Recommended Korean digital comic Webtoon "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 3)

おススメ韓国発のデジタル漫画Webtoon 「ホットクをもつ男」(第3話)

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This time, we will introduce Busan, a recommended tourist destination that appears in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 3)!

What is "The Man with Hotteok"? (Story)

The protagonist, Seoulnam, who is from Seoul, is traveling alone when by chance he rescues a sentient Korean snack called "Sia Hotteok" that appears from a food stall.
Seoulnam, who happened to be traveling in Busan, met "Sia Hotteok" and decided to travel to Busan with him. Through this trip, the two gradually develop a strange friendship, and this is the story of the two.

Recommended points that appear in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 3) !


What is Taejongdae?

Located in Busan, South Korea, it is one of the scenic spots where you can enjoy the ocean of Busan. It is said that the name Taejongdae comes from the fact that King Taejong Muyeol of Silla shot an arrow here a long time ago.

On clear days, it is said that you can even see the distant island of Tsushima with the naked eye.
I'm sure many people will be captivated by the blue sea that stretches out before them!
If you ever visit Busan, why not make a visit to Taejongdae?


↑ In "The Man with Hotteok" (episode 3), the main character Seoulnan and "Sia Hotteok" visit.

A train-shaped bus in a park!? What is "Tanubi"?

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Taejongdae Park has a circular road that circles the park from the entrance. In addition, seasonal trees such as pines and camellias are planted along the walking paths, so you can enjoy forest bathing while taking a walk in nature.

Inside the park, there is a train-type sightseeing bus called "Tanubi" (little train). If you've worn out your energy from walking or don't have much time, why not try riding the "Tanubi"?

The main characters Seoul Nan and Sia Hotteok also seemed curious and their eyes lit up with interest!


↑ Adults, why not try riding this train and return to your childhood?

Stay tuned for the next episode to find out more about the mysterious friendship and journey between the main characters Seoulnam and Sia Hotteok!

You can read the full manga here!

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