[VOYAGEE SIM for Taiwan] A special article was published on Cinema Cafe!


A special article on "VOYAGEE SIM for Taiwan" has been published on Cinema Cafe!

On November 30, 2023, Cinema Cafe published an "eSIM experience review" of VOYAGEE SIM for Taiwan under the theme " Go to Taiwan with just your smartphone! Have a comfortable trip to Taiwan with "VOYAGEE SIM".

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[Go to Taiwan with your usual smartphone! Enjoy a comfortable trip to Taiwan with "VOYAGEE SIM" ]

When traveling abroad, one of the things you're concerned about is the communication environment at your destination. Many people rent a Wi-Fi router before they leave, or buy a SIM card locally and then frantically set it up at the airport when they arrive.

Before you leave, you're always busy, and when you want to move as lightly as possible, you don't want your bag to become heavy, even if you have a lightweight Wi-Fi router. It's also true that there are always worries, such as losing it while traveling, or running out of battery and not having to charge it.

"eSIM" can be used without a router or card, and it solves all of these problems. Before you leave, you just read the QR code with your smartphone, download the app, and make the necessary settings. Once you arrive at your destination, you can use the local communication lines with just the smartphone you use in Japan, which is very convenient. This time, I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan using "VOYAGE eSIM for Taiwan," a service provided by T-Gaia, a major mobile phone retailer.

Purchasing is very easy. First, open the official VOYAGEE SIM website.

The first thing you should do is check whether your smartphone is eligible for the service.

Only SIM-lock-free or unlocked devices can be used, and some overseas models are not compatible with eSIM, so you will need to check. Also, this service is limited to iPhone devices, so Android and other devices are not guaranteed to work. iPhone devices may not be available on older versions, so it is necessary to check the "Compatible models/compatible countries" page on the website in advance.

The destination of this trip is Taiwan, so select "Taiwan" from the list of destinations on the "VOYAGEESIM" homepage.

As I plan to stay for 6 days and 5 nights, I select the 7GB eSIM for 7 days (unlimited data up to 1GB per day) for 3,400 yen. Clicking "Add to Cart" will open the payment page, so proceed to your desired payment method, enter the email address to which the eSIM will be sent and your payment information to complete the purchase.

When you open the "Show Order (QR Code)" in the email sent to the address you entered, a two-dimensional barcode will be displayed. This is where you will enter the pre-setting process, which requires an internet connection. It's a pain to rush around at the airport, so we recommend that you do this by the day before you leave.

This time, I did the procedure from a computer, so I took a picture of the two-dimensional barcode that appeared on the computer screen with my smartphone camera and scanned it. When I pointed the camera at the code, the yellow text "Mobile Data Plan" appeared below it, so I tapped there.

When the screen changes to "Activate eSIM," press "Continue" to activate your smartphone.

After a while, the screen will change to "Mobile communication settings complete", and the installation will be complete.

Starting in November 2023, identity verification will be mandatory when using communications within Taiwan, so you will need to enter your information into the "Personal Information Input Form" before traveling.
*Please note that this may change depending on the situation in Taiwan.

For information on how to set it up, we recommend that you download the illustrated manual from the website and save it. If you have any questions during the setup process, you can contact us via chat from 9:00 to 18:00 every day. ... (You can read more in the article .)

With VOYAGEE SIM for Taiwan, you can conveniently communicate smoothly even when traveling to Taiwan!

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■Go to Taiwan with your usual smartphone! Enjoy a comfortable trip to Taiwan with "VOYAGEE SIM"


The eSIM recommended for traveling to Taiwan is " VOYAGE eSIM"


Click here for a list of products

You can choose from the following plans: 3GB for 3 days , 5GB for 5 days, or 7GB for 7 days.

There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan. Simply install and set up the eSIM and you will be able to use data communications throughout Taiwan on your smartphone.