[November 2023 Edition] A must-read for Seoul travelers! Latest train and subway information useful for sightseeing in Korea


When traveling abroad, the means of transportation is a major factor in whether you can have a comfortable trip. If you research your destination route in advance, you should be able to spend the day with plenty of time. If you are traveling to Seoul, the subway is the most convenient and economical option. Recently, the Seoul subway has decided to introduce several new services to further increase convenience for foreign tourists, allowing them to experience Seoul's diverse charms more comfortably and efficiently.


1. Plans to introduce subway passes (unlimited rides) for foreign tourists

According to the latest reports, Seoul Subway plans to issue a 1- day pass ( 5,600 won) and a 3- day pass ( 11,800 won) for foreign tourists. This pass allows unlimited use of the Seoul subway, making it a very convenient option especially for foreign tourists who are planning to travel for 3 to 7 days. The available lines will be Lines 1 , 9 , and Lines 2 to 8 excluding the Airport Railroad. Famous tourist spots such as Hongik University Station (Line 2 ), Myeongdong Station (Line 4 ), and Gangnam Station (Line 2 ) will be included in the subway pass. If you are planning to travel to Seoul next year, be sure to check out how to purchase a subway pass.

2. Luggage delivery and storage service " T-Luggage " (currently available)

Seoul Subway launched a luggage delivery and storage service called " T-Luggage " in May 2023. This luggage storage service is available at major subway stations and airports in Seoul, reducing the burden of luggage while sightseeing. T-Luggage offers user-friendly payment methods and is easy and convenient to use. T-Luggage is a very convenient option, especially if you are unable to store your luggage at the hotel on the first or last day of your trip. In addition to storing your luggage, you can also have it delivered to Incheon International Airport if necessary, allowing tourists to freely explore the city of Seoul empty-handed.


■How to use the luggage storage service

Just bring the luggage you want to store to the store. You can also make a reservation from the URL below.

Storage reservation URL : https://www.tluggage.co.kr/jap/locker_step_1_2


■Storage fees

Small luggage : up to 20 inches. 4,000 won. ( 3,000 won on weekdays )

Medium-sized luggage : 20 inches to 23 inches. Maximum 6,000 won. ( 4,000 won on weekdays )

Large luggage : 23 inches to 27 inches. Maximum 9,000 won. ( 6,000 won on weekdays )

Oversized luggage : Over 27 inches. Maximum 13,000 won. ( 9,000 won on weekdays )

※The above rates are for up to 4 hours. If you exceed 4 hours, the additional charge is 1,000 won per hour.


■ Business hours



■Sales office

Gimpo Airport Station: Seoul Subway Line 5 B1 towards International

Seoul Station: Exit 1 to Exit 2

Myeongdong Station: Exits 1, 9, and 10 of Myeongdong Station

Hongik University Station: Line 2 , 1st basement floor, Airport Railroad access





3. Introduction of foreign language simultaneous interpretation system (gradual expansion)

In 2023, Seoul Subway has decided to introduce a "foreign language simultaneous interpretation system" to enhance the convenience of foreign tourists. This system will be a great help to foreign tourists who often face language barriers. It will be introduced at Myeongdong Station on Line 4 during November 2023, and then expanded to other stations. With this system, station staff and foreign tourists can converse in their native language, and the interpretation will automatically be displayed on the display as a written interpretation. This will make it possible to quickly resolve any questions or problems related to using the subway, such as purchasing tickets, route guidance, and tourist information. The introduction of this system will allow foreign tourists to use the Seoul subway more comfortably without feeling a language barrier, making their stay in Seoul more fulfilling.



These new services are extremely convenient for foreign tourists, especially those from Japan. The subway pass for foreigners makes it easy to access any place in the city while keeping travel costs down, allowing you to use your time more effectively. The T-Luggage service eliminates the need to carry heavy luggage, allowing tourists to explore the city of Seoul more freely and comfortably. In addition, the foreign language simultaneous interpretation system makes it easier to use the subway and obtain tourist information without feeling a language barrier. We recommend that you take advantage of these new services on your next trip to Seoul.