[2024 Edition] Recommended Events in Europe in January Festivals and Festivals __ How to make the most of the New Year in Europe

【2024年版】1月のヨーロッパおすすめイベント お祭り・フェスティバル編__ヨーロッパの年明けを最大限に楽しむ方法

January is a season in which Europe unleashes new charms as the new year arrives. This month is the time to celebrate the new year and enjoy winter to the fullest. Various festivals and festivals are held all over Europe, and you can enjoy a unique atmosphere celebrating local traditions and culture. In January in particular, with the start of the new year, many countries and regions hold various events on a grand scale. In this article, we will introduce some events that will help you make the most of your winter in Europe.

Introducing popular festivals

Venice Carnival

"Carnival of Venice" in Italy (Venice)

The Venice Carnival is a world-famous traditional event held every year in the historic city of Venice, Italy. During this carnival, people wearing glittering masks and gorgeous costumes decorate the city, filling the canals and squares of Venice with a festive atmosphere. Participants walk through the city wearing handmade masks and take part in traditional balls and parades. The Venice Carnival has a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, and it is said to have originally started as a social gathering for the upper class. However, over time it has developed into a festival for the entire city, and now many tourists from all over the world visit Venice for this festival. During the carnival, the city of Venice becomes even more attractive, with night balls, daytime parades, and masked people all over the city.

Location: Venice – Google Maps

Event period: 2024/1/27~2024/2/13

St Knut's Day in Sweden

St Knut 's Day in Sweden (all over Sweden)

In Sweden, January 13th , "Saint Knut's Day", is a special day that marks the end of Christmas festivities. Also called " Tjugondag Knut ", on this day, it is traditional for families to gather together and take down Christmas decorations. This symbolizes the transition to the new year. In addition, it is common for families to eat food and sweets left over from the Christmas period on this day. This tradition is observed in many Swedish homes as an opportunity to reaffirm warm Christmas memories and family ties. Even in January , you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere throughout the city until this day, so if you were unable to enjoy Christmas, please visit us.

Location: Nationwide in Sweden

Event period: January 13, 2024


"New Year's Dive " in the Netherlands (Scheveningen)

On January 1st , the New Year's Dive takes place on the coast of Scheveningen in the Netherlands, where approximately 25,000 people jump into the cold North Sea. This tradition began in the 1960s and has now become a major event with participation from people from both within and outside of Japan. Diving while enduring the cold signifies a fresh start in the new year and is considered a symbol of wishes for health and happiness. The culture is similar to Japan's hatsumode (first shrine visit of the year), and is loved by many people as a way to refresh themselves before welcoming the new year. It is recommended for those who want an unforgettable experience on New Year's Day.

Location: Scheveningen – Google Maps

Event period: 2024/1/1 12:00

Participation fee: € 4.00


Dutch Light Festival (Amsterdam)

New Year's Dive is not the only January festival in the Netherlands. If you like a romantic atmosphere, we recommend the Amsterdam Light Festival. Every year, artists from all over the world create and exhibit their own light installations (spatial art) that decorate the city's historic canals and streetscapes. This festival takes advantage of Amsterdam's short days and long nights in winter to reconstruct a real city through light and art, sure to fascinate visitors. Dozens of artworks are installed along the canals and in specific locations around the city, and are lit up at night to create a fantastic sight. Many tourists and locals enjoy this light festival on a canal cruise or on foot. The canal cruise in particular offers a unique view from the water, and the light art combined with the reflecting water surface creates a very romantic atmosphere.

Location: Amsterdam – Google Maps

Event period: 2023/11/30~2024/01/21


Spanish "Three Wise Men's Day" (all over Spain)

On January 6th , Spanish homes and towns are filled with celebrations for "Reyes Magos" , the Day of the Three Wise Men. On the night of January 5th , a grand parade takes place all over Spain. It is a colorful parade that recreates the Three Wise Men and their retinues marching through the streets. In the city centers, you can see dancers and musicians in colorful costumes, decorated horses and camels, and of course the Three Wise Men. In some parts of Spain, the tradition of this parade is very old, dating back more than 100 years. And the next day, January 6th , is a special day for children, because they receive gifts from the Three Wise Men. Unlike many other countries where they receive gifts from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, Spanish children look forward to receiving gifts from the Three Wise Men on January 6th .

Location: Nationwide in Spain

Event period: 2024/1/5 evening to 2024/1/6

Burns Night in the UK (Scotland)

Burns Night, celebrated every year on January 25th in Scotland, is a traditional festival to honour the birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Burns was an 18th century poet whose work is deeply revered as an iconic part of Scottish culture. On this night, people eat the traditional dish of haggis in homes, restaurants and pubs across Scotland. Haggis is a dish made by stuffing lamb's stomach with lamb meat, onions, spices and wheat and boiling it. It is an essential dish on Burns Night. Burns Night has a very special meaning for locals as it is a day to honour the legacy of Robert Burns. It is a great opportunity to experience the charm and traditions of Scotland.

Location: Scotland – Google Maps

Event period: January 25, 2024


Winter in Europe is not only a time to enjoy the seasonal scenery, but also a season where each country's diverse cultures and traditions add color. The festivals held in January are a condensed version of the characteristics of each region, and you can experience the history, traditions, and ways of enjoying winter that each region has. The festivals and events introduced in this article will be the perfect spots to visit Europe in January . Through these events, you can experience the depth of European culture and history, and feel the warmth and fun that will make you forget the cold of winter. Why not take this opportunity to plan a trip to enjoy the charm of European winter to the fullest?