[Updated 2024 Edition] A must-read for travelers to Italy! A guide to choosing the best SIM card


For those of you planning a trip to Italy, have you decided how you will connect to the internet there? Italy is known for its rich history, culture, stunning scenery, and delicious food, but using your smartphone while traveling plays a very important role, from checking maps to making restaurant reservations and posting on social media . You want to be able to communicate easily and comfortably as soon as you arrive. In this article, we will introduce the best SIM cards for traveling to Italy, how to choose them, and how to use them.


1. Communication quality, area coverage, and pricing plans

Check the available area

When choosing a SIM card, check the coverage rate of your destination. Local SIM cards for Italy have excellent connection stability, especially in rural areas and tourist spots. Also, if you are planning to travel around Europe, choosing a SIM card that can be used throughout Europe will allow you to use communication services smoothly even when traveling across multiple countries.

Choose your data volume and speed

Italy has a fast 4G network and is rolling out 5G services in major cities. However, depending on the area you visit and the services you use, your needs for speed and data capacity may vary. For example, if you plan to stream videos or download large amounts of data, a high-speed, high-capacity data plan is best. On the other hand, if you plan to mainly check email and browse the web, a lower capacity plan will often be sufficient.

Choose the rate plan that's right for you

Choose the best plan for you depending on the length of your stay in Italy and your data usage. For short-term travelers, a pro-rata prepaid plan is convenient. For longer stays or heavy data users, a flat monthly plan may be more economical. It is important to compare the details of the plans offered by each carrier and choose the plan that best suits your usage patterns.

2. Criteria for choosing a SIM card in Italy

Know the type and size of your SIM card

When visiting Italy, it is important to choose the right SIM card for your device. In addition to the common physical SIM cards (standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM), eSIMs, which can be used with the latest smartphones, are also becoming more common. Be sure to check which type of SIM card your smartphone supports before you travel.

3. How to get a SIM card

Where to buy SIM cards

In Italy, you can buy SIM cards at international airports such as Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa, major mobile phone shops, and some tabacchi (tobacco shops) and newsstands. There is also the option to buy one online before your visit and pick it up when you arrive. You may need to show identification such as your passport when purchasing, so have it ready.


Recommended SIM cards for Italy


TIM, Italy's largest telecommunications company, offers an extensive 4G/LTE network and is actively developing 5G services. Plans including data and some international calls, such as the "TIM Tourist SIM," are particularly popular among travelers. It is ideal for those traveling throughout Italy and those who prioritize high-speed data communication. The TIM tourist sim comes with a 30-day plan that offers 50GB and 200 minutes of calls. It costs 14.99€.

■ Vodafone Italia SIM

Vodafone Italia, an internationally recognized brand, is known for its competitive prices and reliable network coverage. Vodafone, the telecommunications provider for VOYAGE eSIM for Europe, is recommended for travelers traveling not only in Italy but also throughout Europe. If you are looking for an eSIM, click the banner below to purchase one now!

■ Wind Tre SIM

Wind Tre, the third largest telecommunications operator in Italy, is known for its high cost performance. Its prepaid SIM card "tourist pass", designed especially for travelers, offers a generous 70GB of data and unlimited domestic calls at an affordable price of 14.99 euros for 30 days. It is the perfect choice for frequent data users and travelers visiting Italy for an extended period of time.

Important points when using a SIM card in Italy

Where to get a SIM card and how to prepare it

Before visiting Italy, research where you can buy a SIM card, whether your smartphone is compatible with local SIMs, and what documents you need. In Italy, you can get a SIM card at the airport, mobile phone shops, and some convenience stores. Activation can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the provider, so we recommend that you allow plenty of time. Also, you may need cash when purchasing, so it's a good idea to prepare some euros in advance.

Choose your data plan carefully

Mobile data usage in Italy can be expensive, especially when roaming abroad. When choosing a plan that has limits on data volume and speed, be sure to check the contract details carefully. Choosing a plan that suits your usage style is key to ensuring a cost-effective communication environment.

Check the SIM card size

Many modern smartphones use nano-SIMs, but make sure you check before you travel which type of SIM card your device requires, and make sure you also pack a pin for when you need to replace your SIM card, as well as a way to store your current SIM card.

Check the SIM lock status of your smartphone

If your phone is locked to a specific carrier, you won't be able to use an Italian SIM card, so it's important to check before you travel whether your phone is unlocked or can be unlocked, to avoid being stuck in Italy when you arrive.


The best communication method for traveling to Italy is "eSIM"!

■Why choose eSIM for your visit to Italy?

If you are planning a trip to Italy, we strongly recommend using "eSIM" as a means of communication. Unlike conventional physical SIM cards, eSIM is a digital SIM built into the device. This eliminates the need for the troublesome task of replacing physical SIMs, and allows you to immediately start using communication services with simple online settings. Freeing you from the hassle of renting and returning a Wi-Fi router, as well as the hassle of carrying and charging it, you can make the most of your travel time.

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We recommend VOYAGEE SIM, which can be easily purchased online and instantly set up, as a means of communication for your smartphone or tablet when visiting Italy. This article provides a detailed explanation of the best SIM options for traveling to Italy, how to purchase them, and important points to keep in mind when using them. A comfortable and secure communication environment is essential for a fulfilling travel experience. Use this guide to make your stay in Italy even more enjoyable.