[2024 Latest Edition] If you're traveling to the US! How to choose the best SIM card without making a mistake!


Are you preparing for your trip to the United States? America is a country where magnificent nature and skyscrapers coexist, and New York on the East Coast is famous for the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, while Los Angeles on the West Coast is famous for Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier. When traveling to these areas, a reliable internet environment is essential to take photos and videos, and check local information and social media . In this article, we will introduce recommended SIM cards and how to set them up for communication in the United States. Use this information to experience the charm of America to the fullest .  

1. Communication quality, area coverage rate, and fees

Checking communication area

When choosing a SIM card in the United States , check the area that covers the vast territory of the country. Ideally , you should choose a SIM card that provides stable communication not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. If you are traveling to multiple countries, it is convenient to have a SIM card that can be used in other countries.  

Data volume and speed

In the United States, 5G is being rolled out, especially in major cities, and 4G is also widely covered. Choose the appropriate data amount and speed according to your travel schedule and usage. If you plan to upload videos or download large amounts of data, we recommend a large-capacity data plan.  

Rate plan

Choose the most cost-effective plan based on the length of your stay in the U.S. and your data usage. A daily plan is often better for short trips, while a monthly plan is better for long stays or multiple uses.  

2. Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

SIM card type  

Choose the right SIM card for your smartphone . In addition to real SIM cards ( standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM), more and more people are using eSIMs that are built into their smartphones . Be sure to check which type of SIM your smartphone supports before you leave .  

3. How to get a SIM card in the United States

Where and how to buy

In the United States, you can purchase SIM cards at airports, city cell phone shops, large supermarkets, and convenience stores. Purchasing at the airport is convenient, but the price is often higher. There is also good support in stores, and you can get help setting up and activating your SIM card .  

Recommended SIM cards for traveling to the US

T-Mobile SIM

T-Mobile , America's largest telecommunications company , offers flexible data plans, many of which are suitable for short stays. T-Mobile boasts strong network connections, especially in urban areas , and is also rolling out the latest 5G services . Prepaid plans range from 7 -day plans to 90-day plans, and offer unlimited data during the subscription period.

Verizon SIM

China Unicom has wide network coverage both at home and abroad, and is especially compatible with foreign mobile phones. China Unicom 's network is 5G-ready and offers high-speed data plans. It also has a wide range of plans for tourists, catering to a wide range of needs from short-term visitors to long-term residents.


AT&T , the third largest telecommunications company , offers wide coverage and high quality communication. Roaming is included, so you can use it not only within the United States but also while traveling to other regions. AT &T has an extensive network across all 50 states , with signals reaching not only urban areas but also suburban and some rural areas. There are various data plans, from unlimited options to small plans with data capacities as low as 1GB , so you can choose one that suits your individual needs.  

Things to note when purchasing a SIM card in the United States

Where and how to get a SIM card

In the United States, SIM cards can be purchased at airports, mobile phone shops in cities, convenience stores, etc. After purchasing, it may take some time before you can start using it, so be sure to plan ahead. Cashless payments are also becoming more common in the United States, and credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment apps are the norm in many places. Some stores may not accept cash, so it is important to have cards and apps ready.  

Choose a data plan  

If you use your Japanese data plan when communicating in the US, you may be charged high roaming fees. Be sure to carefully check the data plan options and contract details to choose the appropriate plan based on your usage.  

Check your SIM card type  

Before you travel, make sure you know what type of SIM card your smartphone supports, and make sure you have a pin to open the SIM card tray if you need to replace it, and a place to store your current SIM card .  

Check SIM lock  

Make sure that the smartphone you are bringing with you is not SIM-locked by your carrier or can be unlocked . If it is SIM-locked, you will not be able to use the SIM card you purchased in the US . It is important to check in advance to ensure smooth communication in the US.  

If you're going to America ! " eSIM " is definitely recommended!  

Benefits of using " eSIM " in the United States  

We strongly recommend " eSIM " ( embedded SIM) for traveling to the United States . Unlike conventional physical SIM cards , " eSIM " is a digital SIM built into your smartphone. This innovative technology eliminates the need for physical replacement of SIM cards , and allows you to start communication services with just a few steps online. There is no need to rent, carry, or charge a Wi- Fi router , and the hassle of returning it is also eliminated. There is no doubt that your stay in the United States will be more comfortable. Take advantage of the new " eSIM " technology and experience the next generation of convenient and comfortable travel .  


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For those of you planning a trip to the US, we recommend using an "eSIM", which allows for simple, convenient and comfortable communication . In this article, we have introduced the best SIM cards for travelling to the US , in particular the benefits of an "eSIM", as well as some points to note when using it. To improve the convenience and comfort of your trip, using an eSIM for internet communication will allow you to fully enjoy America's magnificent scenery and diverse culture, whilst eliminating the hassle of prior preparations. We hope that this guide will help make your trip to the US more fulfilling. Enjoy your trip!