Recommended Korean digital comic Webtoon "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 1)

おススメ韓国発のデジタル漫画Webtoon 「ホットクをもつ男」(第1話)

As a new series on the VOYAGEE Blog, we will be introducing famous Korean tourist destinations, facilities, ingredients, etc. every week, based on Korean digital comic webtoons.
I hope this article will be useful for learning Korean language and culture in your spare time.
This time, we will introduce Busan, a recommended tourist destination that appears in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 1)!

What is "The Man with Hotteok"? (Story)

The protagonist, Seoulnam, who is from Seoul, is traveling alone when by chance he rescues a sentient Korean snack called "Sia Hotteok" that appears from a food stall.
Seoulnam, who happened to be traveling in Busan, met "Sia Hotteok" and decided to travel to Busan with him. Through this trip, the two gradually develop a strange friendship, and this is the story of the two.

Recommended points that appear in "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 1) !

Biff Square

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What is Biff Square?

This is the central location of the Busan International Film Festival, which is held every October and is also famous in Japan. "BIFF" stands for Busan International Film Festival. There are movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, etc. scattered around BIFF Square, making it a popular area where you can experience film culture. It is a must-see place for movie fans. It is not only famous for the film festival, but also for its food stalls and delicious food! In particular, Sia Hotteok, which appeared in "The Man with the Hotteok" this time, is famous.

Biff Square

↑ In "The Man with Hotteok" (Episode 1), this is the place where the main character Seoulnan and "Sia Hotteok" have a fateful encounter.

Sia Hotteok

What is Sia Hotteok?

Did you know that Busan actually has a lot of local delicacies that you can't get in Seoul? We'll introduce you to Sia Hotteok, a Busan food that also appears in manga.

In Korean, "sia" means "seeds or nuts" and " hotteok " means "round dough made from kneaded wheat flour." It is a specialty snack in Busan, Korea. The fried wheat flour dough is stuffed with lots of nuts seasoned with cinnamon sugar! It's delicious. There are many sia hotteok stalls, and each shop has different flavors, so try the different varieties.

Stay tuned for the next episode to find out more about the mysterious friendship and journey between the main characters Seoulnam and Sia Hotteok!

You can read the full manga here!

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