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Taiwan is a popular destination in Japan, but how do you get access to communication services while traveling or at tourist spots? You want to be able to use your smartphone comfortably as soon as you enter the country, without having to worry about troublesome settings! Here we will introduce how to purchase a SIM and how to use an eSIM. It would be reassuring to have a SIM ready before your trip, so we suggest a smart trip to Taiwan.

How to choose a SIM card to make the most of your time in Taiwan

1. Comparison of communication speeds and pricing plans

■What are the communication speeds and capacity?

There are two types of SIM cards: prepaid and contract. The communication speed and data capacity in Taiwan will vary depending on the SIM plan you purchase. Be sure to choose a plan based on the communication speed and data capacity you will need during your trip. Since you probably have a set number of days to travel, a prepaid SIM card that fits that number of days will be reasonable.

■Compare pricing plans

There are various SIM card rate plans. Some are based on the number of days or data volume, while others are flat-rate. Be sure to compare rate plans and choose one that suits your travel plans.

■What is roaming service?

Japanese telecommunications companies offer plans that provide roaming services. This allows you to use the SIM card you use in Japan in Taiwan, saving you time and effort. However, there may be additional charges for using roaming services, so it is important to check your rate plan carefully.

2. Pay attention to the type and size of the SIM card

■There are different types of compatible SIM cards.

Currently, the main types of SIM cards are standard SIM , micro SIM , nano SIM , eSIM , etc. You need to check which type of SIM card your smartphone or tablet uses. Also, check in advance whether you can purchase that type of SIM card.

3. How to purchase, receive and activate

■Where can I buy a SIM card?

There are many ways to purchase SIM cards in Taiwan, including online shops, airports, train stations, and local telephone company stores. Find out in advance where you can purchase them, the payment method, and the necessary documents such as a passport, so you can make the process go smoothly. Most people purchase them at places like Taoyuan International Airport. eSIMs can be purchased prepaid and can be set up before you travel.


Recommended SIM cards

Chunghwa Telecom SIM

There are two types of SIM and eSIM provided by Taiwan's largest telecommunications company. High-speed communication is possible throughout Taiwan with 5G or 4G. SIM cards are 3-in-1 (standard, micro, nano) size. You can choose from 3 to 30 days, and can purchase them at each airport or online.

■FarEasTone SIM

A prepaid SIM card with high-speed 5G or 4G (some 3G) communication from a major Taiwanese telecommunications company. SIM card sizes are 3-in-1 (standard, micro, nano). You can choose the period from 3/5/7 days. You can purchase it online or at each terminal at Taoyuan Airport when you go to Taipei.

Things to note when using a SIM card in Taiwan

1. Check how to get a SIM card in advance

If you want to buy a SIM card in Taiwan, you need to find out where and how to buy it, and whether you need a passport or other documents. You may also need cash to buy a SIM card locally, so you may need to prepare local currency in advance.

2. Pay attention to your data usage

Overseas data communications may incur expensive roaming charges. There are plans that limit data volume or that impose speed restrictions when a certain amount is exceeded, so we recommend checking the details of your plan before traveling.

3. Check the size of your SIM card

You must choose a SIM card size that fits your smartphone. If you are purchasing a SIM card locally, be sure to check the size of your smartphone's SIM card slot before purchasing.

4. Activation may take a long time

Activating a SIM card can take some time. If you buy a SIM card locally, it can take several hours to activate, so plan ahead.

5. SIM-locked devices may not be available

If your smartphone is locked, you may not be able to use the SIM card locally. Please make sure to unlock it beforehand or use an unlocked device.

Is "eSIM" recommended for traveling to Taiwan?

■ Reasons why Taiwan is recommended for travel

Taiwan has many opportunities to go out, including famous tourist spots such as Taipei 101 and Tulin Night Market, as well as food stalls, so you'll want to travel around without a WiFi router and with as little baggage as possible. An eSIM is easy to set up and can be used to quickly access local communications when you enter the country, making it a must-have for smart travel.

For more information about traveling to Taiwan, please see the blog below.

The eSIM recommended for traveling to Taiwan is " VOYAGE eSIM"


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You can choose from the following plans: 3GB for 3 days , 5GB for 5 days, or 7GB for 7 days.

There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan. Simply install and set up the eSIM and you will be able to use data communications throughout Taiwan on your smartphone.

■VOYAGEESIM FOR Taiwan review

" It was comfortable to use
This was my first time using it, but I was able to communicate comfortably without any problems. I would definitely like to use it again next time. " -April 13, 2024-

"I used an eSIM on my first trip abroad. It was easy to use, I didn't need to carry it around like Wi-Fi, and the signal was fine. However, I quickly used up the GB because I was looking at maps and doing research. If it were possible, I would have liked to purchase additional GB to make searching easier. (It may be possible to purchase them, but I couldn't find them.)" - April 3, 2024 -

" Easy to use <br data-mce-fragment="1">This was my first time using an e-SIM, but I set it up in advance and was able to connect easily when I got there. It's really convenient." - April 3, 2024 -

Source: VOYAGE eSIM FOR TAIWAN [Taiwan] eSIM 3 days/3GB


To make the most of your trip to Taiwan, it's a good idea to purchase your means of communication before you travel, and it will also make things smoother when you enter the country. Among these, we recommend eSIMs, which are easy to obtain and use. In this article, we've explained recommended Taiwan SIM cards, how to use them, communication methods, and points to note. Please use this as a reference to ensure you can enjoy safe and comfortable communication during your trip to Taiwan.