[2024 Latest Guide] Make your trip to Ireland more comfortable! A comprehensive guide to recommended SIM cards!


Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Are you ready for Dia duit? Known as the "Emerald Isle," Ireland attracts tourists with its beautiful natural scenery and Celtic cityscapes. There are plenty of things to see, such as Trinity College in Dublin, the Giant's Causeway, and the magnificent Cliffs of Moher! You can also enjoy entertainment such as Guinness, the world's number one dark beer, and Irish dancing. A smartphone is essential for a comfortable trip, whether it's for local navigation, searching for restaurants and pubs, or updating social media. In this article, we will thoroughly explain how to choose and use the recommended SIM card that will be convenient and comfortable to use during your stay in Ireland!


1. No stress when it comes to communication in Ireland! Tips for choosing the right SIM card

Focus on coverage and quality

Major cities such as Dublin, Cork and Galway are popular tourist destinations, but if you plan to visit the Cliffs of More or the Giant's Causeway, it's important to choose a SIM card from a carrier that offers widespread coverage in rural areas. You can rest assured by choosing a major carrier such as Vodafone, Three or Eir.


Choose the data plan that's right for you

4G is widely available in Ireland, and 5G is also available in major cities. Consider how much data you will use during your trip and choose from a large-capacity or small-capacity data plan. If you plan to watch videos or use data frequently, we recommend a large-capacity plan, and if you plan to mainly check SNS and emails, we recommend a small-capacity data plan.


Choose a rate plan

It is important to choose the most suitable plan depending on the length of your stay and the amount of data you will use. For short stays, a pro-rata plan is convenient and can help you keep costs down. On the other hand, a monthly plan is more suitable for long-term stays or those who use a lot of data. Once you set up a monthly plan, no additional procedures are required and you can maintain a stable communication environment.



2. Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

Checking SIM card type and compatibility

It's important to choose a SIM card that is compatible with your device. In addition to traditional physical SIM cards (standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM), if you have a modern smartphone, you should also check out eSIMs. They are a convenient option that doesn't require you to replace your physical SIM card, and you can simply complete a few steps of setup online. All major carriers in Ireland also offer eSIMs.



3. How do I get a SIM card in Ireland?

Where to buy a SIM card

You can purchase it at mobile phone shops and major supermarkets in major cities such as Dublin Airport, Cork, and Galway. There are specialized staff at the direct stores who can explain the plans and help you activate it on the spot. You will often be asked to show your passport when purchasing, so be sure to bring it with you.



Recommended SIM cards for Ireland

■ Vodafone Ireland SIM

Vodafone boasts wide coverage in Ireland, and offers stable communications even in rural areas and tourist destinations, making it safe to use while traveling. There are a wide variety of prepaid plans (pay-as-you-go) available, ranging from 20 euros for 10GB to 30 euros for unlimited data. It can be used in all EU countries at no extra charge.


■ Three Ireland SIM

Three Ireland is a telecommunications and internet service provider operated as a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison Holdings. It has strengths in high-speed data communication in urban areas, and you can expect stable high-speed communication in major cities such as Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Prepaid plans are available from 20 euros with unlimited data and are valid for 28 days.


■ Eir SIM

Eir is a former state-owned company that has an overwhelming share of the fixed-line market. It offers balanced coverage in urban and rural areas. Prepaid plans start from 20 euros with unlimited data and are valid for 28 days.


Important points to note when purchasing a SIM card in Ireland

Where to get a SIM card and how to prepare it

In Ireland, you can easily purchase a SIM card at Dublin Airport, carrier shops and kiosks in major cities. Especially if you want to use the Internet immediately on the first day of your trip, it is important to plan ahead, taking into account that activation takes time. Also, some stores have limited payment methods, so it is a good idea to have both cash and a credit card ready.


Choose your data plan

When using a smartphone in Ireland, international roaming charges may be high if you use your Japanese plan as is. Check the data volume and speed limits for your local data plan and choose a data plan that suits your usage patterns. Major carriers such as Vodafone, Three, and Eir offer a wide range of plans and are particularly recommended.


Check the SIM card size

Before you travel, it's important to check which SIM card size your smartphone supports. Most newer devices use nano SIMs, but older models may require a different size. Check your SIM card size before you travel and prepare the appropriate pin. It's also a good idea to bring a case or pouch to safely store your current SIM card.


Checking SIM lock status

If your smartphone is SIM-locked to a specific carrier, you may not be able to use the local SIM card. Before traveling, check the SIM-lock status in your smartphone's settings menu or through your carrier's customer support. If your smartphone is SIM-locked, you will need to ask your carrier to unlock it. The unlocking process can take several days, so act quickly. We recommend that you also check the conditions and costs required for unlocking in advance.


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We recommend using an eSIM when traveling to Ireland!

■What are the benefits of eSIM?

If you are planning a trip to Ireland, we highly recommend eSIM as a means of communication. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM built into a smartphone or tablet. By using eSIM, you do not need to replace the physical SIM card, and you can immediately use local communication services by simply setting up a few steps online. When renting a Wi-Fi router, you will have to carry it around, charge it, and return it, but with eSIM, you do not have to go through such troubles. In addition, it is safe from a security standpoint, so you do not need to use public Wi-Fi. This will make your trip even more comfortable. Take advantage of the next generation communication method "eSIM" and enjoy your trip to Ireland to the fullest!


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In this article, we introduced how to choose the best SIM card for your stay in Ireland, especially the benefits of "eSIM" and points to note when using it. Using the convenient and comfortable "eSIM" from VOYAGEE SIM is sure to make your trip to Ireland more enjoyable and smooth! We hope you have a wonderful trip! Bíodh turas maith!