[2024 Latest Guide] Enjoy your trip to Malta even more! Special feature on recommended SIM cards!


Planning a trip to Malta? Bonġu! Are you ready? Malta, a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, is known as the "Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea" and is very popular with tourists for its beautiful coastline and historical World Heritage sites. There are plenty of attractions, such as the magnificent buildings and ancient temples of Valletta, a World Heritage site, and the spectacular "Blue Cave"! Delicious Mediterranean cuisine and Maltese wine are also not to be missed. A smartphone is a travel necessity, whether you need local route guidance, restaurant search, or updating your SNS. In this article, we will introduce in detail how to choose and use the recommended SIM card that will be convenient and comfortable to use during your stay in Malta!


1. No stress when it comes to communication in Malta! Tips for choosing the right SIM card

Focus on coverage and quality

If you plan to visit Malta's major cities as well as surrounding islands such as Gozo and Comino, make sure to check the coverage and quality. Check the coverage map to see which carriers offer the widest coverage to ensure smooth internet connection in tourist attractions and resorts. Generally, major carriers offer stable communication quality and can be used safely even in tourist areas.


How to choose a data plan and speed

Consider how much data you plan to use during your stay in Malta and choose the best plan for you. If you plan to mainly use it for checking social media and emails, a small data plan will be sufficient, but if you plan to watch videos or use the internet frequently, we recommend choosing a large data plan. Major carriers in Malta offer great value prepaid plans for tourists, so choose a plan that suits your usage style.


How to choose a rate plan

Choose the best plan for your stay in Malta and your data usage. For short stays, we recommend a prepaid plan for one or two weeks. These plans will ensure you have the data you need while keeping costs down, so there is no waste. For long stays or high data usage, consider a monthly plan. Monthly plans require no additional procedures once set up, and you can maintain a stable communication environment. Also, if you plan to share with family or friends, check out plans that support multiple devices.



2. Don't forget to check the SIM size that's right for your device

Checking SIM card type and compatibility

The size of the SIM card that is supported varies depending on the model of the smartphone. There are sizes such as nano SIM, micro SIM, and standard SIM, so it is important to check in advance which size your smartphone supports. Also, don't forget to bring the special pin for replacing the SIM card. It is also a good idea to have a place to store the original SIM card.



3. How do I get a SIM card in Malta?

Where to buy a SIM card

Malta International Airport has counters for each carrier in the arrival lobby. This is convenient as you can purchase a SIM card as soon as you get off the plane. In addition, each carrier has official stores in major cities in Malta. If you are unsure about the settings, you can get support at a carrier shop. Store staff will help you set it up, so you can rest assured.



Recommended SIM cards for Malta

■ epic SIM

It is the largest telecommunications company in Malta and boasts wide coverage, and it provides stable communication especially in rural areas and tourist areas, so you can use it with peace of mind while traveling. The prepaid plan for tourists costs 6.99€ (euro) per day and allows you to use up to 200MB of data, as well as 100 minutes of free calls.



Like epic, GO also has wide coverage and provides high-speed, stable communication. 5G lines are available even with prepaid plans. There are several plans available, ranging from 1.5GB to unlimited, with prices ranging from 5.99€ to 18.99€.


■ Melita SIM

It is popular for its affordable plans and reliable service, and offers a wide range of prepaid SIM card options, all of which are valid for 28 days and come with 1GB, 20GB, and 40GB data plans, priced at 2.5€, 5€, and 7.5€ respectively.


Important points to note when purchasing a SIM card in Malta

Where to buy a SIM card and how to prepare

In Malta, you can easily get a SIM card at carrier shops and kiosks in major cities such as Luqa Airport, Valletta, and Sliema. If you want to use the Internet from the first day of your trip, it is important to act in advance, as activation may take some time. Also, some stores have limited payment methods, so it is a good idea to have both cash and credit card ready.


How to choose a data plan

When using a smartphone in Malta, if you use a Japanese plan as is, you may incur high international roaming charges. Consider the local data usage and speed restrictions and choose a data plan that suits your usage patterns. We recommend that you choose the best plan for you from the various plans offered by major carriers.


Find the best SIM card size

Before you travel, it's important to check what SIM card size your smartphone supports. Most newer devices use nano SIMs, but older models may require a different size. Check your SIM card size before you travel and make sure you have the correct pin. It's also a good idea to bring a case or pouch to keep your current SIM card safe.


Checking SIM lock status

If your smartphone is SIM-locked to a specific carrier, you may not be able to use the local SIM card. Before traveling, check the SIM-lock status in your smartphone's settings menu or through your carrier's customer support. If your smartphone is SIM-locked, you will need to ask your carrier to unlock it. The unlocking process can take several days, so act quickly. We recommend that you also check the conditions and costs required for unlocking in advance.


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We recommend "eSIM" for your trip to Malta!

■ Benefits of eSIM when staying in Malta

For those planning a trip to Malta, we highly recommend eSIM as a means of communication. Unlike conventional physical SIM cards, eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM built into smartphones and tablets. By using eSIM, there is no need to replace the physical SIM card, and you can immediately use local communication services by simply completing a few easy steps online. When renting a Wi-Fi router, it is a hassle to carry it around, charge it, and return it, but with eSIM, such troublesome work is not necessary at all. In addition, it is safe to use in terms of security, so there is no need to use public Wi-Fi. This will definitely make your trip even more comfortable and enjoyable. Use the latest communication method, "eSIM", and enjoy your trip to Malta to the fullest!


■ Recommended for traveling to Malta! Speaking of eSIM, "VOYAGE eSIM"


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In this article, we introduced how to choose the best SIM card for your stay in Malta, especially the benefits of "eSIM" and points to note when using it. VOYAGEE SIM's convenient and comfortable "eSIM" allows you to relax on Malta's beautiful beaches and explore historical ruins without worrying about communication. Please try it out on your next trip! il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb (Have a good trip!)