[2023 Edition] Recommended Winter Events in Korea: Seoul x Illuminations __ How to Make the Most of Christmas and New Year in Korea

【2023年版】韓国の冬のおすすめイベント ソウル×イルミネーション編__韓国のクリスマス・新年を最大限に楽しむ方法

During the Christmas season, Seoul attracts visitors with gorgeous illuminations, fun festivals, and Christmas markets. During this time, Seoul is enveloped in a special atmosphere with various events. In this article, we will introduce recommended events you can experience in Seoul during Christmas 2023.


Hyundai Department Store Trade Center Branch

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Hyundai Department Store Trade Center Branch (Samsung Station)

"Harry's Dream Shop" has opened at the Hyundai Department Store Trade Center branch adjacent to Seoul's Samsung Station. The store offers products themed around the adorable bear character "Harry" and is decorated with warm Christmas decorations in a red theme color. The store's concept is reminiscent of a European town, allowing you to fully enjoy the world of Harry. There are also plenty of limited edition and original goods, making them perfect for Christmas presents. There is a machine at the entrance that distributes admission numbers, so you can get a numbered ticket and visit other stores before entering. Why not create special memories at "Harry's Dream Shop" this Christmas?

Location: Hyundai Department Store Trade Center Branch – Google Maps

Period: November 1 , 2023 to December 31 , 2023



Seokchon Lake

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Seokchon Lake Illuminarie (Jamsil Station)

Seokchon Lake Illuminarie is an illumination event held at Seokchon Lake in Songpa-gu, starting in 2022. This illumination event is set on Seokchon Lake, where various light sculptures and lights are installed, providing visitors with a fantastic experience. Of particular interest is the 18-meter "Serpenti Light," an iconic snake-shaped light from global jewelry brand Bvlgari, which was installed at Seokchon Lake after touring cities around the world, including Singapore, Bangkok, and London, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Bvlgari's Serpenti collection. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of light art works, such as the Illuminarie tunnel, media art, and light paths made of laser lighting. It is a great place to visit with family, friends, and lovers at the end of the year, providing an opportunity to create warm memories even in the cold winter.

Location: Seokchon Lake – Google Maps

Period: October 27 , 2023 - February 29 , 2024


Myeongdong Cathedral

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Myeongdong Cathedral (Myeongdong Station)

Myeongdong Cathedral is located in the heart of Seoul and is known for its gorgeous lighting during the Christmas season. This lighting is counted as one of the most beautiful Christmas displays in Seoul, and many tourists and locals look forward to it. As night falls, the cathedral's lights shine even more vividly, lighting up the quiet night with a message of hope and joy. Last year ( 2022 ), a Christmas market and various performances were also held from December 23rd to 25th . If you are planning a trip to Seoul at Christmas, Myeongdong Cathedral is one of the must-see spots.

Location: Myeongdong Cathedral – Google Maps

Period (last year): November 26 , 2022 - January 8 , 2023


Seoul Lantern Festival

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Seoul Lantern Festival (서울빛초롱축제, Seoul Bichorongjuche) (Gwanghwamun Station)

The Seoul Lantern Festival is a representative festival that brightens up the winter nights of Seoul. The festival, which began in 2009 and is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, features a variety of light sculptures around Cheonggyecheon Stream, providing visitors with a spectacular visual experience. This year, the festival is held at the newly renovated Gwanghwamun Square, giving it a special meaning. From traditional Korean appearances to modern designs, the festival will produce a warm light festival illumination that will make you forget the cold of winter. It is the perfect festival to visit with family, friends, or lovers and create beautiful memories, and many people look forward to this event every year. The Seoul Lantern Festival has established itself as Seoul's representative event at the end of the year and is known as one of the highlights of winter tourism in Seoul.

Location: Gwanghwamun Station – Google Maps

Period: December 15 , 2023 to January 21 , 2024 18:00 to 22:00



Shinsegae Department Store Main Branch

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Shinsegae Department Store Main Branch (Myeongdong Station)

Shinsegae Department Store Main Branch will hold a special media facade show for its 2023 Christmas event. This year's theme is titled "Shinsegae Theater" and will feature a musical-like Dear Facade Show. The three-minute show will transform the walls of Shinsegae Department Store into a giant screen, captivating the audience with Christmas-themed images and music. This event is quickly becoming a new way to celebrate Christmas in Seoul and is the perfect spot to visit with family and friends. Shinsegae Department Store Main Branch's Christmas event is sure to make your winter evenings in Seoul special.

Location: Shinsegae Department Store Main Branch – Google Maps

Period: November 9 , 2023 ( planned ) ~



Lotte Department Store Main Branch

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Lotte Department Store Main Branch (Euljiro 1ga Station)

Lotte Department Store Main Branch is holding a Christmas event titled " My Dearest Wish ". This event is an exhibition themed on vintage and analog Christmas letters, giving visitors a warm and nostalgic feeling. In particular, the story of a character called "Tontu", who delivers letters containing Christmas wishes and hopes, is unfolded, providing visitors with a meaningful experience. Novelist John Celan participates as a storyteller in this story, allowing visitors to imagine a more fun story while watching the work. In addition, Spanish artist Julia Salda Portebella, who worked as a colorist for Pixar and Disney, participated in the illustrations, and the colors and vitality of the characters stand out. With a winter atmosphere, it is also recommended as a Christmas date spot.

Location: Lotte Department Store Main Branch – Google Maps

Period: November 3 , 2023 to December 31 , 2023



Related Information

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Gwangnambyeolbisanjaek (Sinlim Station)

Gwangnam Byeolbisanjaek is an illumination event held in Gwangnam-gu, Seoul. This illumination event was planned to revitalize the area and provide new entertainment for visitors. The shopping streets around Simlim Station are decorated with gorgeous lights, and Dorim Stream near Simlim Station in particular is filled with a variety of light sculptures and events that delight the eyes of visitors. This year, the event period has been extended by one month to attract even more visitors. You can also enjoy various performances by local artists and experience events such as handmade soap making every Saturday.

Location: Simlim Station – Google Maps

Period: November 1 , 2023 - January 7 , 2024



The Christmas season in Seoul can be felt in various places celebrating the coming of winter along with the city's heartbeat. Commercial facilities such as Shinsegae and Lotte are decorated with gorgeous Christmas decorations, providing visitors with a festive atmosphere. In natural areas such as Cheonggyecheon Stream and Seokcheon Lake, light art and decorations light up the winter night sky, creating a fantastic scene. You can also enjoy the Christmas market and illuminations at Myeongdong Cathedral. The spots introduced here will become gathering places to spend special Christmas time, where family, friends, and lovers can forget the cold and deepen their connections in the warm light. Winter in Seoul is sure to be a season filled with various Christmas events that promise you unforgettable memories.