[2024 Edition] A dream graduation trip to Seoul, Korea: 6 spots for K-POP fan activities


For those of you planning a special trip to mark the start of your graduation in 2024, Seoul, South Korea, is the perfect choice. For K-POP fans, Seoul is more than just a travel destination. It is the heart of K-POP, loved all over the world, and a dream destination for fans. Here are 6 must-see spots for K-POP fans to visit in Seoul. There are plenty of spots where you can fully enjoy the charm of K-POP, including stores directly managed by major entertainment agencies, merchandise shops that carry all kinds of K-POP-related products, and shops where you can enjoy unique chocolates with idol motifs!

SM Kwangya

SM KWANGYA - Seoul Forest Station

SM KWANGYA, filled with the charm of SM Entertainment, is a fun place filled with popular idol goods such as aespa, NCT, and EXO. Here, you can find everything from the latest albums to stylish photo cards and limited edition goods that will tickle the hearts of fans. In particular, the colorful and well-designed official cheering sticks are a must-have item that will add excitement to your concerts! The interior of the store is designed to make you feel like you've wandered into the world of idols, and any fan is sure to get excited. In addition, idols sometimes hold autograph sessions and special events here. For fans, it's a chance to get closer to your favorite idols. SM KWANGYA is a dream place for K-POP fans. Just by visiting, you're sure to become even more fascinated by the charm of the idols!

Location: SM KWANGYA – Google Maps
Business hours: Open all year round, 10:30~20:00

The same E
Lonely Planet

YG Direct Cafe "The Same E" - Hapcheon Station

The Same E, a cafe directly managed by YG Entertainment, is a dream place for fans of YG Entertainment, including TREASURE and BLACKPINK. This cafe is located very close to YG's new building, making it a special spot where you can watch artists coming and going. If you're lucky, you might even have a chance to encounter your favorite artist. The cafe is an exciting space for fans. You can enjoy delicious drinks and sweets while surrounded by photos and posters of artists. In addition, there is a shop in the basement where you can purchase original goods. It has official goods, penlights, CDs, DVDs, and more from BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, WINNER, TREASURE, and more, and the selection is exciting even for non-fans. This is a must-visit spot for YG fans and K-POP fans!

Location: The Same E – Google Maps
Business hours: Open all year round, 10:00~21:00

Park Hye-soo /CC BY SA

K Town 4U COEX Branch - Samsung Station

Located in the COEX Mall in Seoul, "K town 4u COEX" is filled with official goods from popular idol groups from each agency, including YG, SM, HYBE, and JYP, and offers a wide range of products, from the latest albums to limited edition goods and rare items. The store is spacious and displays products from various artists in an easy-to-see manner. In particular, rare items such as limited edition albums and autographed goods are treasures that fans cannot miss. In addition, artists' music videos are played in the store, so you can enjoy the latest K-POP while shopping. If you go up to the upper level, you will find vocal and dance training rooms and photos of idols, so be sure to check it out! K town 4U COEX store is a spot where you can enjoy all day long, along with other shopping and dining at COEX Mall.

Location: K Town 4U COEX store – Google Maps
Business hours: Open all year round, 11:00~20:00


Line Friends Store
Photo by LINE Friends Gangnam Branch / CC BY SA

Line Friends Square Sinsa Branch - Garosugil

Line Friends Square Sinsa Store, which opened in November 2023, is a store where you can meet popular domestic and international characters that reflect the latest trends. The exterior is decorated with various characters such as Line Friends, BT21, 'Bunini', and 'JOGUMAN', and is easy to recognize even from a distance. Unlike conventional Line Friends stores, it is a space that can be enjoyed by a wide range of customers, including male fans, families, and foreign tourists. On the first floor, popular characters such as the lenini and minini series welcome customers. At POP SQUARE on the second floor, there is a wide selection of collaboration products with K-POP artists, such as products from BT21, TRUZ, and the new group NewJeans, making it a space that can be enjoyed not only by those who like characters but also by K-POP fans.

Location: Line Friends Square Sinsa Branch – Google Maps
Business hours: Open all year round, 12:00~21:00

Tini Tan Chocolate
Luminous /CC BY SA

Artist Chocolate Myeongdong Store - Myeongdong Station

Located in Myeongdong, Seoul, Artist chocolate Myeongdong is a dream destination for K-POP fans. At this store, you can enjoy premium chocolates featuring popular K-POP idols such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet, and NCT. The store offers collaborations between idol-themed limited edition goods and high-end chocolates. In particular, there are a wide variety of items that are filled with the charm of each artist, such as TinyTAN characters and SM Artist Premium Chocolate Series. Each chocolate box contains chocolates and acrylic magnets decorated with the artist's photo, character, and logo. Inside the store, there is a dedicated zone for each group, where you can find the perfect commemorative goods such as autographed albums and photo books. Artist chocolate Myeongdong is the place to create unforgettable memories for fans, providing a great opportunity to enjoy limited edition goods and special chocolates of K-POP idols.

Location: Artist chocolate Myeongdong store – Google Maps
Business hours: Open all year round, 10:00~22:00

Withmuu Myeongdong Store - Myeongdong Station

Located in Myeongdong, central Seoul, withmuu Myeongdong is a must-see spot for K-POP fans. This store is a treasure trove of albums and goods from popular idol groups such as BTS and NCT, making it a treasure trove that any fan would be happy to have. The store features an album collection lining the walls, with a wide selection of items from the latest releases to rare items. The store also displays official goods from various idol groups, and you can find items from EXO and TWICE. In addition, the store also displays official idol cheering sticks, making it a great opportunity for fans to get their hands on essentials for concerts and events. There is also a fancy shop on the second floor, with a wide selection of character goods from Sanrio, Disney, Snoopy, and more. withmuu Myeongdong is the perfect place to find K-POP albums and goods, and it is also a popular place for fans to interact with each other. It is truly a paradise for fans, where you can enjoy a fun shopping experience while immersing yourself in the world of idols!

Location: Withmuu Myeongdong store – Google Maps
Business hours: Open all year round, 11:00~21:00


A graduation trip in Seoul is sure to be an unforgettable and special experience for K-POP fans. Just walking through these stores will let you feel the breath of K-POP, and you can enjoy Korean pop culture from every angle. From shopping to cafes, there are plenty of spots where you can feel the charm of K-POP with your whole body. A graduation trip is an important time to make a new start. Spending such a special time with K-POP will make even more colorful memories. Walk through the streets of Seoul with your friends, immerse yourself in the world of K-POP, and have a great time. It will surely be a wonderful trip that will stay in your memory. So, enjoy your wonderful graduation trip in Seoul!