Summary of eSIM/data communications in Korea


The three major telecommunications players in South Korea are KT , SK Telecom, and LG U+.
In this column, we will introduce the following telecommunications situation in Korea.

●Communication standards

● Communication area and quality

● History of telecommunications companies


[Communication standards]

Korean telecommunications operators offer all standards: 3G , 4G and 5G . These standards are available throughout the country, providing safe, secure and reliable communications. 5G is the next generation of communications technology that enables ultra-high speed and low latency communications, and Korea was one of the first countries in the world to launch commercial services in 2020 .

[Communication area and quality]

Each carrier offers high-quality communication services. In urban areas such as Seoul, 4G high-speed communication is available in most places. However, communication quality may be reduced in some areas, such as mountainous and rural areas.
However, in general, each telecommunications carrier provides high-quality communication services, allowing many tourists to enjoy a comfortable communication environment. The number of esim- compatible models is increasing, and the use of esim -compatible communication is gradually spreading.

Seoul city

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is one of the areas where 5G technology is most advanced. There are many areas with high-speed and stable 5G communication in the city's major tourist attractions and shopping areas. 5G Wi-Fi has also been introduced in public transportation, allowing high-speed internet connection even while on the move.


Myeongdong, located in the center of Seoul, is one of Korea's leading shopping areas. It is home to many brand shops and duty-free stores, and is popular with foreign tourists. There are many places around Myeongdong where you can enjoy high-speed, stable 4G internet access.

Gyeongju City

Gyeongju City, located in North Gyeongsang Province on the east coast, is a tourist destination with many ancient ruins and cultural assets. Many areas in the city's major tourist sites and shopping areas have high-speed, stable 4G communications. However, the signal may be unstable in some mountainous and coastal areas.

Incheon City near Seoul

Incheon City, located about an hour away from Seoul by car or train, has an airport and has been gaining attention as a tourist destination in recent years. Many areas in the city's major tourist sites and shopping areas have high-speed, stable 4G communications. 5G communications are also available in some areas of the city.


Jeju Island, located in the southwest, is a tourist destination that is known for its beautiful nature and unique culture. Many areas on the island's major tourist destinations and resort areas have high-speed 4G internet access. However, in some mountainous and coastal areas, the signal quality may be unstable.



[History of Korean telecommunications companies]

Korea's telecommunications industry began in 1984 with the establishment of Korea Mobile Telecommunications (now KT) . Then, in the 1990s , Korea saw the spread of mobile devices such as smartphones and the telecommunications market grew rapidly. After that, two new telecommunications companies, SK Telecom and LG U+ , entered the market, resulting in the current three- company system. It's similar to Japan.

[Reference 5G communication status]

South Korea was one of the first countries in the world to launch commercial 5G services. Currently, Korean telecommunications operators offer extensive 5G coverage, enabling high-speed communication in many areas. South Korea is also focusing on next-generation urban development, such as smart cities, using 5G technology. This has made South Korea a recognized global 5G leader.
South Korea is actively working towards the practical application of 5G technology, and many 5G services are available to the general public. Below are some examples of 5G use cases that general consumers can experience in South Korea.

VR/AR Experience

In South Korea, VR/AR experiences that utilize 5G high-speed communication technology are becoming more and more popular. For example, there are facilities in Seoul and elsewhere where you can enjoy 360 -degree VR and AR experiences using 5G networks. New attractions that utilize 5G technology are also appearing in theme parks and museums in South Korea.

Smart City Technology

In South Korea, efforts are underway to realize smart cities using 5G technology. For example, 5G technology will enable high-definition video calls, AR navigation, and IoT device control. In addition, South Korea is also developing self-driving cars using 5G technology, and these are expected to become even more widespread in the future.

Live Sports

In South Korea, sports broadcasts using 5G technology are gaining popularity. For example, South Korean professional baseball is using 5G networks to deliver high-definition video and provide AR experiences in the stadium. New broadcast services using 5G technology are also appearing for golf and figure skating competitions.

As described above, a variety of services utilizing 5G technology are being rolled out in South Korea, allowing ordinary consumers to experience 5G in their everyday lives.


[Summary 2023 Edition]

Above, we have introduced information related to communications in Korea, including communication standards, communication areas and quality, history, and 5G communications. Korea has introduced advanced communications technology and provides high-quality communications services. In addition, Korea is focusing on next-generation urban development using 5G technology, so there are many opportunities to experience advanced services in this country.

When traveling to Korea, when purchasing a communication tool such as a SIM card, it is important to check in advance whether the product will be mailed or whether it can be received by email ( QR code). With an eSIM , you can easily purchase communication tools by receiving them by email. Furthermore, to ensure smooth communication while you are in Korea, please make sure to check in advance which carrier the product is, whether data communication is unlimited, and whether the seller is a reliable company.

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