[Updated for 2024] Complete guide to communication in Australia! How to choose the best SIM card


Are you preparing for your trip to Australia? Australia, where magnificent nature and modern cities coexist, is famous for the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and Melbourne's Art Street. When traveling to these areas, a reliable internet environment is essential to take photos and videos, and check local information and social media . In this article, we will introduce recommended SIM cards and settings for communication methods in Australia. Use this information to experience the charm of Australia to the fullest.

1. Communication quality, area coverage rate, and fee plans

The importance of area coverage

When choosing a SIM card in Australia, it is important to check the wide coverage area of ​​the country. Communication tends to be unstable especially in inland and remote areas, so choose a provider that offers wide coverage. It is also wise to choose a SIM that is globally compatible, considering use overseas.

Select data capacity and connection speed

5G is becoming more widespread in major cities in Australia, allowing for fast data connections. To use the Internet comfortably not only in urban areas but also in tourist destinations, it is necessary to choose the appropriate data plan that suits your travel style. If you want to share a lot of photos and videos, we recommend a large-capacity plan.

Choose the best rate plan

Choose your plan carefully based on how long you plan to stay in Australia and how much internet you plan to use. Short-term stays are often cost-effective short-term plans, while longer stays tend to require a monthly plan.

2. Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

SIM card type

Before you travel, check the type of SIM card your smartphone supports. In addition to the common physical SIM cards (standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM), the number of users of digital SIMs built into smartphones, known as eSIMs, has been increasing in recent years. Be sure to check which type of SIM your smartphone supports before you depart.

3. How to get a SIM card in Australia

Where and how to buy

In Australia, SIM cards can be purchased mainly from airports, mobile phone shops in cities, and some large retailers and convenience stores. Purchasing at the airport is the easiest but prices are usually higher than elsewhere. City shops often offer good support after purchase and can help you set up and activate your SIM card, especially if you need technical support.


Recommended SIM cards for travelling to Australia

■ Telstra SIM

Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company, boasts the widest coverage in the country. It provides strong network connections, especially in urban areas, but also in rural and remote areas, and is also rolling out the latest 5G services. Prepaid plans range from 3GB/7 days ($12) to 230GB/1 year ($320), so you can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Unlimited calls are available during the subscription period.

■ Optus SIM

Optus, Australia's second largest telecommunications carrier, is highly regarded for its wide coverage and fast internet connection. Optus has good connectivity, especially in densely populated areas. Optus's prepaid plans come in 28-day plans, with 35GB of data for $35 and 90GB for $45. You can make unlimited calls during the plan period.

■ Vodafone SIM

Vodafone Australia is known for providing stable connections from urban to suburban areas. It offers domestic and international data, including roaming, and is particularly strong when it comes to data usage abroad. Vodafone's data plans are 28-day plans, with 45GB for $35, 65 for $45, and 85GB for $55, so you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Things to note when purchasing a SIM card in Australia

Where to buy a SIM card and how to do it

In Australia, SIM cards are available at major airports, carrier outlets in city centers, and some supermarkets and convenience stores. The purchasing process can take some time, so it's best to do it well in advance. Australia is also a cashless country, so credit cards, debit cards, and various payment apps are widely accepted. Some stores do not accept cash, so it's wise to prepare a digital payment method in advance.

Choosing the best data plan

When communicating abroad, if you use your mobile plan from your home country, you will incur roaming charges, which can be very expensive. It is important to choose the right data plan based on your data usage and communication needs while in Australia. Each carrier offers different data capacity and service period options, so be sure to check carefully.

Check SIM card type and compatibility

Before you travel, it's important to find out what type of SIM card your phone supports (standard, micro, nano or eSIM). If you're changing your SIM card, it's a good idea to have an unlock pin and a place to keep your old SIM card safe.

Check the SIM lock status of your smartphone

Make sure to check whether the smartphone you are bringing with you is SIM-locked by your network provider or whether it can be unlocked. If it is SIM-locked, you may not be able to use the SIM card you purchase in Australia. It is essential to check in advance to ensure smooth communication.

If you're going to Australia, we definitely recommend using an "eSIM"!

■ Advantages of using "eSIM" in Australia

Using eSIM (embedded SIM) is very convenient when traveling to Australia. Unlike conventional physical SIM cards, eSIM is a digital SIM that is directly built into your smartphone, eliminating the need for troublesome physical card replacement. You can start communicating immediately by simply completing simple settings online. This eliminates the need to rent, carry, or charge Wi-Fi devices, significantly reducing the hassle. Your stay in Australia will be even smoother and more enjoyable. Take advantage of innovative eSIM technology to ensure a comfortable and efficient trip.

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For those planning a trip to Australia, we recommend using an " eSIM " as a convenient and comfortable means of communication. In this article, we have explained the best SIM cards for your stay in Australia, particularly the benefits of " eSIMs ", as well as points to note. By using an eSIM , you can reduce the hassle of traveling and easily experience Australia's beautiful nature and rich culture. We hope this guide will help you make your trip to Australia even more enjoyable and create fun memories. Enjoy your trip!