Recommended Korean digital comic Webtoon "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 4)


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This time, we will introduce Busan, a recommended tourist destination that appears in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 4)!

What is "The Man with Hotteok"? (Story)

The protagonist, Seoulnam, who is from Seoul, is traveling alone when by chance he rescues a sentient Korean snack called "Sia Hotteok" that appears from a food stall.
Seoulnam, who happened to be traveling in Busan, met "Sia Hotteok" and decided to travel to Busan with him. Through this trip, the two gradually develop a strange friendship, and this is the story of the two.

Recommended points that appear in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 4) !

Minraku Waterfront Park

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What is Minrak Waterside Park?

Minrak Waterside Park is a seaside park located halfway between Haeundae and Gwangalli. It is a popular spot with benches and sunshades, where various events are held!

It is a place of relaxation visited not only by tourists but also by locals.

There are many shops selling sashimi near the park. A popular local custom is to buy sashimi at a shop and eat it in the park. This area is especially popular during the fireworks season!

Why not visit Minrak Waterside Park ?

Minraku Waterfront Park

↑ In "The Man with Hotteok" (episode 4), the main character Seoulnan and "Sia Hotteok" also discover that Millak Waterside Park has become a place of relaxation!

What is butter-grilled scallops, a dish that is commonly eaten in Korea?

Grilled scallops

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Butter-fried scallops are a familiar dish in Japan. In Japan, they are usually eaten with soy sauce, but if you order them in Korea, they will be served in a slightly different way.

In Korea, when you order butter-fried scallops, it is common to have them topped not only with butter, but also with vegetables and gochujang sauce.

Vegetables with spicy gochujang sauce and hot scallops.

If you visit Korea, why not give it a try?

Korean-style butter-grilled scallops

↑ Korean style butter-fried scallops! I'm getting hungry.

Stay tuned for the next episode to find out more about the mysterious friendship and journey between the main characters Seoulnam and Sia Hotteok!

You can read the full manga here!

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