Recommended Korean digital comic Webtoon "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 5)


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This time, we will introduce Busan, a recommended tourist destination that appears in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 5)!

What is "The Man with Hotteok"? (Story)

The protagonist, Seoulnam, who is from Seoul, is traveling alone when by chance he rescues a sentient Korean snack called "Sia Hotteok" that appears from a food stall.
Seoulnam, who happened to be traveling in Busan, met "Sia Hotteok" and decided to travel to Busan with him. Through this trip, the two gradually develop a strange friendship, and this is the story of the two.

Recommended points that appear in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 5) !

Gwangan Bridge

What is Gwangan Grand Bridge?

Gwangan Grand Bridge is a huge bridge that connects the city center between Busan Nam-gu and Haeundae-gu! It is also one of Busan's famous tourist attractions.

If you want to get a close-up look at Gwangan Bridge , we recommend taking a sightseeing boat!

At night, you can enjoy a romantic night view lit up in various colors.

Gwangan Bridge

↑ In "The Man with Hotteok" (episode 5), the area around Gwangan Bridge is a place of relaxation for people.

Soy sauce with sashimi? No, it's chogochujang!

Chogochujang (fried chicken paste)

Hongdae /CC BY

The sauce that the main character Seoulnan put on his sashimi in episode 5 was 초고추장 (Chogochujang)!

In Japan, it is common to dip sashimi in soy sauce, but in Korea, sashimi is eaten with soy sauce or 초고추장 (chogochujang)!

Chogochujang (초고추장) is gochujang with sugar and vinegar. It can be enjoyed not only with sashimi, but also with vegetables!

It has a sweet and spicy taste that is unique to Korea. You might get hooked after trying it once.

Korean style sashimi

↑ Sashimi served with sweet and spicy sauce 초고추장 (Chogochujang) is the best!

Stay tuned for the next episode to find out more about the mysterious friendship and journey between the main characters Seoulnam and Sia Hotteok!

You can read the full manga here!

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