[VOYAGEE SIM for Europe] Great 20% OFF campaign!

【VOYAGEESIM for Europe】 お得な20%OFFキャンペーン!

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VOYAGEE SIM for Europe new release celebration!

During the period from April 26th to May 25th , 2023, you can get a 20 % discount on your first purchase of " VOYAGEE SIM for Europe " by entering the following coupon code. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to take advantage of the great value of " VOYAGEE SIM ".

You can use the coupon immediately by simply entering the coupon code on the cart screen.

Coupon code: 20VOYAGEE

VOYAGEE for Europe 4 Products

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Product lineup (※VOYAGEESIM for Europe)

Coupon valid until May 25, 2023