[2023 Edition] Recommended Events in Europe in December - Festivals and Festivals __ How to make the most of winter in Europe

【2023年版】12月のヨーロッパおすすめイベント お祭り・フェスティバル編__冬のヨーロッパを最大限に楽しむ方法

December is a season in which Europe becomes even more charming with the arrival of winter. Of course, the most famous thing is the Christmas markets! These markets, held in each city, are filled with beautiful illuminations, handmade Christmas ornaments, and traditional food and drinks. However, that is not the only charm of December in Europe. Traditional festivals and events that have been continued for a long time are held in various places, and you can get a deeper feel for the local culture and history.

Introducing popular festivals


"Winter Wonders in Brussels" in Belgium (Brussels)

Winter Wonder, held mainly on the Grand Place in Brussels, is one of Europe's leading winter festivals. An ice skating rink and a Christmas market are set up in the square. At night, the square is illuminated, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Children can participate in workshops on leading horse-drawn carriages and making chocolate, while adults can enjoy traditional Belgian beer and waffles. Many street performances and concerts are held during the festival, and locals and tourists share the joy of winter together.

Location: Grand Place – Google Maps

Event period: 2023 /11/24~2023/12/31


"Nuremberg Christmas Market" in Germany (Nuremberg)

Nuremberg, Germany, is the home of a world-famous Christmas market. Every year, about 200 booths are set up, selling traditional German food and warm mulled wine. Among them, "Nuremberg sausages" and "Lebkuchen" are very popular among visitors. Under the glittering illuminations, it is one of the places where you can feel the charm of winter in Europe most vividly.

Location: Nuremberg – Google Maps

Event period: 2023 /12/1~2023/12/24 (10 :00-21:00, 10 :00-14: 00 on the 24th )


"Strasbourg Christmas Market" in France (Strasbourg)

Strasbourg is a city with such a tradition of Christmas markets that it is also known as the "Christmas Capital," with the first Christmas market having been held in 1570. Over 300 booths line the cobblestone streets and squares of the old town, offering traditional French Christmas products and distinctive cuisine, with the food and wine unique to the Alsace region being particularly popular. Strasbourg's markets are one of Europe's most fascinating festivals, where you can feel the history and tradition.

Location: Strasbourg – Google Maps

Event period: 2023/11/25~2023/12/23: 11 :30-21:00

2023/11/24: 16 :00~ 21:00

2023/12/24: 11 :30-16:00



Austria's Krampuslan (Salzburg)

Krampus is a mischievous and slightly scary looking creature who is said to punish badly behaved children on the night of December 5th . While Santa Claus gives gifts to good children, Krampus scolds bad children. "Krampusrun" is held in various places, where men dress up in Krampus costumes and parade through the town at night. The largest area is Henndorf am Wallersee near Salzburg.

Location: Henndorf am Wallersee – Google Maps

Date and time: The evening of December 5th

Christmas Market

Swiss Christmas Market (Basel)

The Christmas market in Basel, Switzerland, is one of the most popular in the country. This market has about 130 booths selling traditional handicrafts, Christmas sweets, mulled wine, and more. Of particular note are the unique ornaments and candles made by local artisans. You can also enjoy Christmas music and choral performances, which will charm all visitors. In Switzerland, Christmas markets are held not only in Basel, but also in other cities such as Montreux, Zurich, and Lausanne, so be sure to visit them.

Location: Basel – Google Maps

Event period: 2023 /11/23~2023/12/22 (11 :00~20:30 )

Feast of the Virgin Mary

Sweden's Saint Lucia Festival

On December 13th , St. Lucia's Day is celebrated all over Sweden. On this day, St. Lucia girls wearing white dresses, red ribbons and candles on their heads walk through the streets singing songs. This tradition brings hope to the people of Sweden as they face the darkness of winter. On St. Lucia's Day, special sweets and dishes are made and enjoyed with family and friends, creating a culture that allows people to fully experience the charm of winter in Europe. Listening to the songs of St. Lucia, you will be able to fully feel the charm of winter in Europe.

Location: Across Sweden

Date and time: December 13, 2023


December in Europe is not just a winter month, but a unique charm as a crossroads of deep history and culture. In particular, Christmas markets have their own unique characteristics in each region, but they all welcome visitors with warm lights, handmade items, and traditional food and drinks. These markets are not just commercial events, but are places where you can feel the local culture and traditions that have been cultivated over a long history.
In Japan, December is a time when illuminations light up the streets, but in Europe, it is linked to traditions that have been passed down for centuries. December in Europe is a fascinating time where history and modernity come together, making it a time that many people would like to experience at least once.