[Latest version] What is eSIM? A comprehensive guide to eSIM, which is surprisingly easy to use


What is an eSIM ? How is it different from a SIM card?

eSIM is an abbreviation for Embedded SIM , and is a chip-type SIM that records information electronically, rather than a physical SIM card. This chip is already built into devices such as smartphones and tablets, and these are becoming widely recognized as eSIM- compatible models.

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Compatible models

Benefits of eSIM

Since eSIM is a chip built into the device, there is no need to worry about replacing or losing it. Furthermore, eSIM can have multiple profiles in a device such as a smartphone, and you can set up eSIMs from multiple carriers and easily switch between them when traveling abroad. By setting up both a physical SIM card and an eSIM in a single eSIM -compatible smartphone, you can use different phone numbers and mobile communications.

Disadvantages of eSIM

There are only a limited number of eSIM- compatible devices, and some eSIM- compatible devices do not allow you to insert or remove a physical SIM card. Another disadvantage is that there are currently few MVNO carriers that support eSIM .


■How to set up and use eSIM

First, you need to check whether your device supports eSIM . If this is your first time using eSIM , you will need to scan the QR code you purchased to set it up. There are various procedures depending on the device and OS , so please check according to your device.

Go to the VOYAGE E SIM setup page


■ Points to note about eSIM

Please check whether your device supports eSIM , and note that it may not be supported depending on the region or carrier you use. In addition, if your smartphone is SIM- locked by a carrier, you will need to unlock it. Please note that a communication environment is required to set up eSIM , so you will need an internet environment such as Wi-Fi .

*Please check the website of each carrier for instructions on how to unlock the SIM .


■ Recommended eSIMs

VOYAGE eSIM is a prepaid eSIM that can be purchased with simple procedures. You can purchase only the amount you need depending on the number of days of your trip, so you can purchase communication means at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, because it is an eSIM from a local carrier, you can enjoy stable communication speeds and safe and secure communication at your travel destination.

When traveling abroad, please be sure to use VOYAGEE SIM.




In summary, eSIM is a function that allows smartphone and tablet users to conveniently set up and change their communication methods depending on the usage scenario, such as daily life or when traveling. In this article, we have explained how eSIM works, its advantages and disadvantages, how to use it, points to note, and recommended eSIMs . We hope that you will be able to make full use of eSIM on the smartphone you use every day and enjoy a comfortable, smart life every day.

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