Planning a Travel to Japan? Here's Your Ultimate Guide to Recommended SIM Cards for Japan!

Planning a Travel to Japan? Here's Your Ultimate Guide to Recommended SIM Cards for Japan!

Konnichiwa! Are you planning a travel to Japan? As you prepare for your journey to Japan, stable internet connection is essential for navigating through Japanese cities, exploring landmarks, and sharing your experiences to SNS. To help you stay connected internet easily, we have compiled a guide to the best SIM cards for travelers in Japan. Whether you are seeking high-speed data, extensive coverage, or budget-friendly options, this guide has you covered.


1. Network Quality, Coverage, and Price

Coverage Check

Japanese SIM cards offer reliable connectivity not only in major cities but also in rural areas. With widespread coverage, you can stay connected whether you are in Tokyo, historic Kyoto, or scenic Hokkaido.


Data Capacity and Speed

Experience fast 4G/LTE speeds across Japan, ensuring smooth browsing, streaming, and social media sharing. Please choose the high-data plans if you plan to stream videos or upload photos frequently during your travels.


Pricing Plans

Choose from a variety of plans that fit your data usage and length of stay. Short-term visitors may prefer daily or weekly plans, while long-term travelers can benefit from monthly options. Selecting the right plan ensures you enjoy travel while managing costs effectively.



2. Preparing for SIM Card Types and Sizes

Types of SIM Cards

Ensure compatibility with your device by checking whether it requires a standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM, or the latest eSIM technology. Understanding your device's requirements beforehand simplifies the activation process upon arrival in Japan.



3. How to buy a SIM card

Purchase Locations

Japan offers SIM cards for purchase at major airports like Narita, Haneda, and Kansai International Airport, as well as electronics stores, mobile phone shop, convenience stores, and online retailers. Remember to carry your passport, as it is often required for registration.


Activation Process

When you purchase a SIM card in Japan, a simple registration process is typically required to activate the card. While activation is simple it may take some time. For convenience, consider purchasing a SIM card online before your travel to Japan.



Recommended SIM Cards for Travelers to Japan

■ Nippon SIM for Japan : NTT Docomo network

NipponSIM, using the NTT Docomo network, one of Japan's leading telecommunication providers, offers extensive coverage and reliable service nationwide. Ideal for travelers exploring urban centers as well as rural areas, NipponSIM's NTT Docomo network SIM card ensures high quality of internet connection throughout their journey.


■Prepaid SIM for Travel : SoftBank network

SoftBank's Prepaid SIM for Travel provides high-speed data services, making it ideal for travelers who heavily rely on internet during their stay in Japan. With widespread coverage and competitive pricing, SoftBank SIM cards offer convenience and affordability for tourists.


■ Japan Travel SIM:IIJmio

This is a SIM card for Japan that can be purchased at convenience stores and electronics retailers. throughout Japan, it is a highly convenient SIM card that uses NTT Docomo lines. It can be used for 30 days, and you can choose the data capacity from 3~55GB.


Things to Note When Purchasing a SIM Card in Japan

Payment Methods and Compatibility

While most stores accept major credit cards, some may only accept cash or local payment methods. Additionally, ensure your device is unlocked and compatible with Japan's network.


Choosing the Right Plan

Consider your data usage habits when selecting SIM card plan.Whether you are sharing photos on social media, using Google Maps, or staying connected with loved ones, choosing the right plan ensures you have access to the data you need throughout your journey.


Check your mobile phone's SIM card before travel

Before traveling, be sure to check which SIM card is compatible with your smartphone. If you need to replace your SIM card, it is a good idea to decide where to put the pin to open the SIM card tray and where to keep your current SIM card.


Is your phone SIM locked?

Before traveling, make sure your smartphone isn't restricted by a "SIM lock" by the telecom company. If your phone is SIM locked, the purchased SIM card may not work. Be sure to check in advance.


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For travel to Japan, "eSIM" is recommended!

■The advantages of using "eSIM" in Japan

For travel to Japan, "eSIM" (embedded SIM) is highly recommended! "eSIM" refers to a digital SIM card integrated into your smartphone, unlike the conventional physical SIM card. Physical swapping of SIM cards becomes unnecessary, connecting internet immediately with just a few steps online. Also, you don’t have to renting or carrying Wi-Fi routers, as well as the need for charging and returning them. There's no doubt that your travel to Japan will be much more comfortable with "eSIM"! Experience the convenience and comfort of the next generation of travel by using the new "eSIM".


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With VOYAGEESIM, no need to swap your current SIM card! Simply buy online, set up online using airport Wi-Fi, and your smartphone will be ready to connect in Japan immediately! Easy, convenient, and smart!

※The communication services for this product, which are provided by Marubeni Network Solutions Inc., use reliable NTT Docomo lines.



In this article, we introduced the best SIM card for traveling to Japan, especially the benefits of 'eSIM'. To plan a travel to Japan, we highly recommend the use of 'eSIM.' To make your travel more convenient and enjoyable, use VOYAGEESIM in your travel destination. Enjoy beautiful scenery, rich history, and delicious food in Japan! We hope this article will make your travel to Japan more comfortable. See you! MATANE!