VOYAGEE price review announcement


As a token of our appreciation, we are announcing a price revision for VOYAGEE.

Thank you for always using the VOYAGEE service.
In order to continue to be a product of choice for our customers, VOYAGEE strives every day to make our products more affordable by considering appropriate prices and eliminating unnecessary costs while maintaining the quality of our service.

Now, to celebrate the first anniversary of VOYAGEE and the number of overseas users exceeding 3,000, we have decided to lower the prices of our products.

Target products (tax included)

[Taiwan] eSIM 3 days/3GB: 1,100 yen (old price: 1,430 yen)
[Taiwan] eSIM 5 days/5GB: 1,540 yen (old price: 2,400 yen)
[Taiwan] eSIM 7 days/7GB: 1,980 yen (old price: 3,400 yen)
[Vietnam] eSIM 7 days/7GB: 2,200 yen (old price: 2,600 yen)

In keeping with the concept of VOYAGEE being "a tool to help you see and experience the world and go on any voyage, just like in the Age of Discovery in the 15th century," we will continue to strive to be of some help to our customers on their travels.

We appreciate your continued patronage of VOYAGEE products.