[Latest Edition] Popular local apps and recommended travel apps for Korea

【最新版】韓国旅行 現地人気アプリ・旅行オススメアプリ

When traveling to Korea, using popular local apps will help you enjoy a more comfortable and smooth trip. In particular, map-related apps, shopping apps, and delivery apps are essential for living and traveling in Korea. Below, we will introduce some popular local apps that will be useful on your trip to Korea.

Summary of popular apps in Korea

■Map-related apps

In Korea, many people use "네이버지도" (Naver Map) rather than Google Maps. It also has a Japanese version, so it is easy for Japanese tourists to use and you can search for shops and tourist spots that are popular with Koreans. In addition, "대한민국 구석구석" (Daehanminguksouksok), a Korean travel information distribution app for Koreans provided by the Korean government, is also useful for finding new tourist spots. However, it does not support Japanese, so translation is required.

1. Naver Map


It is a map app that is often used in Korea. In Korea, more people use this app than Google Maps. There is a Japanese version. When searching for a restaurant, you can search here to find restaurants that are popular among Koreans.

Reference site: https://joah-girls.com/articles/Zn33J

2. Republic of Korea shit, shit

Damn it damn it

This app is provided by the Korean government. It provides domestic travel information for Koreans. Since the information is for Koreans, it is good for finding new tourist spots. Not available in Japanese. There are also official Twitter and Instagram accounts, so you can search for recommended places there. The app for foreigners is Visit Korea .

Website: https://korean.visitkorea.or.kr/main/main.do

■SHOP Information

For Koreans, "지그재그" (ZIGZAG) and " Musinsa " are convenient apps for purchasing fashion items. "지그재그" for women is popular mainly among women in their 20s to 40s, and there is also a Japanese version. " Musinsa " for men has mainly men in their 20s to 30s as customers, and there is also a Japanese version of the site. If you want to check out the fashion items that are popular in Korea, you may want to refer to these apps.



An online shopping app for women's clothing. It is mainly used by women in their 20s to 40s . It is especially popular among women in their 30s . It is so big that it has a Japanese version.

Store site: https://zigzag.shop/



4. Musinsa


An online shopping app for men's clothing. There is a Japanese version of the website. The main customers are men in their 20s and 30s . There is also a store in Hongdae. Although it mainly sells men's clothing, it is also popular with women.

Store website: https://global.musinsa.com/jp/main


■Others (Advanced)

Delivery Nation, "요기요" (Yogiyo) is a Korean version of Demaekan and a delivery app. It is difficult to order delivery, but you can see the addresses and reviews of popular shops around your current location. However, it is not available in Japanese, so translation is required.

5. Delivery Tribe

Delivery Nation

6. Good morning (Yogiyo)


A Korean version of Demae-kan. A delivery app. It's difficult to order delivery, but you can see the addresses and reviews of popular restaurants near your current location. Not available in Japanese.

Reference site: https://ikumin.pink/?p=4567

These are the popular local apps that are useful for traveling in Korea. Use these apps to have a comfortable and memorable trip.

(Updated 2023.05.12)




5 Recommended Apps for Traveling to Korea

  1. Googlemap

  2. Google Translate

  3. 1330 Korea Travel Hotline

  4. Cacao Taxi

  5. Subway Korea


1. We recommend using offline mode for Google Maps

If you download the area you want to go to in advance on Google Maps , you can use it with just the GPS location information even without an internet connection. Download maps of areas with poor reception or areas you will be visiting in case of emergency. After tapping the area you want to go to on the map, select Other and then Download offline map to use it.


2. Google Translate's camera translation is convenient

The camera mode translation is convenient because you can translate Hangul characters just by reading them with the camera. Korean is not loaded by default, so you can use it smoothly if you set up Korean beforehand. It may be a good idea to actually read Hangul characters and practice once before leaving the country.



3. 1330 App for when you need it

1330 Korea Travel Hotline

The 1330 app operated by the Korea Tourism Organization provides 24/7 support via the app, including interpretation, tourist information, reporting to the police, and tourist complaints. Of course, support is available in Japanese.


4. Easily arrange a taxi using your smartphone

Kakao T

Kakao Taxi is an app that not only dispatches taxis, but also allows you to set your destination in advance. It's easy and convenient, without the hassle of having to hand over a note after getting in the taxi or showing your smartphone to tell the driver your destination. Unfortunately, it seems that payments through the app are not yet supported with Japanese credit cards (as of November 2022 ), but you can still pay by card or cash in the taxi, so you can rest assured.


5. If you're using the subway, use a route map app

Subway Korea

This is a subway app that also supports Japanese. It supports subways in Seoul as well as Busan and other cities. It is packed with features that are easy for subway beginners to use, such as route maps and transfer functions.


KakaoTalk is more popular than LINE in Korea, so if you want to connect with local people, it might be a good idea to download KakaoTalk as well. Have a comfortable trip to Korea with these apps!