[2024 Latest Guide] Recommended SIM cards perfect for your trip to Bulgaria!


For those of you planning a trip to Bulgaria, Здравейте (Zdravēte)! Bulgaria is full of attractions such as the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the capital Sofia, the ski resort of Bansko, and Plovdiv with its ancient Roman ruins. You also can't miss the beautiful beach resorts along the Black Sea coast and World Heritage sites such as the Rila Monastery. When traveling to Bulgaria, which is full of such attractions, you'll want to have a comfortable communication environment there. In this article, we will introduce SIM cards that are recommended for your stay in Bulgaria. Use this as reference for a comfortable trip!


Tips for choosing a SIM card for a comfortable trip to Bulgaria!

Focus on coverage and quality

Major cities such as Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna are tourist highlights, but if you plan to visit Rila Monastery or Pirin National Park, it is important to choose a SIM card from a telecommunications operator that offers widespread coverage in rural areas. Choosing a major telecommunications operator will give you peace of mind.


Choose the data plan that's right for you

4G is widely available in Bulgaria, and 5G is also available in major cities. Consider how much data you will use during your trip and choose from a large-capacity or small-capacity data plan. If you plan to watch videos or use data frequently, we recommend a large-capacity plan, and if you plan to mainly check SNS and emails, we recommend a small-capacity data plan.


How to choose a rate plan

It is important to choose the most suitable plan depending on the length of your stay and the amount of data you will use. For short stays, a pro-rata plan is convenient and can help you keep costs down. On the other hand, a monthly plan is more suitable for long-term stays or those who use a lot of data. Once you set up a monthly plan, no additional procedures are required and you can maintain a stable communication environment.


Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

Checking SIM card type and compatibility

It is important to choose a SIM card that is compatible with your device. In addition to traditional physical SIM cards (standard SIM , micro SIM , nano SIM ), if you have a modern smartphone, you should also check out eSIM . It is very convenient because you can easily set it up online without the hassle of replacing a physical SIM card.


How to get a SIM card in Bulgaria?

Where can I buy a SIM card?

If you want to get a SIM card in Bulgaria, you can buy one at carrier shops or major supermarkets in major cities such as Sofia Airport, Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna. In particular, direct-operated stores have specialized staff who can explain the plans and help you activate the card on the spot. You will often be asked to show your passport when purchasing, so be sure to bring it with you.


Recommended SIM cards available in Bulgaria

A1 Bulgaria SIM

A1 has wide coverage from urban to rural areas, and provides stable communication especially in major cities such as Sofia and Plovdiv. There is a prepaid plan for travelers called A1 Holiday Plus , which is valid for 10 days, has a 1500MB limit, and costs 6 BGN (Bulgarian Lev).

Yettel. Bulgaria SIM

Yettel is popular with tourists because it offers high speed internet and wide coverage, and provides stable communication even in resort areas and mountainous areas.


Vivacom SIM

Vivacom was formerly a Bulgarian state-owned company, and is known for its high communication speeds and stability in urban areas. It is recommended for those who want to use the internet comfortably in tourist spots and urban areas. The prepaid plan " Free2Go " allows you to use up to 12,000MB and costs Level 12. The even more usable plan " Data2Go " allows you to use up to 25,000MB and costs Level 20 (Lev) .

*Please be sure to check the price and contents of each SIM card before purchasing.


Tips for buying a SIM card in Bulgaria

Where to buy a SIM card and how to prepare

SIM cards can be purchased at Sofia Airport, mobile phone shops in major cities, large supermarkets, etc. At direct-operated stores, specialized staff will be on hand to explain plans and provide support with activation, so you can rest assured. You will often be asked to show your passport when purchasing, so don't forget to bring it with you. Also, having local currency on hand will make the purchase go more smoothly.


How to choose a data plan

To use data communications comfortably in Bulgaria, it is important to choose a data plan that suits your usage style. Think about how much data you will use during your trip, and if you mainly use social media and check emails, choose a low-volume data plan, but if you watch videos or use data frequently, choose a high-volume data plan. Major carriers also offer great value prepaid plans for tourists.


Check the SIM card size

It is important to check the size of the SIM card that is suitable for the smartphone you are using. Currently, there are three common types of SIM cards: nano SIM , micro SIM , and standard SIM , but nano SIMs are the mainstream in the latest smartphones. Before purchasing, check what size SIM card your device supports and choose the size you need. Also, a special pin is required to replace the SIM card, so it is convenient to bring the pin that came with your smartphone with you.


Check the SIM lock status of your smartphone

If your phone is SIM- locked by a specific carrier, you may not be able to use a Bulgarian SIM card. Check the SIM- lock status of your phone before traveling and unlock it if necessary. Many carriers allow you to easily unlock your phone online, but the process can take several days, so we recommend that you prepare well in advance. There may be conditions and fees for unlocking your phone, so be sure to check in advance.


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"eSIM" is highly recommended for traveling to Bulgaria!

Why eSIM is so convenient when you are in Bulgaria

If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria, we highly recommend eSIM as a means of communication. Unlike conventional physical SIM cards, eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM built into a smartphone or tablet. By using eSIM, you do not need to replace the physical SIM card, and you can immediately use local communication services by simply setting up a few steps online. When renting a Wi-Fi router, you have to carry it around, charge it, and return it, but with eSIM, you do not need to do any of that troublesome work. In addition, it is safe to use in terms of security, so you do not need to use public Wi-Fi. This will definitely make your trip even more comfortable and enjoyable. Use the latest communication method "eSIM" and enjoy your trip to Bulgaria to the fullest!


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In this article, we introduced how to choose the best SIM card for a comfortable trip to Bulgaria, in particular the benefits of " eSIM " and points to note when using it. Using the convenient and comfortable " eSIM " from VOYAGEE SIM is sure to make your trip to Bulgaria more enjoyable and smooth! To fully enjoy Bulgaria's photogenic scenery, historical cityscapes, and delicious cuisine, be sure to use the convenient eSIM to create a comfortable communication environment! Приятен път (Have a good trip!)