Korea Travel Souvenir Guide [Food Edition]


One of the joys of traveling to Korea is shopping! There are many different souvenir items in Korea, such as cosmetics, but this time we will focus on Korean food products.
Below, we will introduce some typical Korean souvenirs: "Misukgol," "Akka," " HBAF almond snacks," "Red ginseng," "Dried fish," and "Myeonginamul pickles."


1. Misukgal: A popular diet food

"Misukkal" is made by steaming and drying grains such as non-glutinous rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, wheat, beans, and barley, then roasting and grinding them into powder. It can be drunk by adding sugar, ice, and water. It also tastes better with milk and honey. Misukkal is so nutritious that it can be used as a meal replacement, and is popular as a diet food in Korea.




2. Yakga: Traditional fried snack

"Yakkka" is a traditional Korean snack made by kneading flour with honey and sesame oil and deep frying it. Originally popular among the elderly, it has recently become popular among young people as well. It is also used as a topping for donuts and bread, and its variations are expanding. If you visit Korea, be sure to try this traditional snack.




3. HBAF almond snacks

"HBAF 아몬드 과자 ( HBAF Almond Snacks)" is a famous almond snack in Japan that offers a variety of flavors. Several types are sold in Japan, but did you know that there are more than 15 types in Korea? You may be able to enjoy unique flavors that are not available in Japan. There is also a HBAF Almond Snacks pop-up store in Myeongdong, Seoul, so it's worth visiting.



Red ginseng

4. Red ginseng: A representative health food

"Hongsa (red ginseng)" is one of the most popular health foods in Korea. There are various red ginseng products on the market, but the most popular one is the red ginseng stick. When checking the quality and effectiveness, it is a good idea to check the ginsenoside content. The higher the content, the better the quality of the product.



Dried fish

5. Dried fish: A traditional Korean snack

Just like in Japan, "건어물 (dried fish)" is a popular snack in Korea. Dried fish, squid, octopus, shrimp, etc. are eaten. They are rich in nutrients and are popular among children as a snack. Recently, seasoned and fried dried fish have also become popular.




6. Myeonginamul Pickles: Pickled wild garlic leaves

"명이나물장아찌 (Myeongi Namul Pickles)" are pickles made by soy-sauce-pickling wild garlic leaves. It is especially popular to eat with samgyeopsal (grilled pork). In Korean supermarkets, you can buy them in cans or containers, and you can also buy fresh Myeongi Namul Pickles by the gram.


Above we have introduced food souvenirs in Korea. Korean food souvenirs are characterized by their wide variety and unique flavors. For those who want to remember their trip or enjoy Korean traditions, choosing a souvenir is an important element. Korean food souvenirs can make your travel memories even more memorable with their diversity and special flavors.

There are many other souvenirs in Korea, so be sure to explore them if you are interested. For example, traditional Korean tea utensils and tea, herbal medicines, and beauty products are also popular souvenirs. These offer you the opportunity to experience Korea's unique culture and traditions.

When choosing souvenirs, it is important to choose items that are not only of good quality and price, but also allow you to experience Korean culture and traditions. Buying from local markets or traditional shops will give you a more authentic feel.

Finally, when choosing souvenirs, be sure to pay attention to the laws and customs rules of the country or region you are taking them back to. There are import restrictions and regulations especially for food and cosmetics, so we recommend checking in advance.