A must-read for Singapore travelers! A guide to purchasing SIM cards in advance for comfortable and convenient communication


Singapore is a small island nation in Asia, but its economic development and multicultural fusion make it an attractive country. More and more people are visiting for business and tourism purposes. In this article, we will explain in detail how to set up a communication environment to make your trip to Singapore more comfortable.

How to choose the best SIM card for your stay in Singapore

1. Communication speed and fee plans

Communication speed and capacity

Singapore has one of the most advanced communication situations in Asia. 5G communication is spreading in the city center, and the speed generally exceeds 1Gbps. Meanwhile, high-speed 4G connections are available in the suburbs and tourist areas. However, communication may temporarily slow down during peak times and in congested areas. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate data plan depending on the purpose and length of your stay.

Select a rate plan

The price of a SIM card in Singapore varies depending on the amount of data you use and the duration. Each carrier offers plans for tourists and business people, so gather information in advance and choose the plan that best suits your needs.

What is roaming service?

Some Japanese carriers offer roaming services in Singapore, but charges can be high, so long-term residents or heavy data users may want to consider a local SIM card.

2. Check the size and type of SIM card

■Types of SIM cards

Currently, there are several types of SIM cards in circulation, including standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM, and eSIM. Check the size and type of SIM card your smartphone or tablet uses. It's also a good idea to check in advance where you can purchase that SIM card.

3. Purchase , receipt and activation procedures

■ Where to buy SIM cards in Singapore

At Singapore's Changi Airport, there are counters for multiple carriers in the arrival lobby, where you can get a SIM card right away. There are also carrier stores and agencies scattered throughout the city's major shopping centers and commercial areas such as Orchard Road. It is also common to purchase a SIM card in advance online, and with eSIMs in particular, you can complete the setup online before you depart, allowing you to start using your phone as soon as you arrive.

Recommended local SIM cards

Singtel SIM

It is the telecommunications carrier with the largest market share in Singapore, and offers stable, high-speed communication nationwide. It also offers a wide range of plans for tourists and short-term visitors, with the 14-day 100GB plan and 28-day 100GB plan being particularly popular. You can purchase plans at Changi Airport, official shops in cities, online stores, or travel agencies.

■StarHub SIM

One of the telecommunications carriers with a high market share in Singapore. It offers reliable communications not only in urban areas but also in suburban and resort areas. It also offers high data communication speeds, and offers options to meet a variety of needs, from 100GB/10-day data plans to long-term stay plans of 30 and 180 days. You can purchase plans at the airport, official shops, online, or at major electronics stores.


This carrier has particularly stable communications in urban areas of Singapore. It is particularly suitable for use in tourist areas such as Marina Bay and Orchard Road. The communication speed is fast, and there are many plans for tourists. The plan that allows 100GB of data for 15 days is particularly popular. You can purchase it at Changi Airport, the carrier's official shop, or online shop.

Tips for using a SIM card in Singapore

1. Advance research is key: How to get a SIM card

Rather than waiting until you arrive in Singapore to find a SIM card, it's a good idea to find out where you can buy one and what documents you'll need (e.g. passport) before you leave. Airport stores are convenient, but stores in cities or booking online can be a more economical option.

2. Regularly check your data usage

While traveling or doing business in Singapore, your data allowance may decrease quickly, especially when watching or uploading videos. To avoid exceeding the limits of your chosen plan, keep an eye on your usage and consider purchasing additional data if necessary.

3. Check the size of your device and SIM card

Different devices support different SIM card sizes. Check which size SIM card your device supports before purchasing in Singapore.

4. Know when to activate

Activating a SIM card in Singapore can take some time. It is a good idea to check the activation procedure and time required in advance, especially if you need to use the service immediately after arriving.

5. Checking and dealing with SIM lock

Some smartphones are set up to be exclusive to a specific carrier. This is called "SIM lock." Before using a Singapore SIM card, check to see if your device is SIM-locked and, if necessary, unlock it. Some carriers offer SIM unlocking for free, but the process can take time, so we recommend doing so as soon as possible.

eSIM is a convenient way to choose communications while in Singapore!

Advantages of eSIM

Singapore is a country with many tourist attractions and shopping spots, such as Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island, and Orchard Road. In order to travel around these spots efficiently, we recommend using a convenient eSIM rather than a heavy Wi-Fi router. By using an eSIM, you can secure a communication environment immediately after arriving in Singapore, and enjoy shopping and gourmet exploration even more.

    The eSIM recommended for stays in Singapore is " VOYAGEESIM "

    VOYAGEESIM for Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia

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    You can choose from the following plans: 3GB for 3 days, 5GB for 5 days, or 7GB for 7 days.

    There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan, just install and set up the eSIM and you can use your smartphone for data communications throughout Singapore. In addition, VOYAGE eSIM for Thailand & Singapore & Malaysia uses the network of Singtel, the telecommunications carrier with the largest market share in Singapore, so you can enjoy smooth communications throughout Singapore.

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    Source: VOYAGE eSIM For Thailand & Singapore & Malaysia [Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia] eSIM 3 days / 3GB
    VOYAGE ESIM For Thailand & Singapore & Malaysia [Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia] eSIM 5 days/5GB


    Singapore is known for its many tourist attractions, including Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island, and Universal Studios. When visiting Singapore, choosing the right means of communication is very important. In particular, if you prepare your means of communication before you leave, you can ensure a communication environment immediately after arriving. In this regard, an " eSIM " that is easy to set up is very useful. In this article, we have introduced in detail how to choose a SIM to optimize your communication environment in Singapore. Make use of this information to enjoy communication in Singapore with peace of mind.