After installing the eSIM, you will not be able to receive local signals before you arrive in your destination; therefore, this message will be displayed. However since the eSIM itself has already been set up, there is no problem. Once you arrive in your destination, please refer to page 3 of the manual below and activate it.

Installation Manual

You will be able to use the service as soon as you receive a signal at the destination. If the "Out of Service Area" message appears after you arrive at the destination, please try restarting your smartphone several times.

Please try restarting the device several times. Also, open "Settings" → "Cellular" on your iPhone and go to "SIMs" to check that eSIM is installed.

If it is not installed, please refer to the manual below and install it again.

Installation Manual

If you are still unable to connect after restarting the device multiple times, please contact us via the inquiry page below.

Inquiry form


1. Open the "Call" app.

2. Enter "*300##" and press the call button to check your remaining data. Please refer to the manual below for detailed instructions on how to check.

Data Check Maual

If you use up all your data communication capacity, the service will be stopped. Please note that you will not be able to add data to the same eSIM after that. The manual below explains how to check the remaining data capacity (the amount of GB) of the eSIM you are using, so please check it as necessary.

Data Check Maual

If you have used up all of your data capacity, please purchase a new eSIM from the page below.


This is available on any eSIM compatible device that supports tethering.

After arriving at your destination, the usage will start from the moment you first start communicating, and the number of days will be counted in 24-hour increments.

Please check the following page for supported countries. Because it is a roaming eSIM, you can use it without any additional settings even if you move around within the area of ​​42 countries in Europe.

Supported models/countries – VOYAGEESIM