What is an eSIM?

The eSIM cannot be reinstalled once it has been deleted. The same eSIM will no longer be usable. Please be aware that returns, exchanges, and refunds are not possible even if the eSIM is accidentally deleted. Also, you cannot transfer your profile when changing your device.

We will send the QR code to use the eSIM via an email. You can check the QR code on the purchase completion screen, My Account, and order confirmation email.*Please note that it will not be shipped as a physical sim or printed. If you need a printed QR code, please print it out yourself.

Please start using the service within 30 days of purchase. You can check the activation deadline in your order history in My Account.

Please check the following three points.

1. SIM-free (unlocked)

2. eSIM compatible

3. It must be compatible with the network of your destination

Please check your iphone as follows.
Tap "Settings" app ⇒ Tap General ⇒ About ⇒ Check SIM lock status.

Please refer to the following the installation manual

Installation Manual

If there is any problem, please contact us via the inquiry page below.

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Yes, the profile to activate the eSIM needs to be downloaded from the internet.

Please check here.

ICCID is a unique identification number assigned to each eSIM. You can check it from your order history in My Account.

You can check your order details from the purchase completion screen, order confirmation email, or order history in My Account.

Due to filtering or automatic sorting functions, the email may have ended up in the "Promotions Folder" or "Junk Mail Folder." If you have not received the email after checking again, please contact us via the inquiry page below.

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Please restart your device. Also, please refer to the instructions for installing and activating eSIM below to make sure that the activation settings are correct. If you are unable to connect after trying this, please contact us via the inquiry page below.

Installation Manual

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