[Latest] Summary of Required Procedures before Entering Korea [K-ETA Application Exemption]


[Good news] For a limited time, the application for the K-ETA required before entering Korea is waived, allowing you to enter Korea with a smoother process. There is also no need to pay the application fee, making travel to Korea more affordable!!

The government has announced that it will temporarily waive the application for the Electronic Travel Authorization ( K-ETA ), which is required for travel to South Korea. The waiver will be in line with the Visit Korea Year 2023-2024 , and will run from April 1 , 2023 to December 31 , 2024 .

( Countries exempt from K-ETA application)

Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Poland


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When entering Korea, you need to obtain a visa or apply for a K-ETA in advance. This time, we have summarized the points to note when applying for the Electronic Travel Authorization ( K-ETA) .

*Please note that at the time of departure, those who do not have K-ETA permission may not be allowed to board an aircraft bound for Korea.
*It may take around 72 hours for permission to be granted, or longer in some cases, so please apply well in advance.

In addition, if you are entering the country for purposes other than tourism, such as studying abroad, working, or for commercial purposes, you will need to apply for a separate visa.
Please check the website or telephone of the Korean diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general) that has jurisdiction over your area.

If you already have a Korean entry visa and will be entering Korea within the validity period of your visa, you do not need a K-ETA .


●What to prepare for K-ETA application●

1. Valid passport

2. A valid email address

3. ID photo * If applying from a PC , use a photo file. If applying from a smartphone app, use a photo taken with your smartphone.

4. Credit/debit card that can be used to pay the fee ( 10,000 KRW per person)



✓When applying, it will be smoother if you save the photo data on your PC or smartphone in advance.

✓ When applying via PC , you may not be able to upload your face photo properly. If you have a smartphone, we recommend using the smartphone app.

K-ETA is valid for two years. However, if your purpose of entry, planned place of stay, contact information, or passport change, you will need to update the information each time.

● How to apply for K-ETA ●

Visit the K-ETA official website ( https://www.k-eta.go.kr (Korean/English)) to apply.


Above, we have summarized the points to note when applying for K-ETA .