Recommended Korean digital comic Webtoon "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 6)

おススメ韓国発のデジタル漫画Webtoon 「ホットクをもつ男」(第6話)

Every week on the VOYAGEE Blog, we will introduce famous Korean tourist spots, facilities, ingredients, etc. based on Korean digital comics called Webtoons.
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This time, we will introduce Busan, a recommended tourist destination that appears in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 6)!

What is "The Man with Hotteok"? (Story)

The protagonist, Seoulnam, who is from Seoul, is traveling alone when by chance he rescues a sentient Korean snack called "Sia Hotteok" that appears from a food stall.
Seoulnam, who happened to be traveling in Busan, met "Sia Hotteok" and decided to travel to Busan with him. Through this trip, the two gradually develop a strange friendship, and this is the story of the two.

Recommended points that appear in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 6) !

Bowser Street

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What is Busan Tteokbokki Street?

Busan Tteojigukbap Street is a street located at Seomyeon Station where ttejigukbap specialty restaurants are lined up.

As you walk down the nostalgic street lined with shops, the delicious smell of piping hot tteokgukbap wafts from each store.

It's not only loved by locals, but is also a famous spot visited by foreign tourists, so why not visit Tteokgukbap Street if you visit Busan?

Daejigukbap Street

↑A shop on Tteokgukbap Street was also depicted in "The Man with the Hotteok" (episode 6).


What is Tteokbokki?

First of all, do you know what kind of dish "Ttejikukbap" is?

Dwaejigukbap is a Korean national dish of pork stew and soup served over rice!

The rich flavor that brings out the umami of the pork is sure to whet your appetite.

Like the main character's Seoul Naan, it is also delicious if you add kimchi or other ingredients to make it more flavorful.


↑ The tteokbokki looks delicious!

We have serialized six episodes about the mysterious friendship and journey between the main characters Seoulnam and Sia Hotteok!

If you are interested in the ending of the main characters Seoul Nan and Sia Hotteok, please read the manga. Thank you for reading until the end!

You can read the full manga here!

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