European Travel: Attractive Festivals in European Countries

ヨーロッパ旅行 魅力的なヨーロッパ各国のお祭り特集

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Europe is known for its rich culture and traditions, and for the diverse festivals that take place there. Below are some of the festivals around Europe that you will find fascinating when traveling to Europe.

1. Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest, held every September to October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, is known as the world's largest beer festival. At this festival, many people gather in beer tents and enjoy beer while listening to live bands. In addition, delicious Bavarian food and people wearing traditional German costumes, "dirndls," liven up the venue. Oktoberfest is the perfect event to experience German festival culture.

2. La Tomatina


La Tomatina, a harvest festival held every August in Buñol, Valencia, Spain, is a tomato festival that attracts many people from all over the world. During this festival, participants use tomatoes in a massive tomato-throwing contest. Tons of tomatoes are used, and the whole town becomes covered in tomato juice. La Tomatina is a popular festival for travelers looking for a unique and thrilling experience.


3. Austrian Music Festival


Austria is known as a country of music, and many music festivals are held there. Music festivals held during the summer are especially famous for their lavish musical performances and spectacular stages. For example, the Salzburg Festival takes place in Salzburg, Mozart's hometown, and attracts famous orchestras and opera singers from all over the world. In addition, the Mörbisch Lake Festival takes place in the beautiful scenery of the lakeside, where you can enjoy various genres of music such as operettas and musicals. Austrian music festivals are sure to be a fascinating experience for music lovers.

4. San Fermin

Cattle driving

San Fermin, held every July in Pamplona, ​​Spain, is a world-famous bullfighting festival. The highlight of the festival is a daring bullrun down the main street of the city, where participants run through the city with the bulls. The festival brings great excitement to the city of Pamplona, ​​where you can enjoy street parties, traditional dancing, and music.

5. Venice Carnival


The Venice Carnival, held every February in Venice, Italy, is a festival characterized by the sight of people wearing masks and beautiful costumes walking through the city. This carnival is known for its lavish costumes, masks, and performances that date back to the Baroque era, and attracts visitors.

6. Greenwich Festival


The Greenwich Festival, held every August in Greenwich, London, England, is a celebration of culture and the arts. The festival features a wide variety of performances, including music, dance, theatre, comedy and art, as well as delicious food and unique handcrafted goods from the riverside stalls and markets.

7. San Juan


San Juan is a festival held on the night of June 24th in cities across Spain, including Barcelona and Alicante, to celebrate the summer solstice. At night, large bonfires are made on the beach, and people can be seen dancing, singing and having fun around them. Fireworks and traditional performances are also held, making it the most fun night of the year.

8. Flower Carpet


The Flower Carpet, held every year in mid-August in Brussels, Belgium, is known as the Flower Festival. The festival features a spectacular floral parade through the city's main streets. The vibrant flowers on giant floats and costumes captivate the crowds. Buildings and vehicles decorated with beautiful floral designs using local flowers and plants add to the festive atmosphere. It is a popular festival for people who come to enjoy the beauty and artistry of flowers.


These festivals are unique events held all over Europe. Each one reflects the local culture and traditions and offers a special experience to visitors. When planning your trip to Europe, be sure to visit a variety of festivals to fully enjoy the fascinating culture and festive atmosphere of the local areas.

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