[2024 Update] Choosing the best SIM card for traveling to Korea | Decide based on convenience and cost performance


How to choose a SIM card

For those planning a trip to Korea, communication means are very important. A smartphone is a travel essential for gathering local information, updating social media, using maps, etc. So how to choose a SIM card becomes important. This time, we will introduce the best SIM cards for traveling to Korea.

1. Consider communication quality, area coverage, and plan price

Check available areas
It's important to choose a SIM card that's specifically made for Korea. While some SIM cards can be used in other countries, it's best to choose one that's specifically made for use in Korea.

Check data communication speed and capacity
High-speed internet is widespread in Korea, but communication speeds and data volumes vary depending on the plan. Be sure to choose an appropriate plan based on your needs during your trip.

Comparison of pricing plans
It is important to choose a plan that suits your duration in Korea and your data usage. There are various options available, such as daily plans for short stays and flat-rate plans for long stays.

Check whether roaming service is available
Some SIM cards made specifically for Korea may offer international roaming services, which means you may be able to use the same SIM card when travelling to another country, but it's important to check the details as this may incur additional charges.

2. Check your SIM card type and size

Available SIM card types
Standard SIM , micro SIM , nano SIM and eSIM are available in South Korea. It's important to choose the right SIM card for your device.

3. Check the purchase, receipt and activation procedures

How to obtain a SIM card
In Korea, SIM cards are mainly sold at airports, but you can also purchase them at convenience stores and online shops. Be sure to research the purchasing method, procedure, and necessary documents in advance to ensure a smooth process.


Recommended SIM cards

Korea Data Unlimited SIM

This is a prepaid data SIM card that can be used throughout Korea. It is for data communication only, and there are multiple data plans available starting from 1GB . The validity period is up to 30 days, and it can be purchased at online stores and selected stores in Japan. Depending on the plan, some SIM cards can also be used for phone calls.

KT Olleh SIM

KT Olleh is one of the most widely used telecommunications operators in Korea and offers SIM card services for foreign travelers. There are various options available, ranging from daily plans for short-term visitors to monthly plans for longer-term visitors. You can easily purchase one at the SIM card sales counter at the airport, or pre-order online and collect it upon arrival.


Points to note when using SIM cards in Korea

1. Research in advance how to obtain a SIM card

If you plan to purchase a SIM card after arriving in Korea, research in advance where you can buy one and what documents you need. You may need cash or a credit card to purchase a SIM card locally. It's a good idea to check the payment method in advance and prepare local currency if necessary.

2. Pay attention to data usage and plan selection

Data usage in South Korea can be expensive, especially roaming charges, so it's important to check the details before choosing a plan that has data caps or speed throttling.

3. Check the size of your SIM card

These days, most SIM cards are nano SIM cards, but just to be safe, check the size of SIM cards your smartphone uses (standard, micro, nano) and confirm in advance that the SIM card you purchase in Korea will be compatible.

4. Check the device lock status

If your phone is carrier-locked, you may not be able to use a Korean SIM card. It is recommended that you use an unlocked or unlockable device.

We recommend eSIM for traveling to Korea !

Why eSIM is recommended for traveling to Korea

There is no need to replace physical SIM cards; you can instantly use communication services by simply installing and setting up an eSIM in your device. Also, unlike WiFi routers, it does not take up any luggage and does not need to be returned.

VOYAGE eSIM is recommended for traveling to Korea



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esim easy setup in 3 steps

You can choose from 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 20- day, or 30- day plans.

There is no need to replace the SIM card you use in Japan. Simply install and set up the eSIM to enjoy unlimited data communication across Korea using your smartphone.

The communications service provider for this product is KT.


For communication on smartphones and tablets in Korea, we recommend an eSIM, which is easy to obtain and use. VOYAGE eSIM for Korea offers unlimited data usage and is easy to use, making it the perfect choice for enjoying communication in Korea with peace of mind.