-Fi router, which can be a little stressful, can now be spent on enjoying your trip.

Recommended for traveling to Finland! eSIM " VOYAGEESIM "

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When traveling to Finland, we strongly recommend using VOYAGEE SIM for your smartphone or tablet data connection, which can be purchased online and easily set up. This blog provides detailed information about Finland's recommended SIM cards , as well as how to obtain them and important points to note. Comfortable and secure communications are now a must to make the most of your trip. Please use the contents of this blog as a reference to make your trip even more enjoyable!