【Latest in 2024】Why an eSIM is Recommended for Travel to Japan? Comprehensive Guide on Benefits, Considerations, and Usage

【Latest in 2024】Why an eSIM is Recommended for Travel to Japan? Comprehensive Guide on Benefits, Considerations, and Usage

Hello! Japan is a country brimming with diverse attractions from its rich historical heritage to its vibrant modern culture. In the bustling capital city of Tokyo, traditional temples coexist with cutting-edge shopping malls, while Kyoto offers serene temples and stunning gardens. To fully enjoy traveling through these areas, stable internet access is essential for checking local information and sharing your experiences on social media. In this guide, we will introduce the recommended eSIM options and setup process in Japan. Using an eSIM eliminates the hassle of purchasing and swapping physical SIM cards, providing a seamless and convenient way to ensure you have reliable internet access throughout your trip. Utilize this information to make the most of your journey and experience the wonders of Japan. 


What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a modern technology that replaces conventional physical SIM cards. Instead of using a physical card, an eSIM allows you to download data directly onto your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to access mobile network services.


How is it Different from a SIM Card?

Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, an eSIM eliminates the need for physical swapping or removal, as all processes are completed online. This technology offers higher convenience and flexibility, as it is embedded within the device, removing the need for physical delivery or installation.  


Advantages of Using eSIM for Travel in Japan

No Extra Luggage

One of the biggest advantages of using an eSIM for travel in Japan is that you don't need to carry an additional Wi-Fi router. conventional physical SIM cards require you to receive and store the card, but with eSIM, it's directly embedded into your device, allowing you to use it while keeping your existing SIM card in place.


Instant Activation at the Airport

When using an eSIM, you can set up your device as soon as you arrive at the airport and start using it immediately. There is no need to purchase or swap SIM cards locally, saving you valuable time.


Connectivity in the Subway

Many subway stations in Japan lack widespread Wi-Fi access. With an eSIM, you can stay connected even in the subway, allowing you to quickly check information and use the internet seamlessly.



Points to Consider When Choosing eSIM

Check Device Compatibility

Not all smartphones or tablets support eSIM. Before purchasing an eSIM, it's crucial to verify if your device is compatible. Additionally, even if your device supports eSIM, it may not be usable with all carriers or in all regions, so it's recommended to check this in advance as well. 


SIM Lock Unlocking

Unlocking the SIM lock is another important aspect. Devices purchased from carriers are typically locked to that carrier's SIM card. However, by unlocking the SIM lock, you can use SIM cards or eSIMs from other carriers. When using an eSIM, ensure that your device is SIM lock-free. You can unlock the SIM lock by contacting your carrier or consulting the device manufacturer's support.


Verify the Coverage Area of Your Destination 

The communication environment in Japan is not uniform, and some areas, particularly subways and mountainous regions, may have weak signals. Therefore, it's essential to check the coverage area of your travel destinations in advance when using an eSIM. If the coverage is unstable, consider using Wi-Fi spots or other communication means.


Security Measures for Internet Connection

Pay special attention to security when connecting to the internet. Public Wi-Fi, in particular, poses a higher risk of personal information leakage due to inadequate security measures. To ensure your security, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which enhances encryption and anonymity on the network, providing a safer internet connection.



How to Use eSIM

When using an eSIM, start by purchasing one from a provider like VOYAGEESIM. After purchasing, you will receive a QR code via an email. Scan this QR code with your compatible device to install the eSIM. Next, switch your data connection to the installed eSIM upon arrival at your destination. For detailed instructions, refer to the manual provided by your eSIM provider.


How to Choose an eSIM for Traveling in Japan

Choose a Plan Based on Data Usage

It's crucial to select a plan that matches your data usage needs based on your stay and purpose in Japan. If you exceed the allotted data, you may face data restrictions or reduced speeds. For heavy data usage like sightseeing or social media, unlimited data plans are recommended. Conversely, for short stays or minimal data usage, choosing a plan with a specific data cap can help reduce costs. Understanding your data needs beforehand and selecting the appropriate plan is essential.


Check the Support System

When using an eSIM, it's important to ensure that there is a robust support system in place to quickly address any potential issues. Check the support system in advance to ensure you can use the service with peace of mind.


Refer to User Reviews

It’s also important to look at user reviews and feedback from those who have used the eSIM. Knowing the experiences of other users can help you choose the best eSIM for your needs. Pay special attention to feedback on connection speed, coverage stability, and the quality of customer support. Comparing multiple reviews will help you select a reliable eSIM.



VOYAGEESIM is recommended for Japanese eSIM!

Recommended Reason 1: Variety of Plans and Continuous Connectivity

VOYAGEESIM offers a wide range of plans to suit different needs, ensuring that there is an option for everyone. Even if you reach your plan’s data limit, you won’t be cut off; instead, you can continue to use the internet at a reduced speed of 128kbps. This feature is perfect for those who need reliable internet access without worrying about sudden disconnections, whether for sightseeing or business purposes. Enjoy a smooth and continuous internet experience throughout your stay in Japan with VOYAGEESIM’s flexible plans.


Recommended Reason 2: Reliable Operation by a Listed Company

VOYAGEESIM is operated by a listed company, offering the assurance of reliability and provides English support, and in case of any trouble, their professional staff is available for direct assistance through chat support from 6 AM to 3 PM (Japan Standard Time) every day. This ensures that any issues encountered during your travel are quickly resolved. The availability of English support provides peace of mind for users.


Recommended Reason 3: Trusted by Major Local Carrier for Reliable Connectivity

VOYAGEESIM for Japan using the telecommunication line by NTT Docomo, the largest telecommunications carrier in Japan, ensuring highly stable connectivity. Docomo’s eSIM covers a wide area within Japan, providing stable connections not only in urban centers but also in hard-to-reach areas like subways and mountainous regions. With VOYAGEESIM, you can confidently access the internet anywhere in Japan, making it easy to use map applications and search for travel information without any stress.



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With VOYAGEESIM, no need to swap your current SIM card! Simply buy online, set up online using airport Wi-Fi, and your smartphone will be ready to connect in Japan immediately! Easy, convenient, and smart!

※The communication services for this product, which are provided by Marubeni Network Solutions Inc., use reliable NTT Docomo lines.



For those planning a travel to Japan, we highly recommend using an "eSIM." In this article, we have introduced the best communication options for traveling in Japan, along with the benefits and considerations of using an eSIM. By utilizing an eSIM, you can simplify pre-travel procedures and enjoy stable, high-quality connectivity on your smartphone throughout your stay. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and rich culture of Japan to the fullest. We hope that your trip to Japan will be more comfortable and fulfilling. Have a wonderful journey.