Where to buy Korean souvenirs? ~Food~


When it comes to souvenirs, there are many different things you might want to buy depending on your purpose. First, let's take a look at why you're buying souvenirs.

  • To feed myself when I return home
  • Not obligatory chocolate but obligatory souvenirs for the workplace
  • For lovers and families

Roughly speaking, there are three types, right?


If it's to feed yourself when you get home...

If the purpose is to eat it yourself, there are several possible scenarios.

A Things that can't be bought in Japan or are hard to find

B: It can be bought in Japan, but it's cheaper in Korea.

C. Duty-free items that are not related to Korea and are very cheap

For the workplace

Although it's easily available in Japan, I think many people buy it as a way to show that they've been on a trip or as a sign of courtesy.

For lovers and families

I think pattern A is more common.


Here, I would like to introduce mainly places where you can buy souvenirs centered around A.



  • At convenience stores that are sensitive to seasonal specials and trends!

Korea has convenience store chains that don't exist in Japan, such as GS25 and CU , as well as the familiar 7-Eleven in Japan. Just like Japanese convenience stores, they also have a lot of seasonal products, trendy items, and collaboration products with anime and celebrities.


  • A slightly luxurious department store basement

The basement floors of department stores in big cities, such as Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae, and Hyundai, are stocked with many delicious items that can only be bought in Korea.


  • It's super after all!

Many stores, such as E -Mart and Lotte Mart, are open until midnight .


There are other traditional markets as well, but prices can be hard to understand, so we recommend checking the quantity and expiration date before buying.

Please be aware that it is not permitted to bring meat products from Korea to Japan.

In order to bring meat products or animal-derived products into Japan, you must have an inspection certificate. Even if they are sold at airports, if they do not have an inspection certificate, they are not allowed . It is difficult to obtain an inspection certificate for personal souvenirs, so it is best to assume that meat-related products are generally not allowed .

Samgyetang and kimbap are also not allowed . Jerky-type snacks sold at convenience stores are also not allowed .

Please note that retort and vacuum-packed samgyetang are also not allowed .