How to enjoy the real Seoul. A 3-day, 2-night plan to experience history and cutting-edge culture


Many people are familiar with Seoul as an entertainment city with shopping and food stalls, but it is also a unique city with many different faces, packed with history and historical sites.
From historical buildings such as the Royal Palace to skyscrapers, the city offers a fascinating landscape that allows you to experience the past and present. We will suggest a 2- night, 3- day travel plan for how to enjoy this city where history and cutting-edge trends coexist.


Day 1: Enjoy Shopping


Gangnam Station ( Gangnam Station - Google Maps ) 13:00

This is Shinjuku Station in Japan! It's a popular spot for young people! In particular, the underground shopping center at Konan Station has a wide selection of affordable items, such as clothes in the 2000 yen range and smartphone accessories, and you can find a wide variety of fashion and cosmetics products. In addition, around the station, there are many stores offering a wide range of shopping experiences, from famous brand stores such as No Brand , adidas , and KAKAO FRIENDS store, to Shinsegae department store, and even unique independent boutiques.




Cami /CC BY ND

Garosu-gil ( Gangnam Station to Garosu-gil ) 16:00

Garosu-gil, a short walk from Sinsa Station, is like the area around Omotesando Station in Japan! It is a shopping and cafe district where fashion-conscious young people gather. Stylish fashion items such as Around the Corner and 2nd Street, art galleries, bookshops, and design shops come together to decorate Garosu-gil's 'tree-lined street' as its name suggests. It is truly a 'shopping paradise' for those who seek out the latest trends. This is a must-see spot for those looking for innovative and sophisticated products.



Hangang Park

Yeouido Hangang Park ( Garosu-gil to Yeouido Hangang Park ) 19:00

Located in the heart of Seoul, Yeouido Hangang Park is like Odaiba in Japan. You can enjoy the whole day by relaxing in the park surrounded by nature during the day and watching the night view at night. A particularly popular activity at this park is eating instant ramen while looking out at the Han River. The convenience store in the park offers a variety of instant ramen, and tourists can choose their favorite flavor and have it cooked in a very unique special machine that is not available in Japan. Watching the beautiful night view of Seoul while eating ramen is one of the moments you definitely want to experience in Seoul.



Day 2: Learn about history

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace ( Gyeongbokgung Palace - Google Maps ) 9:00

Gyeongbokgung Palace is located in the heart of Seoul and is a symbol of Korean culture and history. The magnificent architecture of the Joseon Dynasty and the gardens with their long history will captivate visitors. We especially recommend renting a "hanbok" (traditional Korean clothing) and wearing it to stroll around the palace. It's a great way to experience Korean culture. The "hanbok" is a traditional Korean costume, and with its beauty and rich colors, you will definitely be the center of attention. There are many rental shops nearby where you can choose and rent hanbok in various designs and colors. Strolling around Gyeongbokgung Palace in a hanbok will make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the Joseon Dynasty. This is a great opportunity to experience traditional Korean culture and will leave you with unforgettable memories.


Square Market

Manju's Day /CC BY

Plaza Market ( Gyeongbokgung Palace to Plaza Market ) 12:00

The Plaza Market is the cultural center of Seoul, a bustling market where you can experience the local atmosphere and where locals go on a daily basis. You can try a wide range of food, from traditional Korean dishes such as Bindaetteok and Chijimi to modern street foods such as Tteokbokki and Sundae. Among them, the most popular is the "Daikou Kimbap." It is named "Daikou" because of the special sauce made with soy sauce and mustard. The Daikou Kimbap itself is a simple kimbap containing pickled radish, carrots, and spinach, and it is a little lacking in flavor when eaten as is. However, when you eat it with the special sauce, you can't stop, and it's just like a "drug," so it was named "Daikou Kimbap."



Image /CC BY

Ikseon-dong "Hanok Street" ( From the Square Market to Hanok Street ) 14:00

Ikseon-dong's "Hanok Street" is loved by many tourists and locals for its unique atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the traditional Korean houses. Many cafes have been converted from traditional Korean houses and are dotted along this street. These cafes perfectly combine modern interiors with traditional Korean architecture. You can relax in a cozy atmosphere, enjoy conversations with friends, and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the windows. Thus, the cafes on "Hanok Street" offer a unique experience where Korean tradition and modernity coexist.




Insadong "Culture Street" ( Culture Street - Google Maps ) 16:00

Insadong Culture Street is about a 10- minute walk from Ikseon-dong Hanok Street. From traditional crafts to contemporary art, the street is characterised by numerous shops and galleries that reflect Korea's cultural diversity. Shops selling handcrafted goods such as traditional ceramics and paintings, modern handmade jewelry and vintage clothing line the street. Each shop offers a unique fusion of traditional Korean crafts and contemporary design. Insadong Culture Street is a must-see spot for tourists, with its vibrancy, creativity and Korean cultural charm.



Hongik University

Dae Hye-Woo /CC BY SA

Hongik University Station ( From Insadong's "Culture Street" to Hongik University Station ) 18:00

For the last day of the second day, we will go to Hongik University Station, a town for young people. Here, various restaurants, bars, and clubs line the streets, and various music can be heard from every street corner. This area where many young people gather can be enjoyed with live music of various genres. In addition, many vintage shops, boutiques, and street fashion stores are open until late at night, so you can enjoy shopping. It is a great place to catch the latest trends among local young people.



Day 3: I love shopping

Lotte Mart

Toriya travel /CC BY

Seoul Station Lotte Mart ( Seoul Station Lotte Mart - Google Maps ) 10:00

On the last day of your trip, Lotte Mart at Seoul Station is the perfect place to end your trip and indulge in the last of your souvenir shopping fun. As a vast supermarket, it stocks all kinds of perfect souvenirs, from traditional Korean sweets to modern snacks and even Korean-made cosmetics. It's your last chance to buy souvenirs before heading home.



The three- day, two- night trip to Seoul we've recommended will allow you to experience a new side of this fascinating city where history and modernity come together beautifully.
On the first day, you can enjoy shopping at Gangnam Station and Garosugil. After sunset, you can enjoy instant ramen with the beautiful night view and experience a new sensation.
On the second day, you will experience the culture by wearing a Hanbok and strolling around Gyeongbokgung Palace, which gives you a feel of the Korean dynasty era. At the Plaza Market, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Korean market and a variety of Korean dishes, including delicious drug kimbap. Afterwards, you will visit the historical Hanok Street in Ikseon-dong and the cultural street in Insadong. You can experience the enthusiastic nightlife at Hongik University Station.
On your last day, you can purchase wonderful souvenirs for your family and friends at Lotte Mart in Seoul Station, the perfect place for a souvenir tour.

This 2 night 3 day travel plan to experience a new Seoul will definitely allow you to experience the charm of Seoul by touching its history and culture, and update your trip to Korea by experiencing new advanced places. To make your trip a wonderful one, we hope you will prepare an unlimited data VOYAGEE SIM card to share your local experiences with your family and friends in real time and enjoy a comfortable trip to Korea.