The best part of traveling in Europe! Tasting the delicious local cuisine of each country


When you think of traveling to Europe, you think of beautiful landscapes, historical architecture, and cultural attractions, but among those, food culture is one element you can't miss!
Each country's unique and historic regional cuisine is a great opportunity to enjoy the flavors that are unique to that country.
This time, we will introduce local dishes from various European countries. If you are planning a trip to Europe, be sure to try the following dishes and have a delicious experience that will be a memorable memory of your trip.


1. Italy – Lasagna

When it comes to Italian regional cuisine, pizza and pasta are famous, but lasagna is also a must-try. This dish is made by baking layers of pasta, cheese, meat and vegetables, and can be enjoyed with Bolognese sauce or white sauce.



Red Wine

2. France – Bordeaux wine and cheese

When you think of France, you think of wine and cheese. Bordeaux wine is France's representative red wine, characterized by its fruity aroma and deep flavor. Enjoying this wine with cheese from all over France is sure to create a blissful moment.




3. Spain – Paella

Paella, a representative Spanish dish, is a dish made by cooking rice with ingredients. There are many variations of paella using seafood, meat, and vegetables, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of Spain.



4. Greece – Moussaka

Moussaka, an attractive dish of Greek cuisine, is a dish made by layering potatoes, eggplant, minced meat, béchamel sauce, etc. and baking them in an oven. It goes perfectly with tomato sauce and allows you to enjoy the traditional taste of Greece.




5. Germany – Bretzel

Bretzel, a German national dish, is a type of bread with a soft texture and salty taste. It is usually served in a U-shape and goes perfectly with beer. You can pick one up from a street stall and enjoy the scenery in Germany.



Fish and chips

6. England – Fish and chips

A typical British dish, fish and chips is a combination of fried fish and potato chips. Fresh fish is wrapped in a crispy batter and typically served with tartar sauce. It is also recommended to enjoy it with a beer in a British pub.




7. Sweden - Meatballs

Meatballs, a famous Swedish home-cooking dish, are meatballs made mainly from beef or pork. They are served with creamy gravy or cranberry sauce and go well with potatoes and cabbage. Take a break and relax with a traditional Swedish meal.




8. Netherlands – Pannekoeken

Traditional Dutch pancakes. Thick crepe-like pancakes. Usually eaten with syrup or powdered sugar, they are even more delicious when topped with bacon, cheese, or fruit. Enjoying the view of the windmills along the river while eating them will make you feel even more like you are in the Netherlands.



Pastel de nata

9. Portugal - Pastel de Nata

A traditional Portuguese pastry, Pastel de Nata is a baked pastry made primarily from eggs and sugar. It has a crispy exterior and a smooth creamy filling. Trying one at one of Lisbon's famous specialty shops will bring you a moment of happiness.




10. Switzerland – Fondue

Fondue, a typical Swiss dish, is a dish in which cheese is melted and then topped with various ingredients. Emmental and Gruyere cheeses are the main ingredients, and it is common to eat bread and vegetables by dipping them in the cheese. In the cold winters of Switzerland, eating a meal of warm fondue is a blissful experience.




Traveling to Europe allows you to try the unique regional cuisine of each country. From Italian lasagna, French wine and cheese, Spanish paella, Greek moussaka, German brezel, British fish and chips, Swedish meatballs, Dutch pannekoken, Portuguese pastel de belem, and Swiss fondue, you'll be able to enjoy the delicious cuisine of each country!
In addition to the dishes introduced here, you will encounter many other local dishes. These will be memorable flavors that will make your trip to Europe even more enjoyable. The various local dishes will be the best part of your trip!!
Be sure to try the authentic flavors at local restaurants and food stalls.