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Ni hao (你好) everyone! In China, technological innovation is progressing in Shanghai and Beijing, but the whole country has a deep history and rich culture, such as the statues in Xi'an, the unique landscape reminiscent of the fairyland of landscape paintings in Guilin, and the Badaling Great Wall near Beijing. A trip to China is full of things to see! Are you ready? Nowadays, when traveling abroad, a comfortable internet environment is essential, whether it's online translation, the latest local information, or checking social media. In this article, we will introduce recommended SIM cards for traveling in China and points to note when choosing a SIM card. Please make use of the information introduced below to make your trip to China more comfortable .

1. Communication quality, area coverage rate, and fees

Check the communication area

Chinese SIM cards provide stable communication services not only in urban areas such as Shanghai and Beijing, but also in rural areas. In particular, high-speed 5G communication services are often available in major tourist destinations, but in some rural areas, only 4G is available. It is a good idea to check the area coverage rate to be safe.

Data capacity and communication speed

4G is widely used in China, and 5G communication services are also becoming popular in major cities and tourist destinations. Choose a data plan that suits your travel style. If you think about how you will use it, and if you plan to watch a lot of videos or upload a lot of data, we recommend a large-capacity plan.

Rate plan

Choose the most reasonable plan based on the length of your stay in China and the amount of data you will be using. There are various plans available, such as daily plans for short-term plans and monthly plans for long-term plans, so choose the plan that best suits your travel dates.

2. Check the type and size of your SIM card in advance

There are different types of SIM cards

Choose a SIM card that matches your smartphone. In addition to physical SIM cards (standard SIM , micro SIM , nano SIM ), the number of users of the latest " eSIM" that is built into smartphones is increasing. Before you leave, be sure to check which SIM card your smartphone supports.

3. How do I get a SIM card in China?

Where and how to purchase a SIM card

In China, SIM cards can be purchased mainly at airports in Beijing and Shanghai, mobile phone shops, and some convenience stores. However , in most cases, you will be asked to present a passport when purchasing. Also, SIM cards purchased in China require registration of identification to activate, which may take some time. There are also restrictions on the Internet in China, so some people seem to use government-approved VPN services. It is a good idea to check the latest information and plan well in advance. Also, you may be asked to speak the local language, so if you are unsure about the language, we recommend purchasing in Japan in advance.

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Recommended for traveling to China! Local SIM cards

■China Mobile SIM

China Mobile is the largest telecommunications operator in China, offering the widest 4G network and 5G coverage. Its prepaid SIM cards, especially for tourists, are easily purchased at airports and can be used from day one, and are easy to register. They also offer calls and text messages within China, and make it easy to access local information, transportation, and more while traveling.

■ China Unicom SIM

China Unicom has wide network coverage both at home and abroad, and is especially compatible with foreign mobile phones. China Unicom 's network is 5G-ready and offers high-speed data plans. It also has a wide range of plans for tourists, catering to a wide range of needs from short-term visitors to long-term residents.

■ China Telecom SIM

China Telecom is known for its stable connection quality and excellent customer service. Their tourist plans are focused mainly on data, with some options offering high-speed internet data. This is especially useful for social media and map apps, and is more than enough data for sightseeing in China's cities. However, they do not include calls or international SMS, making them more suitable for travelers who rely primarily on data.

Things to note when purchasing a SIM card in China

Where to get a SIM card and how to pay

In China, SIM cards can be purchased mainly at airports in Beijing and Shanghai, mobile phone shops, and some convenience stores. However, you should plan ahead as you may have to queue to purchase, it may take time to activate, and you may need to register your ID. Payment methods in China have also changed significantly in recent years, with digital payments becoming mainstream. Alipay and WeChat Pay are QR code-based electronic wallets that are widely used in China , and cashless payments are becoming more common, especially in urban areas. However, there are still some places where cash and credit cards can be used, and cash can be convenient, especially in rural areas and small stores . Payments can also be made using bank cards, but some stores have limited acceptance of international cards, so check before using. It is a good idea to prepare multiple payment methods in advance.

Choose the data plan that's right for you

If you use a Japanese plan when communicating in China, you may be charged high roaming fees. Be sure to check the option restrictions and contract details carefully and choose a plan that suits your usage.

Check compatible SIM cards

Before you travel, be sure to check which SIM card your smartphone is compatible with. If you need to replace your SIM card, it's a good idea to also have a pin to open the SIM card tray and decide where to put the SIM card you're currently using in Japan.

Is the SIM locked?

Before you travel, check whether the smartphone you are bringing with you is SIM -locked by your carrier and whether it can be unlocked. If it is SIM- locked, you may not be able to use the SIM card you purchased in China. Be sure to check in advance to ensure a smooth start to your communications in China.

If you're going to China! We definitely recommend " eSIM "

■ Advantages of using " eSIM " in China

We strongly recommend the latest " eSIM " (embedded SIM ) for traveling to China. Unlike conventional real SIM cards, " eSIM " is a digital SIM that is built into your smartphone. This new technology eliminates the need to physically replace SIM cards, and allows you to communicate with just a few online steps. There is no longer any need to rent, carry, or charge a Wi-Fi router, which was previously inconvenient, and there is no need to return it. It is sure to make your stay in China more comfortable. Take advantage of the new " eSIM " technology and experience the next generation of convenient and comfortable travel.

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For those of you planning a trip to China, we recommend using an " eSIM " as it is simple, convenient and comfortable. In this article, we have introduced the best SIM cards for traveling to China, in particular the benefits of " eSIMs ", as well as points to note when using them. To make your trip even more convenient and comfortable, use an " eSIM " for internet communications, eliminating the hassle of advance preparations while allowing you to fully enjoy China's historical monuments and culture! We hope this article makes your trip to China more comfortable. See you again!