[2024 Edition] Information on spots around Incheon Airport! 12 must-see spots to enjoy a full day in Incheon


Incheon is one of Korea's major international airports, along with Gimpo . Many people tend to head to Seoul after arriving at Incheon Airport, and so have few opportunities to stay in Incheon , missing out on a great opportunity. Incheon is not just a gateway, but has a lot to offer, including beautiful coastlines, historical buildings, parks boasting abundant nature, and fun activity facilities .  
This time, we recommend Incheon as a new travel plan for Korea that is different from Seoul and Busan . Discover the hidden charms of Incheon and experience its diversity and richness, which will fascinate all visitors. Below, we introduce 7 carefully selected tourist spots in Incheon and 5 spots for those who want to spend time around Incheon International Airport .  



・5 must-see spots around Incheon International Airport

Inspire Entertainment Resort
쥬블리 / CC BY ND

1. Inspire Entertainment Resort : Innovation and entertainment come together

Inspire Entertainment Resort is an overwhelmingly large resort facility with 1,275 rooms, an indoor water park, a casino, and an arena that can accommodate up to 15,000 people, located on a vast site equivalent to about 10 Tokyo Domes. The indoor water park "Splash Bay" is warm and fun all year round with its tropical decorations and glass dome ceiling . In addition, the digital entertainment district "Aurora" offers a spectacular view covered with LED screens, and the casino opened on February 3 , 2024 exclusively for foreigners. The arena is equipped with the latest sound system and is designed to ensure optimal visibility from any seat. It is only 10 minutes away from Incheon International Airport, and a free shuttle bus operates from Exits 2C and 14C on the 1st floor of Terminal 1 and Exit 6A on the 1st floor of Terminal 2 .  

Address: Inspire Entertainment Resort  -Google map  



Paradise City
 Desire / CC BY SA

2. Paradise City: Korea's first integrated resort

Paradise City is an integrated resort located very close to Incheon International Airport. The facility offers a complex entertainment facility including a world-class casino, a luxury hotel, an art gallery, a spa, a shopping mall, and a variety of dining options. Paradise City offers unforgettable experiences to domestic and international travelers with its luxurious facilities and services. In particular, the casino complies with international gaming standards, providing high-quality entertainment to guests from all over the world. From Incheon International Airport, a free shuttle bus operates from Exits 3C and 14C on the 1st floor at Terminal 1 , and Exit 2A on the 1st floor at Terminal 2 , making it one of the attractions of the resort. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long journey, providing travelers with an unforgettable experience.  

Address: Paradise City - Google Maps



Macian Bakery
 Source / CC BY

3. Macian Bakery: A cafe with charcoal bread and beautiful views

마시안제빵소 ( Masian Bakery ) is a popular large bakery cafe in Incheon, especially known for its "briquettes bread". The cafe offers a spacious space divided into the first and second floors, and is especially lively on weekends. The first floor has indoor and outdoor seating, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the large lawn and Masian Beach. From the second floor, you can enjoy the cool breeze while looking at the sea, and the outdoor seating is recommended especially on sunny days. There are many types of bread, and the bean paste bread with nuts is especially popular among visitors. To get there , take bus 111 from Exit 7 on the third floor of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 , get off at the " 마시란 ( Masirang ) " stop, and it is a 15- minute walk from there .  

Address: Macian Bakery - Google Maps



Gooreumy / CC BY ND

4. Dongyangyeomjeong : A unique café where history and nature come together

Dongyangyeomjeong ( 동양염전 ) is a cafe with a unique atmosphere , built on a historic site where salt fields once spread . This place is a special space that evokes its history , allowing visitors to experience Korean tradition and the beauty of nature at the same time . The grounds include a water garden and camellia farm where visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll , allowing them to relax in nature. This large-scale cafe also serves a variety of breads and desserts , including glutinous rice bread, cheese bread, and salt bread, each of which is loved by visitors . Take bus 111 from Exit 7 on the 3rd floor of Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 and get off at 용유동 One of Dongyu - dong Haengjeongbokji Center 's great attractions is its easy accessibility , as it appears right in front of you when you get off the bus .  

Address: Dongyangyeomjeong - Google Maps



Lotte Mart
Photo by Lotte Mart Seoul Station Branch /CC BY

5. Lotte Mart Yeongjeongdo Branch : The last place to buy souvenirs near the airport

Lotte Mart Yeongjeongdo Branch is a convenient supermarket for travelers and locals using Incheon International Airport . It is especially a great place for those who forgot to buy souvenirs at the airport or want to do some last minute shopping. It is conveniently located just a 5- minute walk from Unseo Station on the Airport Railroad . The wide range of products ranges from food to daily necessities and unique Korean souvenirs. Prices are also more reasonable than at the airport stores, so you can easily enjoy shopping at the end of your trip. With its convenient location and wide range of products, Lotte Mart Yeongjeongdo Branch is a must-visit spot for visitors to Korea.  

Address: Lotte Mart Yeongjeongdo Branch - Google Maps


・7 must-see spots in Incheon

Incheon Chinatown
 MukbangConTenJAM / CC BY ND

1. Incheon Chinatown: Korea's first Chinatown

Incheon Chinatown is the first Chinatown in Korea, and is lined with red and gold gates, dragon statues, and gorgeously decorated Chinese-style buildings, creating a festive atmosphere. There are delicious Chinese restaurants and food stalls, so you can enjoy eating while walking around. Jajangmyeon and Chinese-style Konggalbang are particularly famous. Konggalbang looks very large and hollow inside, but the outside is crispy. By the way, the Korean word "kongal" means "blackmail." It seems to mean something like there is nothing inside and you have been deceived. There are also shops selling local crafts, so it's a great place to buy souvenirs after your meal.

Address: Incheon Chinatown - Google Maps



Ganghwa Luge
Graphics / CC BY SA

2. Ganghwa Luge: An activity experience that will amaze and thrill you

Ganghwa Luge is a thrilling sports facility located in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. This is a place where you can enjoy luge, a familiar event in the Winter Olympics, and the total length of the facility is an astounding 1.5 km. The facility is equipped with safety equipment, so even first-timers can experience it with peace of mind. Luge is a sport that offers a sense of speed and excitement, and at Ganghwa Luge you can experience the fun safely. If you're looking for some fun activities during your trip to Incheon, why not try Ganghwa Luge, where you can experience sliding down a track against the backdrop of magnificent nature?

Address: Ganghwa Luge - Google Maps



Matsushima Central Park

3. Songdo Central Park: A fusion of a waterside urban park and modern space

Located in the heart of Incheon, Songdo Central Park is an urban park that spreads over a vast area of ​​approximately 400,000 square meters and is a popular tourist spot in Incheon. It is particularly characterized by its artificial canal, which is surrounded by vast green spaces and flowers. The park is dotted with walking paths, plazas, and even a hanok village with hotels and cafes. You can also rent canoes and paddle boats to ride on the canal. The sunset and night view from Songdo Central Park are beautiful, so we recommend visiting in the afternoon rather than the morning!

Address: Songdo Central Park - Google Maps



Sinpo International Market
 Mohawk / CC BY

4. Sinpo International Market: Experience local flavors and a unique atmosphere

Incheon's Sinpo International Market is a place where you can experience daily life in Korea firsthand, with local cuisine, fresh seafood, and handmade crafts, but the most famous items are Dakgangjeong and dumplings. Many people mistake Dakgangjeong for Yangnyeom Chicken, but it is actually spicy. Be careful if you don't like spicy food! The dumplings at Sinpo International Market are Korean-style dumplings (mandu), so it's good to compare them to Japanese dumplings. It is also famous for its fresh seafood dishes, so it's a great place to eat when traveling to Incheon.

Address: Sinpo International Market - Google Maps


Kyungin Ara Ferry
Francis Hansen / CC BY SA

5. Gyeongin Ara Sea Route: A boat trip to experience the scenery of Korea

A hidden gem in Korea's tourist destinations is the Gyeongin Ara Sea Route. This sea route is a 63-kilometer waterway that connects Seoul and Incheon, where you can take a cruise and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh sea breeze that surrounds you. The cruise mainly passes through the Han River, the Ara Waterway, and the Yellow Sea, and along the way you can see many scenic spots and tourist attractions, and various events and festivals are held throughout the year. Of course, there are also walking paths beside the river, so you can take a stroll and enjoy the scenery without taking a cruise. The Gyeongin Ara Sea Route is an experience that Incheon visitors cannot miss, as it allows you to experience the scenery and culture of Korea while enjoying the magnificent natural scenery and relaxing atmosphere.

Address: Seongin Ara Seonro - Google Maps



Incheon Grand Park

6. Incheon Grand Park: The largest park in Incheon

Incheon Grand Park is the largest urban park in Incheon, covering an area of ​​727,000 square meters. The park features a variety of facilities for enjoying nature, including beautiful gardens, vast lawns, a lake, and hiking trails. There is also a zoo in the park where you can observe animals. Depending on the season, various flowers bloom, creating a colorful landscape. If you purchase VOYAGEE SIM for Korea, you can use data as much as you want in Incheon Grand Park, and you can upload to SNS and check your current location at any time, so please give it a try.

Address: Incheon Grand Park - Google Maps



Incheon Open Port Nuri-gil
Mohawk / CC BY

7. Incheon Open Port Nuri-gil: A town where history and scenery intersect

Incheon Open Port Nuri-gil is a town where historical buildings and nature coexist. Established in the center of the Open Port District of Incheon city, this town is a great spot to walk around and see the precious buildings and cultural heritage that tell the modern history of Korea. In particular, you can see buildings and cultural facilities that are engraved with the history since the opening of the port. From modern architecture to traditional Korean houses, museums and churches, each one tells the history and culture of Incheon. In addition, the exotic streetscape and art works unique to the Open Port District are also one of the highlights. It is recommended not only for history lovers but also for those who enjoy walking and jogging!

Address: Incheon Open Port Nuri-gil - Google Maps



Incheon is not only known for its international airport, but also for its diverse and attractive tourist destinations. The 12 spots introduced here are all places where you can fully experience Incheon's rich history, culture, nature, and entertainment. These places, including those around Incheon International Airport, will provide visitors with unforgettable memories. When planning a trip to Incheon, why not visit these spots? Incheon, full of new discoveries and attractions, awaits you. Your experience in Incheon will surely enrich your trip to Korea.