[Updated for 2024] A must-have guide for travelers to Norway! A complete guide to recommended SIM cards!


Planning a trip to Norway? Hey ! Are you getting ready for your trip to Norway? Norway attracts many visitors with its diverse charms, including natural beauty such as the fjords and the Northern Lights, and the capital city of Oslo, where sophisticated culture harmonizes with nature. A smartphone is essential to enjoy traveling abroad, whether it's for gathering local information, updating social media , or using a translation function when you can't speak the language. Here we will introduce you to reliable communication methods in Norway. Please make use of this information, including how to choose a SIM card and how to use it.


1. Communication environment and SIM card selection points

Check communication quality and coverage

Norway has a very high internet penetration rate and fast connection speeds, so you can use the internet comfortably, just like in Japan. Since there is little geographical bias, high-quality connections are possible in most areas. If you want a more comfortable environment, a local SIM card with stable communication is the best choice.


Select a data plan

4G connections are common in Norway, but 5G is becoming available in more and more urban areas. Depending on your travel style, choose a SIM card that takes into account the amount of data and communication speed you need. If you watch a lot of videos or download a lot of data, a large data plan is a good choice.


Choose your rate plan

Choose the plan that best suits you based on the length of your stay and the amount of data you plan to use. For short-term stays, a daily plan is convenient, but for long-term stays or those with large data usage, we recommend a monthly plan.



2. Tips for choosing a SIM card in Norway

Checking SIM card type and compatibility

When visiting Norway it is important to choose the right SIM card for your device. In addition to traditional physical SIM cards (standard SIM , micro SIM and nano SIM ), most modern devices also offer eSIM . It is important to check which SIM card type your smartphone supports before you travel.



3. How to get a SIM card in Norway

Where to buy a SIM card

SIM cards are available in Norway at major international airports, such as Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Bergen Airport. Additionally, SIM cards can be purchased at many convenience and electronics stores in urban areas. You may be asked to show identification when purchasing a SIM card, so it's a good idea to bring your passport with you.



Recommended SIM cards for Norway

■ Telenor SIM

Telenor is a major telecommunications company that operates in Northern Europe, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, and in Asia, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The same SIM card can be used anywhere within the EU/EES .


■ Telia SIM

Telia is a telecommunications company based in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, that provides mobile and landline services. It operates in four Nordic countries and the three Baltic countries. This service is also available at major international airports.


Things to keep in mind when buying a SIM card in Norway

Where to get a SIM card and how to prepare it

If you are planning a trip to Norway, it is important to check in advance how to obtain a SIM card, the compatibility of the smartphone you will be using, and the documents required for purchase on the official website of the telecommunications company. SIM cards can be obtained at major international airports, mobile phone specialty stores, and some convenience stores. Activation may take some time, so plan well in advance. You may also need to have local currency ready when purchasing, so be sure to have it ready in advance.


Choose your data plan

Data usage in Norway can be expensive when roaming from outside the country. It is important to check the data volume and speed limits of the plan you choose in advance and choose a plan that suits your usage patterns.


Check the SIM card size

Find out what size SIM card your phone needs - most commonly a nano SIM , but you might need a different size - and also make sure you have a pin to replace your SIM card, and a way to store your current SIM card.


Is the SIM locked?

If your smartphone is SIM- locked by a specific carrier, you may not be able to use a local SIM card. Please check the SIM- lock status of your smartphone before traveling and see if it can be unlocked.


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If you're traveling to Norway, we definitely recommend an eSIM !

■Benefits of using " eSIM " in Norway

If you are planning a trip to Norway, we strongly recommend using eSIM as a means of communication. Unlike conventional physical SIM cards, eSIM ( Embedded SIM ) is a digital SIM built into a smartphone or tablet. With eSIM , there is no need to replace the troublesome SIM card; you can start communicating immediately by completing a few steps of online setup. You will no longer have to worry about losing your SIM card. Renting a Wi-Fi router requires the hassle of carrying it around, charging it, and returning it, but with an eSIM , you can enjoy your stay in Norway more comfortably.


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In this article, we introduced SIM cards that are useful for traveling to Norway, and in particular the benefits and precautions of "eSIM". We recommend that everyone planning a trip to Norway use the easy and convenient "eSIM". Using VOYAGEE SIM's "eSIM" will make communication in Norway easy and make travel preparations and procedures smoother. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and rich culture to the fullest and have a comfortable trip. We hope this article helps make your trip to Norway even better. Until then, everyone, Ha en god tur ! (Have a good trip!)