Appeared in famous scenes from Korean dramas! Special feature on Korean drama filming locations: Cafe edition

韓国ドラマの名シーンに登場!韓国ドラマロケ地特集 カフェ編

We have collected cafes that appear in Korean dramas that all Korean drama fans will want to visit at least once. By experiencing famous scenes from the dramas, you will be able to relive your favorite works and create special memories. These cafes are not only used as the backdrop for the dramas, but also have their own unique charms, such as beautiful interiors and excellent coffee, which should help you find a cafe when traveling.


Sujanna's Aputima
View /CC BY SA
Sujangna's Apchima (Someday You) (Euljiro, Seoul)

"Sujanna's Aputima," the filming location for the Korean drama "Someday You," is a three-story cafe. Its charm is that it is not just a filming location, but the second floor hosts an art exhibition where you can experience various Korean artworks. There is a rooftop terrace on the third floor, and the view from here provides a special experience for visitors. In addition, this cafe is known for making all bread and cakes in-house, and making and selling them on the day. The fresh and exquisite sweets are loved not only by fans of the drama, but also by local sweets fans. "Sujanna's Aputima" is a special cafe worth visiting, where you can not only experience the world of the drama in reality, but also enjoy delicious sweets.

Address: Aputima, Sujanna – Google Maps


Minamdan & Bebeko
기쪼2 /CC BY ND
Minamdan & Bebeko (미남당&배배꼬) - Beautiful Man's Case Files (Seoul Hongdae)

The cafe "Minamdang & Bebeko" featured in "The Case Files of the Beautiful Man" is a charming cafe located near Sangsu Station in South Korea. This cafe is known for being the setting for the drama, and its exterior is glamorous and eye-catching. Like other stores around Sangsu Station, both the interior and exterior are sophisticatedly designed. The first floor features a counter and a display of props used in the drama, as well as a piano. There is also terrace seating on the second floor, but it is cold in winter, so indoor seats are recommended. This cafe has a variety of desserts, but it is especially famous for its donuts. There are many different types of donuts, and visitors should definitely order one.

Address: Minamdang & Bebeko – Google Maps



Memories /CC BY ND
Monterim (멍때림) – the glory (Incheon, Gangwha )

Cafe Monterim, which appeared in " The Glory ", is located in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. The name of the cafe, "멍때림", means "spaced out" in Japanese, and as the name suggests, it is famous for being a relaxing cafe. The cafe has three floors, and each floor has a different theme. The main cafe is on the first floor, where you can enjoy delicious coffee and desserts. The second and third floors are also coordinated with different interiors. In addition, beautiful nature spreads around the cafe, allowing visitors to relax both inside and outside the cafe. Cafe Monterim is an attractive place not only for fans of the drama, but also for those who want to spend some quiet time in nature. With beautiful scenery and a comfortable space, you can spend a special time away from your daily life.

Address: Montelim – Google Maps


Obanclear Lip
zziny /CC BY SA
Itaewon Class (Yongsan, Seoul) - Itaewon Class

Cafe Oh Bang Kurlip, featured in the drama Itaewon Class, is located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. This cafe has different concepts on the first , second and third floors, with the first floor being a cafe, the second floor being a bar, and the third floor being a rooftop. The exterior has a vintage atmosphere, and the interior reflects that style. It is a popular spot for cafe lovers as well as fans of the drama. The menu includes coffee, wine, beer, and desserts and snacks are also available. Of particular note is the rooftop on the third floor. From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul's beautiful nightscape, especially at dusk. Cafe Oh Bang Kurlip is a special cafe where you can enjoy a vintage atmosphere and beautiful night view.

Address: Oban Kururipu – Google Maps



Star Five
Download /CC BY SA
Star Five – Vincenzo (Yeongjeong Island, Incheon)

Cafe Star Five, known as the filming location for the TV drama "Vincenzo," is located on Yeongjeong Island, where Incheon International Airport is located. The cafe has three floors, with each floor having its own unique feature. The first floor has a large cafe space where a variety of breads and desserts are sold. The second floor is popular with many people for its open space and view from the windows. There is also a rooftop on the third floor where you can enjoy the view, and on sunny days you can see planes landing at Incheon International Airport. There is also a gallery next to the cafe, where you can enjoy cafe time while appreciating the art works. This is a special cafe where you can spend time in a spacious space.

Address: Star Five – Google Maps


Jinho (지노)Goblin (Kyunggi Paju)

Cafe Jino, known as the filming location for "Goblin," is a special place for Korean drama fans. The cafe is located in Paju City and its exterior is as grand as a castle. As there are no similar buildings in the surrounding area, Cafe Jino's unique exterior stands out and can be seen from afar when you visit. This place appeared as the restaurant where the main characters dine in the drama "Goblin," making it a must-see spot for fans of the drama. The interior of the cafe is decorated with old books and paintings, and the second floor is a quieter space. Cafe Jino is a place worth visiting for fans of the drama.

Address: Gino – Google Maps



For drama fans, visiting cafes that have been used as filming locations for Korean dramas is more than just a cafe hopping tour during a trip. Each cafe is a place that evokes special emotions and memories by actually seeing and feeling the drama scenes, and it is sure to be a dream-like experience for fans. They are also known not only as backgrounds for dramas, but also as places with their own unique charm. Each offers a unique design, interior, and menu, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience. If you are planning a trip to Korea, why not include the cafes introduced in this article in your plans?