[Updated October 2023] 7 steps to set up your first eSIM before purchasing and before and after traveling (with checklist)

【2023年10月更新】はじめてのeSIM 購入前~渡航前後にやるべき設定方法 7ステップ(checkリスト付)

Things you should know when using eSIM
We have summarized what to do before and after purchasing and when you return home.

①Things to check before purchasing ( 2 steps )

🔲Check if your iPhone supports eSIM

<Compatible models>
iPhone XS and later models (compatible with iPhone 15 series)

iOS 12.1 and later versions

For more details on applicable models, click here

🔲Check if your iPhone is SIM unlocked

Check that the SIM is unlocked on the iPhone 's "Settings" → "General" → "About" page

* Please check the web page of each carrier for SIM unlocking instructions.

How to check if your SIM is unlocked

②What to do before traveling (3 steps)



🔲Install eSIM on your iPhone

VOYAGEE SIM for Korea Manual

VOYAGEE SIM for Europe Manual

VOYAGEE SIM for Taiwan Manual

VOYAGEE SIM for Thailand & Singapore & Malaysia Manual

VOYAGEESIM for Vietnam Manual

~ Things to do just before traveling ~

🔲Enable eSIM on your iPhone*1 and set it as your mobile data SIM just before traveling*2

*1 Check that the purchased eSIM is turned on in "Settings" → "Mobile Communications".
*2 Select the eSIM you purchased by going to "Settings" → "Mobile Communications" → "Mobile Data Communications" (you will be able to connect to the local signal immediately after arriving at your destination and enjoy smooth data communications).


③What to do at your destination (1st step)

🔲Confirm that communication has started locally

・The carrier in the upper left corner of your iPhone screen will change to KT (if you are using VOYAGEE SIM for Korea) .

- You will receive notification messages notifying you of the connection start and end times depending on the validity period of the eSIM you purchased.

*Please note that communication will be unavailable after the period ends.
* Please note that in the case of VOYAGEE SIM for Europe, if you use up all of your data, you will not be able to communicate even if you have time remaining.
*After the period ends, there will be no further work to be done, regardless of whether it is still in the period or not.

Note: It may take some time before communication begins. Communication will resume after rebooting the device several times.


④What to do after returning to Japan ( 1st step)

🔲On your iPhone , turn on the SIM card you used in Japan.

・In "Settings" → "Mobile Communications", select the original SIM as "Mobile Data Communications". (Just to be sure, make sure the "Default Voice Line" is also selected as the original SIM .)

esim setup after returning home

*Please delete any used prepaid eSIM cards from the settings screen as appropriate.


The above is very simple, isn't it? I hope it will be useful to you and help you enjoy VOYAGEE comfortably.
If you have any further questions, Chat button I would appreciate it if you could send it to me .

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