[2024 Update] eSIM is recommended for traveling to Korea! A thorough explanation of the benefits, precautions, and how to use it


Hello! Korea is a country with a wide variety of attractions, from historical heritage to modern culture. In the capital Seoul, traditional Korean palaces coexist with modern shopping malls, and Busan has a beautiful coastline. When traveling to these areas, you will need a stable internet connection to check local information and share it on social media . In this article, we will introduce recommended eSIMs and how to set them up as a communication method in Korea. By using eSIM , you can easily ensure a comfortable communication environment without the hassle of purchasing and replacing SIM cards locally. Use this information to fully enjoy the charm of Korea.


What is eSIM?

eSIM ( embedded SIM ) is a new technology that replaces the traditional physical SIM card . eSIM is a technology that allows you to use mobile communication services by installing data on your smartphone or tablet instead of a physical SIM card. 


How is it different from a SIM card?

Unlike traditional physical SIMs , eSIMs do not need to be replaced or removed, and all procedures can be completed online. They are convenient and flexible, and there is no need to pick them up as they are stored in the device. 


Benefits of using an eSIM when traveling to Korea

It won't be a burden

The biggest advantage of using an eSIM when traveling to Korea is that you don't need to carry a separate WiFi router. Also, while traditional physical SIM cards require you to receive and store the actual SIM card, eSIMs are built directly into your device, so you can use them with your existing SIM card still inserted.


Can be opened immediately at the airport

With an eSIM, you can set up your device when you arrive at the airport and start using it right away, saving you time as you don't need to purchase or exchange a SIM card locally.


Perfect for the subway!

Wi-Fi communication is widespread on subways in Korea, but there are concerns about safety and speed. By using an eSIM , you can enjoy stable communication even on the subway, allowing you to quickly check information and enjoy comfortable internet use.



Important points to note about eSIM

Check device compatibility

Not all smartphones and tablets support eSIM . Before using eSIM , it is important to check whether your device supports eSIM . Even if your device supports eSIM , it may not be usable depending on the carrier or region you use, so we recommend that you check in advance.


About SIM unlocking

SIM unlocking is also an important point. Normally, devices purchased from a carrier are SIM locked so that only that carrier's SIM card can be used. However, by unlocking the SIM , it becomes possible to use SIM cards or eSIMs from other carriers. When using eSIM , make sure to check whether the device is SIM unlocked. The SIM unlocking procedure can be done by contacting each carrier or consulting the support of the device manufacturer.


Check the communication area at your destination 

The communication environment in Korea is not uniform, and in some areas, such as subways and mountainous regions, it may be difficult to receive signals. Therefore, when using an eSIM , it is important to know in advance the communication areas at your destination. If the communication area is unstable, you should consider using Wi -Fi hotspots or other communication methods . 


Security measures when connecting to the Internet

It is important to pay particular attention to security when connecting to the Internet. In particular, when using public Wi-Fi , there is a high risk of personal information being leaked due to insufficient security measures. Therefore, it is important to take measures to ensure security, such as using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using a VPN can encrypt data and increase anonymity on the network, allowing for a secure Internet connection.



How to use eSIM

To use an eSIM , first purchase an eSIM from a seller such as VOYAGEE. After purchasing, scan the QR code you receive with a compatible device and install the eSIM on your device. Then, change your data communication to the installed eSIM locally and you can use it . For detailed instructions on how to use it, please refer to the manual of each seller .  

How to choose an eSIM for your trip to Korea

Choose a plan that suits your data usage

It is important to choose a plan with an appropriate amount of data depending on your plans for your stay in Korea and your purpose. If you exceed the set amount of data, you should be aware of data restrictions and reduced communication speeds . If you will be using a lot of data , such as for sightseeing or using social media , we recommend an unlimited data plan. On the other hand, if you are staying for a short period of time or will only be using a small amount of data , you can reduce costs by choosing a plan with a set capacity. It is important to understand your own data usage in advance and choose an appropriate plan. 


Checking the support system

When using an eSIM , it is important to check that there is a support system in place that will respond quickly in the unlikely event of a problem. We recommend that you check the support system in advance to make sure that you can use the service with peace of mind . 


Refer to user reviews

It is also important to refer to word-of-mouth and reviews from users who have actually used eSIMs . Knowing the real-life experiences of users will help you choose the eSIM that is best for you. In particular, the opinions of actual users about communication speeds, stability of coverage, and the comprehensiveness of the support system are very helpful. Compare multiple word-of-mouth and reviews to choose a reliable eSIM . 



We recommend VOYAGE eSIM for Korean eSIM !

Reason for recommendation: 1. Unlimited data usage and cheap price

VOYAGEE SIM offers unlimited data plans at very reasonable prices . This plan is ideal for those who want to use the Internet comfortably in Korea . Even for tourism or business use that requires a lot of data , you can use the Internet without worrying about the cost , so you can use the Internet comfortably.  


Reason 2: Peace of mind as it is run by a Japanese company

VOYAGEE SIM is operated by a Japanese company and provides support in Japanese . In the unlikely event that a problem occurs , specialized staff are available to directly respond via chat support every day from 9:00 to 18:00 . Even if any problems arise during your trip , they can be resolved quickly. With support in Japanese , you can use the service with peace of mind .  


Reason 3: Reliable communication as it is a major local telecommunications carrier

VOYAGE eSIM provides a local eSIM from KT , Korea 's largest telecommunications carrier . This ensures extremely stable communication quality . KT 's eSIM covers a wide area in Korea , providing stable communication not only in urban areas, but also in places where signals are difficult to reach , such as subways and mountainous areas . You can safely connect to the Internet wherever you are during your trip to Korea , so you can use map apps and search for tourist information without stress .  



Recommended for traveling to Korea ! If you want an eSIM , try "VOYAGE eSIM"


esim easy setup in 3 steps

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You can choose from 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 20- day, or 30- day plans.

There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan. Simply install and set up the eSIM to enjoy unlimited data communication across Korea using your smartphone.

*The communications service provider for this product is KT.




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Source: VOYAGE eSIM FOR KOREA [Korea] 3-day unlimited data eSIM 


For those planning a trip to Korea, we recommend using an " eSIM ". In this article, we introduced the best means of communication for traveling to Korea, as well as the benefits and points to note about " eSIM ". By using an eSIM , you can easily complete the procedures before traveling and enjoy stable quality communications on your smartphone during your stay. Enjoy Korea's beautiful scenery and rich culture to your heart's content. We sincerely hope that your trip to Korea will be more comfortable and fulfilling. Have a wonderful trip.