Must-read for long-term travelers in Europe! 7 surprisingly necessary items


Have you ever stayed abroad for an extended period of time?

There are probably relatively few people who have traveled for more than a month. Speaking of long-term travel, Europe comes to mind! Incidentally, I, the writer of this article, have never traveled to Europe for more than a month, but I would like to go someday! It's also one of my bucket list.
Returning to the main topic, this time I would like to introduce you to the necessary items for a long-term trip to Europe! We have picked out seven items that experienced travelers felt would have been "convenient to have" and "unfortunate to have without" along the way. When you encounter an unexpected situation, these items may unexpectedly become a lifesaver. We hope that this will be of some use to you on your long-term trips!

Chain Lock

1. Chain Lock

On long trips, you will inevitably carry a lot of suitcases. Many people think that a suitcase with a lock or a small lock is enough, but it's no use if the suitcase itself is stolen! Therefore, use a chain lock on a luggage locker to protect your suitcase. Especially when traveling by bus or train, using a chain lock will reduce the chances of your suitcase being stolen, so you can enjoy the scenery of your trip with peace of mind!



Nail clippers

2. Nail clippers

Nail clippers are an important item for long-term trips to Europe. They are not so necessary for short trips, but are an item you will definitely need at least once on a long trip of more than a month. Some hotels and guesthouses provide them, but not all accommodations, and it is advisable to bring your own nail clippers for hygiene reasons. Also, depending on the area, nail clippers can be expensive or you may not be able to find a store that sells them, so we recommend bringing them with you. Furthermore, nail clippers are very useful for avoiding problems such as deformed or ingrown nails while traveling!



European TOPPC banner

3. VOYAGE eSIM for Europe (eSIM)

eSIM is short for Embedded SIM , and is not a physical SIM card, but a chip-type SIM that electronically records information. Since eSIM is a chip built into the device, there is no need to worry about replacing or losing it. VOYAGEE SIM for Europe is a roaming eSIM, so you can use it without any additional settings even if you move around within the 42 countries of Europe, making it recommended for long-term travel in Europe. Click or touch the banner at the bottom to go to VOYAGEE SIM for Europe. Please consider VOYAGEE SIM for Europe when traveling to Europe!

Please check the following page for supported countries.

Supported models/countries – VOYAGEESIM



4. Towels

Towels are one of the essential items for long-term travel in Europe. They are often provided at hotels and hostels, so you may not need to bring your own, but at cheaper accommodations, towels may be charged. Therefore, we recommend that you bring your own towel. Also, towels are useful when taking showers at public facilities or on the beach, or when playing sports. We especially recommend compact, quick-drying towels for travel!



flip flops

5. Flip-flops

Flip flops dry quickly even when they get wet, making them convenient for a variety of situations. For example, it is hygienic to have your own flip flops when using public shower facilities or shared bathrooms at hostels. Of course, they are also useful by the pool or on the beach. Furthermore, on rainy days, even in conditions where regular cloth shoes are difficult to dry, flip flops are no problem! Another big advantage for long-term travelers is that they are compact and lightweight to carry around. They are a surprisingly necessary item for long-term travelers in Europe!




6. Pocket-sized laundry detergent

If you are on a short trip, you will rarely need to use detergent, but if you are staying for a long time, you will need to do laundry. Laundry services at hotels and guesthouses are convenient, but they are not available at all accommodations and can be costly. Also, depending on the area, detergent may not be sold or you may have to do your laundry at a coin laundry in a different location rather than on the accommodation premises, so we recommend bringing a pocket-sized laundry detergent with you! Compared to regular bottled detergent, it is more portable and you don't have to worry about restrictions on carrying liquids at the airport.




7. Folding hanger

Depending on the accommodation, there may not be enough hangers provided. Also, if you do your own laundry while traveling, you will need hangers to hang your laundry. We recommend folding hangers, as they are easy to carry and do not take up much space. Also, in humid places, hanging clothes on hangers to improve ventilation will make them dry a little faster.


Above, I have introduced 7 items that you may not have expected to need when traveling long distances in Europe. I myself have forgotten these items when traveling abroad. There is no doubt that each item will be very useful in certain situations. If you prepare the necessary items in combination with your own experience and judgment, I think you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and fulfilling trip!

Finally, these items are just some of the tools. Remember that the real appeal of travel is discovering new places, meeting new people, and growing as a person. We hope these items will help you have a smoother and more wonderful experience. We wish you all a safe trip!

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